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Best sliders for men 2023: Comfy, stylish slip-on footwear

Set your feet free with the most comfortable, stylish slides that you’ll want to keep wearing all year long

Summery slip-on shoes can be an afterthought in a country where it rains for much of the year. But, when the sun does come out to play, it’s always nice to give your feet some fresh air, wiggle your toes and enjoy the weather while it lasts. The best shoes for the job are sliders: simply slip them on and you’re ready to lounge at home, walk to the beach or pop out for a leisurely holiday stroll.

Given their close relation to the sandal and flip-flop, it’s hard to imagine a time before sliders. In fact, the slider as we know it today has only been around for about 60 years: Adidas invented the Adilette sandal back in the 1960s for the German football team. Now the slide has cult status: celebrities from Jonah Hill to David Beckham have been seen walking down the street in their favourite pair of slides since at least the early 2010s, with the trend originally taking off in the 1990s, and their popularity hasn’t waned.

Below, you’ll find a brief guide on how to buy the best slide shoes, the types of features to look out for and how much you need to spend. Scroll a little further down the page and, regardless of whether your priorities are fashion, watersports or post-exercise recovery, you’ll find a list of our tried and tested favourites.

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Best sliders for men: At a glance

How to choose the best sliders for you

Why choose sliders over sandals or flip flops?

A slide or slider is the flip-flop evolved: it’s typically a summer shoe which has a comfy rubber sole and a chunky single strap that covers the instep. Sliders are simple and convenient – less hassle than a strappy sandal, and they fit more securely than a flip-flop. They’re great for young kids who struggle with laces or flounder in flip-flops, and they’re the perfect slip-on footwear for adults when the weather is good. In fact, you may even see people wearing sliders when the weather isn’t so good; the socks and sliders combo has become something of a fashion statement in itself.

Sliders win out for comfort, too. Flip flops usually lack arch or heel cushioning, and can cause foot problems with regular use – they can damage nerve endings from excessive straining to keep them on your foot, and the y-shaped thong can rub uncomfortably between the toes. Sliders, on the other hand, tend to have a thick, wedged heel and arch support to improve comfort, and are pleasingly lacking in pressure points – it’s why you’ll find many sports brands marketing their sliders as ‘recovery’ shoes, designed to be the perfect, comfy post-workout footwear.

If you weren’t already sold, slides are also very much in vogue. Over the past decade or so, sliders have become something of a fashion statement with even high fashion brands like Gucci and Versace getting in on the trend.

How much should I spend?

Everyday sliders retail between around £20 and £40. Comfier or sportier options with sculpted soles tend to command something of a premium, while cheaper sub-£20 sliders tend to have a flatter footbed which may compromise on all-day comfort. If, however, you’re more interested in being at the forefront of fashion, you can spend three figures on exotic sliders from a variety of in-demand fashion brands – it’s entirely up to you.

How we test sliders

Given appreciation of a pair of sliders is often down to personal taste – be it one’s preference for a particular aesthetic, material, colour or type of support – we tried to gather as wide an array of options as we could at a number of different price points.

Once we had a suitable variety and a large enough sample size, we went to testing. Sliders, like any footwear, need to feel good under your feet and comfort was our key consideration during this process. While initial underfoot feel was a factor, to really understand if a pair of sliders are up to the task, taking them for a longer test drive is most important. Consequently, we went for at least a 0.5km (10 minute) walk in each pair of sliders over multiple days to judge each pair for their fit, noting if there was any rubbing or discomfort during this more vigorous movement, as well as how the sliders themselves hold up on these longer distances, terrains and conditions.

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The best sliders for men in 2023

1. OOFOS Ooahh Sport Slide Sandals: Best sliders for all-day comfort

Price: £60 | Check price at Sigma Sports

The Sport Slides from Oofos are seriously cosy. So cosy, in fact, that the American Podiatric Medical Association has recognised the manufacturer for promoting good foot health.

Slipping on the Sport Sliders, you soon realise why the Oofos brand is so well-valued. The slides feel exceptionally comfy, snugly wrapping around the arch of the foot to provide consistent support and a wonderfully bouncy feel thanks to the cushioned footbed. The strap on top gives a pleasingly snug and secure fit, however we would recommend sizing down – the sole was a tad too long for our size 10 (UK) feet.

Add in the subtle branding, and the Oofos Sport Slides should suit those who want to complete their summer look without compromising on all-day comfort.

