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Three broadband deals 2023: Pick up INCREDIBLE discounts this December

These terrific Three broadband deals will end up saving you fistfuls of cash and are incredibly easy to set up

Three broadband deals are simply the best: no other internet service provider (ISP) can match it when it comes to an affordable, SIM-based connection. Unlike many of the other big ISPs, Three offers either 4G or 5G broadband via compact Hubs that you plug in and wirelessly connect to. It’s effortless, there are no upfront costs and the company includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

To help you find the Three broadband deal that closest fits your needs, we’ve rounded up the two best into the nifty comparison tool below. All you need to do is enter your postcode into the box, click the big, blue button and then peruse the available plans in your area. Not bad, eh?

DEAL OF THE WEEK: This is the BEST mobile broadband deal in the UK

Not only is this our pick of the Three broadband deals at the moment, but it’s also our favourite mobile broadband deal overall at the moment: an average download speed of 150Mbits/sec, which is enough for a generous handful of devices to connect wirelessly at the same time, for just £22/mth on a two-year plan via the company’s 5G Hub. However, the best part is that the first three months are completely free. Just remember to double-check the strength of your home’s 5G coverage before signing up.

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What is Three like as a mobile broadband provider?

In our full review of Three, we awarded the network a total of three out of five stars, reflecting its mixed performance in various aspects of service and offerings.

Three’s strengths lie in its impressive 5G coverage and performance, along with competitively priced phone and SIM-only deals. The network offers a wide range of plans, including Lite, Value, and Complete options, catering to different customer needs. Additionally, Three’s recent expansion and improvement in its 5G network signal its commitment to providing cutting-edge speeds​​.

However, Three’s customer service and overall satisfaction scores are areas of concern. Only 55% of Three customers reported being satisfied with customer service in our annual survey, and just 71% would recommend the network to a friend. This is lower than the satisfaction rates of no-frills providers and indicates a significant gap in customer experience. Ofcom’s research also highlights issues with Three’s customer service, suggesting the need for substantial improvements​​.

Three’s pricing remains competitive, especially for mobile broadband and SIM-only deals. It generally offers lower prices than major networks like EE and O2, but faces tough competition from virtual networks offering even cheaper deals. Despite this, Three still manages to attract customers with extras such as free broadband for a certain number of months.

Overall, while Three’s network coverage and speed are commendable, it falls short in customer satisfaction and service, crucial for maintaining customer loyalty. It remains a viable option for those within its 5G areas prioritising speed and price, but those valuing customer service might look elsewhere​​.

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So how exactly do we track down the best Three broadband deals for you? At Expert Reviews, we put a lot of thought into the offers we recommend and always want to get the most for your money. We’ve outlined our full deal-hunting strategy in a dedicated article, which you can read by following this link.

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