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Top 10 iOS DJing and music production apps

Want to know which is the best iOS DJing and music production app for you? Check out this Top 10...


6. GarageBand

Apple’s venerable GarageBand is a highly popular and accessible means of constructing tracks on the move. It features a virtual instruments and the ability to record multitrack songs. You can cut and edit tracks to make them more appropriately resemble the song in your head.
If you own an iOS device you should probably get this downloaded.

Apple GarageBand
Create tunes on the move with GarageBand

5. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is the iOS version of Image Line’s excellent FL Studio digital audio workstation (DAW) software. With it, you can create beats, melodies, killer basslines or whatever you want using the virtual keyboard or the ‘piano roll’.

The piano roll lets you draw key presses onto the screen, which can be handy if your fingers are too big to play chords on the virtual keyboard. It’s no replacement for a proper computer-based DAW, and it’s a bit fiddly, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Imageline FL Studio Mobile App
FL Studio Mobile has many features of the full FL Studio

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