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Mazda CX-5 review – hands-on

great handling, styling, features and price; the Mazda CX-5 is our favourite crossover


We’ve also driven the all-wheel drive 175ps 2.2-litre diesel CX-5 with manual transmission, and for us it’s the best of the bunch. There’s plenty acceleration for pulling away away from junctions and roundabouts quickly and safely, and there’s a decent amount of torque up to fifth gear. There’s enough shove left in 5th gear for a bit of gentle overtaking on the motorway, but there’s little power in sixth gear, which is best used when cruising on the motorway.

The all-wheel drive’s handling is pretty good at lower speeds, especially when you consider the size and height of the CX-5, but we encountered a bit of unwelcome understeer at speeds of around 60mph.

The 175ps model’s diesel engine is plainly audible at speeds up to around 30mph, but it becomes less audible at higher speeds. Sadly, the 175ps 2.2-litre engine is only available if you opt for a CX-5 in Sport trim.

We really like the CX-5, especially its saloon car feel and its multimedia features. We heard very little road or wind noise when cruising at 60mph and the diesel engine smoothly delivered the right level of power when we needed it. Plus, its multimedia system is easy to use and sounds great. It’s a big car, but it doesn’t look as conspicuous as some of its rivals. It’s well priced, and if you need more space than a typical saloon provides, along with some well-crafted in-car gadgets, book yourself a test drive to check it out.

For more information, check check out the Mazda CX-5 official website.

Mazda CX-5 Rear

Even the base model includes front and rear parking sensors

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