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Bag a brilliant broadband deal from the BEST provider in the UK

This five-star broadband deal from Zen Internet comes with no price rises and a reliable service that bests the rest on the market

Should you have unreliable, buffering internet in your home, this broadband deal from Zen Internet is the ticket to a less stressful browsing experience: a zooming 106Mbits/sec for £35/mth on an 18-month contract, with just £15 to pay upfront.

While that is comparatively pricey compared to other broadband providers, Zen Internet’s quality is unquestionable. As announced today, Zen Internet has scooped the title of Best Overall in our 2024 Expert Reviews Broadband of the Year awards. In other words, it’s by far the best UK broadband provider according to our YouGov-partnered survey.

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Why exactly did it win our top gong? Well, the survey results were pretty conclusive. Of the Zen Internet customers we interviewed, 62% of them stated they were “very satisfied” with the company’s customer service. That’s double the score of the next closest provider, Plusnet, and shows the value of having trained technicians in UK-based call centres.

While customer service is important when things go awry, most people would rather not need to call them at all – and here, Zen Internet is another big winner. Almost nine in ten surveyed customers were happy with the reliability of their Zen Internet broadband, with only 4% saying they were unhappy, just beating Hyperoptic in second place.

The third prong most people look for in their home Wi-Fi is speed. And Zen Internet isn’t found lacking in this aspect either: 87% of Zen Internet customers were impressed with their speeds on offer, once again pipping runner-up Hyperoptic to the post.

With this broadband deal, you’ll bag 106Mbits/sec speeds which is plentiful for streaming 4K UHD content, downloading files fast or online gaming without delay on a number of home devices at once.

The £35/mth price may seem a little steep compared to other available deals but considering the quality service you’ll be getting in return, there should be no hassle on your end.

Crucially that price won’t change mid-contract, no matter how bad inflation gets. While other providers such as BT, Plusnet and Vodafone have a standard 7.9% (CPI rate + 3.9%) price increase for 2024 built-in to their contracts, Zen Internet promises no nasty surprises down the line. Whatever price you sign up for, stays that way for the remainder of your contract.

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Assuming the £35/mth figure fits into your budget then, there’s no reason not to bet your broadband needs on Zen Internet: it’s the best internet provider going in our books.

Make sure to take advantage of this deal while you can and you’ll be treated to 18 months of blissful home broadband in return. Alternatively, peruse the number of other top broadband offers on our deals hub to assess the market for yourself.

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