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BT throws in Google Stadia with top-end fibre broadband packages

Join the (possible) future of gaming on BT

Given Google Stadia needs a fast internet connection to function and BT specialises in fast fibre broadband, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the two have teamed up.
This morning, BT has announced a “strategic collaboration” to move the cloud gaming industry forwards. While this goes deeper than just freebies, for consumers the most interesting part in the short term is that BT is giving away Stadia Premiere Edition with select BT fibre broadband packages.
To be clear, this is still a relatively expensive way of getting Stadia, since Premiere Edition costs £119 and BT’s eligible packages start at £39.99 a month – or £969.75 over a 24-month contract – but if you want superfast broadband and games on demand, then it’s still worth considering.
Paying £39.99 per month will either get you Superfast Fibre 2 – with an average speed of 67Mbps – or Ultrafast Fibre 100 with an average speed of 145Mbps and a speed guarantee of 100Mbps. We’re not sure why you’d pay for the former if the latter is available, but those are the £39.99 options, anyway.
If you really want the best possible fibre solution, of course, you’ll pay an extra tenner a month for Ultrafast Fibre 250, which offers an average speed of 300Mbps and a speed guarantee of 150Mbps. That’ll set you back £1,209.75 over the duration of a 24-month contract.   
All of these bundles qualify for your free Google Stadia Premier Edition which, as a reminder, gives you a Chromecast Ultra, a Stadia controller, three months of Stadia Pro and a copy of Destiny 2 to play anywhere where Stadia is supported – which is basically anywhere with a Chrome browser, from phone to ageing laptop. 
Stadia has got off to a rocky start with missing features and a limited games library, but Google is planning to fix this in the year ahead. Just today, the company has promised that there will be 120 games in 2020 – including over ten platform exclusives.   
You have until 30 January to sign up to a BT fibre package, if you want to qualify for the free Stadia kit.
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