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Ford Door Edge Protector should make scratches history

Ford Door Edge Protector

Pop-out rubbber guard, prevents scratches on door edges and other vehicles

If you regularly scratch or dent your car door when parking in tight spaces, then Ford’s clever Door Edge Protector is definitely for you. As you open your car door, a small rubber ‘bumper’ pops out from the door to protect its edge from any collisions.

Better still, it’s completely invisible when the door’s shut, so it doesn’t compromise the looks of the car. Watch the video below to see just how neat and clever the system is.

Ford will be rolling out the device on the Ford Focus from January next year. And even if you aren’t in the market for a new car, you can always take advantage by parking next to a new Focus next time you’re at a local car park – as the Edge Protector will protect your paint work too. The idea is to reduce the number of expensive dents and scratches that modern motorists have to suffer.

The Edge Protector pops in and out almost instantaneously, so you can still slam your car door shut without worry of catching it. Ford claims it should be good for thousands of uses, and the exterior rubber part can simply be unclipped and replaced by the owner if need be. The system is entirely mechanical, tied into the door hinge we presume, so there’s no electronic motors to malfunction.

Ford has yet to announce whether the Door Edge Protector will come as standard (unlikely), be included in an existing extras bundle, or be priced individually as an optional add-on.

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