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Virgin Media business broadband deals 2024: Get SUPERFAST speeds for less this month

These Virgin Media business broadband deals will bag you a lot of bandwidth bang for your buck

After the very best Virgin Media business broadband deals in your area? Take our quick survey below and we’ll provide a free quote for business broadband contracts that suit your specific needs.

Why should you pick a Virgin Media business broadband deal?

In our comprehensive review of Virgin Media business broadband, we awarded it three stars out of five, reflecting a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses.

Virgin Media business broadband boasts the fastest headline speeds and a comprehensive range of tariffs catering to various business needs. Its offerings are underpinned by strong performance in speed, with its slowest connection starting at 100Mbits/sec and extending up to 1Gbit/sec.

Virgin Media’s Volt Voom tariffs, which include mobile SIMs with 6GB of data, offer additional benefits such as guest Wi-Fi facilities and the choice between 4G broadband backup or a speed boost. These features cater to the modern needs of businesses, offering flexibility and added value​​.

However, the service falls short in customer service and reliability, key factors that impact overall satisfaction. The company recorded the worst reliability score in our survey and also had the lowest customer service score, with 6% of customers expressing dissatisfaction in our survey. While the majority of customers were satisfied, these scores indicate significant areas for improvement​​​​.

Virgin Media’s network coverage is another point to consider. Currently, it reaches just under 60% of the UK’s households and business premises, with plans to expand to 80% by 2026. This limited coverage may affect the accessibility of their highest speeds for some businesses​​.

In summary, Virgin Media business broadband offers robust speed options and a good selection of packages, but it needs to address customer service and reliability issues. For businesses where speed is a priority and Virgin’s network is accessible, it presents a viable option. However, those prioritising reliability might consider other providers​​.

So how do we sniff out the best Virgin Media business broadband deals for you? At Expert Reviews, we put a lot of thought into the offers we recommend and always want to get the most for your money. We’ve outlined our full deal-hunting strategy in a dedicated article, which you can read by clicking on this link.

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