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Plusnet deals: Get a FREE gift card worth up to £70

Max Figgett
24 Jan 2022

This January, Plusnet is offering generous gift card with all three of its 18-month broadband plans

These Plusnet deals will blow the winter blues away: as well as savings on its 18-month broadband plans, the company is also offering generous gift cards worth up to £70 when you sign up. In our opinion, the pick of the bunch is the Unlimited Fibre Extra plan, which gets you a download speed of 66Mbits/sec for £24/mth and a £70 gift card that you can spend anywhere online or in high street shops.

Alternatively, you could opt for the 36Mbits/sec Unlimited Fibre plan for £22/mth or the 10Mbits/sec Unlimited Broadband plan for £19/mth, both of which scoop you a £50 gift card. Even better, Plusnet is waiving its activation fees of up to £10 at the moment. Just make sure to take advantage of these brilliant broadband bargains while they last.

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So why should you opt for Plusnet? As we explain in our latest five-star review, it offers an unbeatable combination of affordability and reliability. It doesn't offer as many plans or superfast speeds as other internet service providers, but instead focuses on making its trio of contracts the best they can be. That's reflected in its consistently high customer satisfaction scores.

In short, if you're after solid, reliable broadband without playing through the nose, you can't do much better than Plusnet. And, to further sweeten the deal, the Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Fibre Extra plans come with the firm's new Hub Two router and the promise of an even more stable connection.

Buy now from Plusnet

We're big fans of Plusnet's broadband lineup even before you add in the gift cards, which makes these deals unmissable. Again, jump in there as quickly as possible while they're still valid.

And, if this offer has whet your money-saving appetite, why not check out our dedicated roundup of the best broadband deals around?

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