Key specs – Material: Synthetic; Colours: Two

Check price at Sigma Sports

2. Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide: Best sliders for post-exercise recovery

Price: £40 | Check price at Hoka

Hoka might be better known for its uniquely-styled running footwear, but its One One Recovery Slides are the perfect footwear for travelling at a slower pace.

The Hoka’s are beautiful in their simplicity. The ribbed design of the upper gives them an attractively organic shape, and they’re available in a range of colours and patterns which are far more eye-catching than our understated all-black pair.

The footbed isn’t as softly cushioned as the OOFOS sliders on this list, but instead, it provides a sturdier and overall more secure feeling underfoot. That’s especially important for sore post-run feet, since the raised arch provides greater support than most sliders while still being comfortable due to the thick sole.

For a great value buy that’ll keep you cosy, the Hoka Recovery Slides are one of the best going.

Key specs – Material: EVA; Colours: Eight

Check price at Hoka

3. Birkenstock Barbados Slides: Best value reliable sliders

Price: From £29 | Check price at Birkenstock

If you’ve ever tried the immensely popular Birkenstock sandals, then these sliders swap the cork and leather build of the brand’s pricier pairs for soft, rubbery EVA polymer – they’re comfy, hard-wearing and completely waterproof.

Despite the all-EVA construction and relatively low price, the Barbados sliders have a premium look and feel. They come in a range of colours from classic black all the way through to cool blue and more vibrant reds and yellows, and the classic Birkenstock design, textured finish and embossed logo make for a seriously stylish pair of sliders.

If you want affordable, fashionable sliders – and love the idea of a pair with a bit of style cachet – then these Birkenstocks are a steal.

Key specs – Material: EVA; Colours: Five

Check price at Birkenstock

4. Nike Victori One: Best Nike sliders

Price: From £23 | Check price at Footasylum

When you think of sliders, Nike may be the first brand to come to mind. And with their blend of comfort and value, the Victori Ones may just be our favourite slider in Nike’s range.

These come in a range of colours and designs too, but whichever you prefer, we love the simplicity of these slides. The spectrum of colours and strap patterns allow them to be at home anywhere from the beach to the club, and the EVA-foam sole is soft and comfortable – you’d be forgiven for wanting to wear them all day and well into the next morning.

Grab yourself a matching pair of Nike socks and the Victori Ones are an enduring must-have summer combo. Given the price point, there’s no excuse not to be bang on trend.

Key specs – Material: EVA; Colours: Ten

Check price at Footasylum

5. Merrell Hydro Slide: Best sliders for beach sports and beyond

Price: From £40 | Check price at Amazon

Want to stand out? These Merrell Hydro Slides should complete any chic summer outfit. The upper appears as though it’s crafted from rivulets of water, with oval cutouts providing a look reminiscent of tropical coral.

It’s more than just a novel design: those cutouts let water flow in and out, making them perfect for beach days or relaxing by the poolside. The EVA material is waterproof, lightweight and comfy underfoot thanks to the contoured footbed, and the textured sole is surprisingly grippy, too, which is nice to have whether you’re clambering over wet rocks or just walking to the pool bar.

The design isn’t for everyone – trypophobic readers may find the holes a tad triggering – but these are functional, well-designed sliders for active beach holidays and beyond.

Key specs – Material: EVA; Colours: Four

6. Adidas Duramo Pool Slides: Best sliders for kids

Price: £12 | Check price at House of Fraser

As parents know all too well, kids grow out of footwear with expensive speed and consistency. Consequently, you’d be forgiven for wanting to avoid spending a fortune on a pair of sliders which may only last one summer.

These Adidas Pool sliders are a good option for a tenner. They don’t have the most cushioned footbed out there, so trainers might be a better choice for longer walks, but for trips to the beach, park or splashing around in a paddling pool, these Duramo slides are the perfect option.

Specs – Material: Synthetic, rubber; Colours: Three

Check price at House of Fraser

8. Gucci Pursuit Rubber Sliders: Best high-end sliders

Price: £275 | Check price at Farfetch

Sometimes designer items are all style without any substance, however these Gucci slides’ really do look and feel great.

As you’d expect, they look the part: Gucci’s bold green and red stripes adorn the strap and the chunky platformed base is bang on trend. The moulded footbed is extremely comfortable, too, and the non-slip soles have plenty of grip.

Sizing is a little off, running smaller than you’d expect, so do size up by half a size if you’re ready to commit the rather substantial amount of cash. These certainly aren’t any more comfortable than the other premium sliders here, but if fashion trumps value, chase down a pair of the Pursuits while they’re still in stock.

Specs – Material: Rubber; Colours: One

Check price at Farfetch

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