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7 ways that Three’s 5G home broadband system beats old-school broadband

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Fast, convenient and portable, there are many good reasons to embrace 5G for your home broadband

You may think of 5G as something that lives exclusively on your phone. That was once the case, but under the stewardship of companies like Three, the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. So much so, in fact, that it’s now mature enough to replace your regular fibre broadband.

Not only that, but Three’s latest 5G broadband service actually beats regular fibre broadband in a few really important ways. Here’s why you might want to consider a 5G broadband plan from Three, rather than going down the traditional fibre or ADSL route.

Buy 5G broadband from Three

5G offers phenomenal speed – even in areas known for slow broadband

If you browse broadband suppliers in your area, the chances are that most will offer speeds somewhere between 35 and 40Mbits/sec. Even the majority of so-called “superfast” fibre offerings tend to max out at around 70Mbits/sec.

Three’s 5G network runs at an average speed of 150Mbits/sec, and maxes out at almost 15 times that, with a current cap of 1Gbit/sec. While actual speed will depend on your signal and other factors, you’ll likely find it offers way more speed than fibre providers.

This is even true for areas known for offering slow broadband via the BT Openreach network. Because 5G skips the wiring, it’s a totally different infrastructure. See what you can expect from your area.

And, of course, don’t forget the ease of setup…

It’s ridiculously convenient

If the idea of changing broadband providers fills you with dread, probably because you’re wondering how you’re going to arrange time off for an engineer’s visit, then relax.Unlike fibre broadband providers, Three’s 5G broadband offering really is plug and play: unbox it, plug it into the wall, and it will immediately start broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal, so you can instantly connect. No waiting in for an engineer required.

And, of course, there’ll be no annoying setup fee to pay.

Take your broadband on the road

Because it’s so easy to set up, coupled with the fact Three’s coverage extends across the whole of the UK, there’s nothing to stop you from taking your broadband connection with you when you travel.

Imagine it. No more sharing flakey, expensive Wi-Fi with other hotel guests: just plug in your router, wherever you are, and it will feel as if you’re using your home broadband away from home.

True, 5G coverage isn’t UK-wide yet but don’t forget, Three’s 5G hub automatically connects to 4G, too. Given Three’s 4G network covers a whopping 99.8% of the UK, you’ll almost always get a good connection on your travels.

It’s cheaper than you think

You might assume that with all these advantages, switching your home broadband to 5G would be an expensive undertaking, but that’s not true at all.

A 24-month subscription to Three’s 5G broadband usually costs £20 per month, which is already extremely competitive. But for the first six months, Three only charges £10 per month, bringing down the total cost of a 24-month contract to just £420.

By way of comparison, 24 months of BT’s Full Fibre 100 service, with 150Mbits/sec download speeds, would set you back £773.75. If, indeed, it was even available in your postcode in the first place…

You don’t have to be locked into a long-term contract

Let’s be real: with the cost of living spiralling, you may not want to be on the hook to a provider for 24 months of broadband.

Three understands this, so if you prefer you can sign up to a monthly rolling contract instead. It costs a little more at £24 per month, but the price of gaining that extra flexibility still only adds up to £576 over 24 months.

That compares favourably to Virgin Media’s 132Mbits/sec package, which costs £633.99 over two years (and don’t forget, Virgin won’t let you cancel for 18 months).

Forget about a landline forever

It’s not 1997, so why do we even need a landline? It’s a good question, and yet most broadband providers still insist on setting you up with a landline, even if you don’t have a corded phone to plug in to it.

Three doesn’t believe in this archaic approach. You absolutely don’t need a landline in 2022, and the company won’t insist you have one.

Order today, connect tomorrow

In short, 5G isn’t just for smartphones. It’s fast, flexible and the future of home broadband.

Because Three knows that getting things up and running fast is all important, orders placed before 8pm will qualify for next-working-day delivery. So order at 7.59pm on a Monday, and you’ll be up and running by Tuesday.

There’s simply no reason not to try it. If you buy and realise that the 5G signal in your area isn’t strong enough, then no sweat: there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied.

But if you are, well, it’s easy to understand why. You just gained massive speed, convenience and flexibility for just £20 a month.

Buy 5G broadband from Three

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