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Three bundles an Apple TV 4K with its 5G broadband

Sign up for Three’s broadband and get an Apple TV 4K with one year free Apple TV+

Telecom company Three is bundling together an Apple TV 4K box if you sign up to its 5G broadband service.

The broadband will set you back £36 a month, as well as £29 upfront, for Three’s ‘super-fast 5G Home’ service. For reference, a Apple TV 4K box would normally set you back £149, and buying it automatically comes with one year of Apple TV+.

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The Apple TV 4K is a solid streamer, with a Siri remote that has a touchpad and can use voice recognition to interact with what’s happening onscreen.

As Jonathan Bray wrote in our review: “Content is incredibly easy to find on the Apple 4K TV due to the minimalistic UI and effective voice commands, but, as you’d imagine, Apple pushes its own iTunes purchases quite hard across the software. The home screen shows recommended content on a carousel along the top. Below this carousel are the most popular Apple apps – including Movies, TV, Photos, Music, Podcasts, the Apple App Store and Computers – before rows of third-party apps appear.”

Apple’s box supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, so makes for a good hub to your living room setup. One of its best features, though, is how it takes away any confusion about what is and isn’t available in 4K.

“Here’s the Apple TV 4K’s killer feature: when you buy a show from iTunes in HD using Apple TV, or have HD content you’ve previously purchased, Apple will automatically upgrade that show to the highest format for your TV at no extra cost,” writes Bray.

“This not only means that when you first buy the Apple TV 4K, your entire catalogue is upgraded in one go, it also means that as studios and distributors remaster more films and shows onto higher formats, these individual pieces of content will get upgraded as they go, and importantly there’s no time limit on this. Apple says it will do this as long as you own your Apple TV 4K.”

You will, of course, need a 4K TV to see 4K content. You’ll also need to check that your area is able to receive Three’s 5G home broadband, which you can do via the company’s website.

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