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Point and shoot with nearly £200 off the Sony RX100 VII camera

The compact camera is dead, long live the compact camera

The Sony RX100 VII, one of the last of the compact cameras, is available for nearly £200 off, dropping down to the cracking price of £899.97, 

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Sony’s RX100 VII might just be one of the most impressive compact cameras in recent memory, part of the fact the form factor has started to lose favour as people move away from compact cameras towards using their smartphone or going for the bulkier mirrorless camera, which is harder to cart around in a pocket. 

However, the RX100 VII is impressive enough that it’s worth looking closely at. The video features included in the camera elevate it to a pro standard, and the blend of software, features and image quality make it worth picking this up for anyone enthusiastic about snapping photos or videos. 

In addition, the camera is light and small, and while the image quality can’t stand up to the more expensive professional models, if you’re shooting for online-only, you’ll never know the difference, instead just taking advantage of the portability and sheer power it brings for point and shoot photography. 

Reviewing the camera, Dave Stevenson described the camera as “one of the most powerful” compact cameras on the market, adding: “It offers a superlative blend of pro features, reasonable quality and outstanding portability.”

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Now, you can get it with a steep discount, saving nearly £200 to snag it for £899.97. Whether you’re looking to shoot 4K video, 1000FPS video, or anything in between, this camera has the grunt to make that happen. It’s most expensive than most hobbyist cameras, but it really is worthwhile if you’ve got Christmas cash ready to splash. If nothing else, it’s a perfect way to up your game when it comes to photography and a nice looking camera to drop in your pocket whenever you’re out and about and still want to shoot.  

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