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These refurbished iPhones are an absolute steal for Cyber Monday

Music Magpie’s Ebay account giving 20% off refurbished phones, leading to some real bargains.

The best smartphones aren’t cheap, and that counts doubly for Apple handsets. Even refurbished iPhones tend to command a pretty penny, which is why this offer from Music Magpie is worth looking at.

For Cyber Monday, the pre-owned specialists are offering 20% off phones on the Ebay store, up to a total discount of £100. 

In other words, if it’s over £500, you can take £100 off (the discount is applied at checkout, so don’t be put off by the price you see when you first click through). While there’s way too many deals to go over individually, here’s a taster of the kind of things you can get your hands on:

Obviously you can make those more or less expensive as you wish, by increasing the storage and reducing the condition. If you’re fine with your iPhone 12 mini to merely be in “good condition”, then you can get a 64GB model for just £414.99, for example. If you need more than 64GB storage, you’ll have to take that into account now (iPhones can’t be expanded via a microSD card, sadly.)

It’s not just iPhones, either: handsets from Samsung, Google, Sony and OnePlus are all present and correct, all with savings of up to £100 on them.

Refurbished iPhone stock isn’t guaranteed to last for too long, and it looks like the deal ends with Cyber Monday at midnight. Best get in sooner, rather than later.

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