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6 ways the Sony ZV-1F camera beats your phone for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram

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Get professional-quality photos and videos every time with the Sony ZV-1F

If you’re a content creator who’s serious about quality content, you’ll know that your smartphone, although convenient, makes a lot of compromises to be a jack of all trades. Dedicated people need dedicated tools, and whether you’re looking for better-looking video, better-quality audio, or simply better handling, the ZV-1F is a vlogger’s dream that will match your dedication like no smartphone can.

What exactly makes it better than your smartphone? Good question. Here are 6 reasons why the Sony ZV-1F is an essential addition to any content creator’s toolkit.

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Perfect pictures every time

You could start with picture quality. The ZV-1F has a much bigger sensor than almost any smartphone, which means better performance when there’s not much light. You also get more depth of field, bringing a cinematic, engaging look to everything you shoot.

Of course, it shoots in 4K – that’s perfect for sharing longer videos that have a standard widescreen aspect ratio, but it also allows you to crop in to videos when you share them on your vertical accounts. It’s incredible for action as well – it can shoot up to 100fps in Full HD quality at the press of a button, allowing you to create captivating slow-motion sequences without knowing your frame rates from your f-stops.

Sharper, more professional-looking video

You’ll also enjoy sharper videos. The ZV-1F has a 425-point autofocus sensor, complete with face detection, so as you move further or closer to the camera, you can expect this feature-packed tool to keep you beautifully sharp throughout. You can also hold things closer to the lens than you can with most smartphones: the ZV-1F can focus on objects just 5cm away, perfect for showing your audience fine details. There’s even an amazing Bokeh Switch, which uses the ZV-1F’s large sensor and big f/2 lens to blur the background, creating more professional-looking video. A final touch for the pro – a front-facing recording light that comes on when the camera is recording.

Crisp audio in any conditions

Great-looking video is nothing without great audio, and it’s here that you’ll hear some incredible differences. The ZV-1F has a three-capsule microphone built in – that means you get directional sound from in front of the camera, allowing your voice to be clearly captured even at arm’s length. Wind noise is a thing of the past as well – a supplied wind screen will keep the weather sounding calm. Want to go the whole hog? Use the 3.5mm microphone socket to plug in your own microphone – no adapters needed.

The controls are designed for videographers

Usability is key to the ZV-1F. Your phone was designed to do a multitude of different jobs, while the ZV-1F was only ever intended to free content creators to make more. That means the interface leans on Sony’s incredible history in both consumer and professional videography, letting you easily reach the ZV-1F’s key features when you need them. There are also accessories, such as the GP-VPT2BT Bluetooth remote control. The ZV-1F mounts to this remote control to allow you to shoot steadier footage, while adding a set of controls that let you make changes to your settings without changing your grip and disrupting your footage. It even has unfolding legs to let you mount the ZV-1F on any flat surface without screwing it to another tripod.

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Keep shooting for longer – without draining your phone battery

As for convenience, your smartphone is on the ropes there, too. Your phone has a lot to do when you’re shooting fresh content – not only does it have to do its best to produce good-quality video and audio, but it also needs to work as a phone, and checking your emails, social media and maps will all take a toll on the battery. As a dedicated device, the ZV-1F only needs power while you’re using it, which means you’re using the battery less, allowing you to film up to 90 minutes of footage on a single charge – that’s a lot of TikToks. What’s more, the battery can be swapped out with an optional replacement if it runs low – unlike your phone – or you can power the ZV-1F via its USB-C port.

Flexible, expandable storage options

A final word goes to storage. You’re not alone if your phone doesn’t have any expandable storage – microSD card slots are increasingly rare on smartphones, which is great for keeping phones slim, but less helpful if you want to shoot oodles of content in a day without deleting your apps to make space for it all. The ZV-1F takes industry-standard, affordable SD cards, and if you fill one up, you can simply pop it out and install a fresh one.

There are more reasons. Until 15 January 2023, for example, every ZV-1F will come with the GP-VPT2BT wireless remote, and that Sony’s commitment to recycling means the ZV-1F contains up to 99% recycled material. Now that’s dedication.

Whether you shoot a vlog for a sports team, live-stream your gaming or want to bring your latest project to life on as many social media channels as possible, Sony has a dedicated vlogging camera for you. The ZV-1F might be the hero of this story, but you should also check out the mid-range ZV-1, or even the interchangeable-lens ZV-E10 for the ultimate in vlogging hardware.

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