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This is the BEST broadband deal ahead of Black Friday

Pre-Black Friday broadband deals don’t get any better than this: 145Mbits/sec from five-star Plusnet for just £27/mth

In the world of pre-Black Friday deals, Plusnet is making waves with its Full Fibre 145 offering, available for a mere £27/mth on a 24-month plan. With no upfront costs, it’s a particularly enticing deal for those seeking high-speed internet connectivity. With an average download speed of up to 145Mbits/sec, it caters well to households with multiple devices for streaming, gaming and working.

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In our latest Plusnet review, we lauded the provider for its strong all-round performance, particularly after adding ultrafast fibre to its range of tariffs. Plusnet’s reputation for industry-topping customer satisfaction, a good range of tariffs catering to all budgets and great reliability has been consistently acknowledged.

Plusnet clinched victory in this year’s Expert Reviews Best Broadband Awards (and last year’s too), securing titles in Best Customer Service, Best Contact Centre, Most Reliable, and Best Value categories. In our 2022 awards, Plusnet took home Best Overall, Best Customer Service and Best Value categories. An impressive 78% of Plusnet customers said they would recommend the service to others, outscoring all major broadband providers in the survey​​​​.

Plusnet keeps its tariffs simple and understandable, branding itself as the plain-talking broadband provider from Yorkshire. Since its last award, Plusnet has introduced full-fibre connections to its portfolio, offering ultrafast speeds that were previously unavailable. While Plusnet may still be catching up in speed ratings compared to rivals like Virgin Media, it’s a situation expected to evolve over time​​.

The Full Fibre 145 package offers a sweet spot in Plusnet’s offerings. For households in areas serviced by Openreach’s full-fibre network, this package provides a robust combination of speed and affordability. Plusnet has demonstrated reliable performance in Ofcom’s speed tests, ensuring customers receive close to the advertised speeds on fibre connections. However, it’s worth noting that Plusnet’s reliance on the Openreach network means full-fibre coverage is not universal, though expanding rapidly​​.

Despite some concerns regarding customer service and speed, Plusnet’s overall performance remains commendable. The introduction of full-fibre packages addresses one of the primary criticisms from last year, making it a recommended choice for comprehensive broadband needs​​.

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This pre-Black Friday deal from Plusnet not only offers a competitive price but also ensures customers are subscribing to an award-winning broadband provider. Bring Plusnet’s Full Fibre 145 into your home while it’s cheaper and take advantage of even better value for money.

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