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This mobile broadband deal from Three is INSANE

Say goodbye to slow speeds and limited connectivity with this great Three mobile broadband deal

Three is currently running a fantastic 4G mobile broadband deal that nets you unlimited data for as little as £14/mth on a 24-month plan. As if that wasn’t enough, you also save money as there is no upfront cost or installation fee, and nor does an engineer have to come to your house.

For those unfamiliar, mobile broadband means you don’t need an ordinary fixed line, such as fibre or ADSL, to connect to the internet in your home or on the move. This is especially useful if you live in a place where connection isn’t already established, or perhaps you’re on the move a lot and don’t want to rely on skittish public Wi-Fi. Chances are the 4G network, given its wider reach and airwave technology, can provide you with all the broadband you need.

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If you were to opt for one of the best broadband providers instead, you’d have to pay around £20/mth for a standard non-fibre connection where you’re looking at speeds of between 10-50MB/sec if you’re lucky.

In other words, 4G mobile broadband is a great alternative to your ordinary fixed line broadband as it can give you way more speed for less money, especially with an unlimited data allowance. 

The downside is that your 4G speed and connection quality is highly dependent on the coverage in your area. That said, Three gives the potential max speed of its 4G Hub as up to 600Mbits/sec, with a typical speed of 50-100Mbits/sec. Even the latter speeds will do you perfectly well for any kind of streaming, downloading and gaming you could want.

Three’s 4G Hub supports Wi-Fi 5 and has 4 Ethernet ports so you can plug in all your devices and ensure they work even in places where Wi-Fi signal is dodgy. Like other routers, it supports both 5GHz and 2.5GHz Wi-Fi bands for optimal connectivity around your house.

You’ll also be able to “unlock” your data and take it with you when you roam abroad, costing you only £2 per day in Europe and £5 in other countries around the world.

We don’t know exactly when this deal will expire, but if you’re looking for a good alternative to your ordinary broadband provider, you might want to strike on this unlimited data deal sooner rather than later and secure a great internet package for your household.

Buy now from Three

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