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The best jeans for women in 2023

No matter your style or body type, these are the best jeans for women

In the days of fast fashion, trends come and go in the blink of an eye. However, this isn’t the case with denim jeans. Since first being patented in 1873, jeans have remained a constant in the world of fashion. Although each decade seems to produce a variation on the theme, jeans themselves have never gone out of style.

One reason for their continued popularity is their versatility. No matter the body type, personal style, or event, there will be a pair of jeans to suit. Every woman should have at least one good, reliable pair of jeans in their wardrobe, which fits perfectly and will hold up over years of everyday wear.

Jeans have been around for so long that they have evolved to encompass many different designs, fits, colours, and styles, and the market has an extensive range to choose from to suit all budgets. We’ve found some of the best jeans for women available to buy now, and our buying guide will lead you through the different jean variations and how to choose the best ones for you.

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Best jeans for women: At a glance

  • Best Straight Leg Jeans: Topshop Editor Straight Leg Jeans | Buy now
  • Best Flare Jeans: Free People Jayde Flare Jeans | Buy now
  • Best Mom Jeans: ASOS Design Hourglass High Rise Original Mom Jeans | Buy now
  • Best Ripped Jeans: G21 Blue Wide Leg Distressed Denim Jeans | Buy now
  • Best Low-Rise Jeans: H&M Flare Low Jeans | Buy now
  • Best Plus-Size Jeans: Good American Always Fits Good Legs | Buy now

How to choose the best women’s jeans for you

With so many different styles of jeans to choose from, not every pair will match your fashion taste – but that’s okay. Everyone has their own personal preferences and covering the different fits and cuts will help you figure out what styles to keep an eye out for.

What types of jeans are available?

Jeans are categorised on the basis of the waist fit and how the leg is cut. These two factors are the essence of what separates different styles of jeans from each other, and knowing which you prefer is essential when it comes to figuring out what works for you.

Waist Rise

The height of the waist will highlight different features of the body, so when picking a waist type it is good to reflect on your own body type and what makes you feel good. While there are some in-betweens and variations, there are mainly three waist fits.

High-Rise: A high-rise trouser will hit the centre of your waist, over the belly button or even above that point. These jeans are the best for making the waist look tiny and emphasising the butt area. They are also one of the comfiest pairs of jeans as they are sure to stay in place all day without adjustment.

Mid-Rise: Mid-rise trousers fall just below the belly button. This is a very traditional fit for jeans and a good in-between.

Low-Rise: Low-rise is when the jeans are very far below the belly button. They have a very short crotch area and sit right on the hips. This makes the hips look wider, but often makes the butt look smaller. These jeans are a perfect fit for those with smaller frames or wide hips to emphasise their body shape.

Leg Fit

The cut of the leg on jeans is really where the personal style preference comes in. There are so many different categories here, but the most popular ones are:

  • Straight Leg: As the name implies, this is simply a straight-cut leg with no tapering. This is a very traditional cut for jeans, but it can come in many different styles and fits.
  • Skinny: Skinny jeans taper inwards to tightly fit the entire length of the leg. This creates a slimming effect.
  • Wide Leg: A wide leg expands outwards at a consistent and straight angle. This makes for a much more relaxed and comfortable fit.
  • Flare: A flare leg only expands outwards towards the end of the leg, and then at a sharp angle. A more dramatic version of this is the 70s-inspired bell-bottom. The flare is also very similar to a boot cut, but a boot cut widens at a much lower point with more subtlety.

What features should I look for in a good pair of jeans?

Beyond finding the best fit for your body type, there are also other factors to consider that will help you decide which jeans are worth spending your money on.

  • Denim Quality: It’s important to find a pair of jeans that can truly be worn every day, so the material has to be able to hold up. That’s why finding true denim will help with the longevity and reliability of your jeans. Some denim jeans will also mix in some elastane and polyester to improve comfort, but pure 100% cotton denim seems to best stand the test of time.
  • Colour: Colour is always a big factor in picking any clothing item. Today, the most popular colours are some sort of a vintage wash. A lot of our picks come in different dyed colours and washes, ranging from traditional blue to light washes.
  • Comfort: When you’re buying a pair of jeans you want to make sure you are comfortable in them. A lot of jeans today use stretchy denim to ensure comfort and create a better overall fit.

How we test jeans for women

At Expert Reviews, we know that hands-on testing delivers the most complete information about a product. So, when testing women’s jeans, we wear them in a variety of settings, trying out various types of leg fit and levels of waist rise. Where women’s jeans are recommended for a particular body shape, we test the jeans on that type to ensure we make an accurate recommendation.

As well as their overall level of comfort, we consider the quality of the material from which a pair of jeans is made and how long they’re likely to last. We also consider how well they hold up to washing. Finally, we confirm the measurements of the product and the available sizes and colourways.

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The best jeans for women you can buy in 2023

1. Topshop Editor Straight Leg Jeans: The best straight leg jeans

Price: from £33 | Buy now from ASOS

The Topshop Editor jeans have an elongating straight-leg fit and a higher ankle cut that is perfect for everyday wear with flats, as well as pairing with a pair of heels and a blazer for a professional look. They also have a classic vintage wash for a T-shirt and trainers outfit.

The Editors are go-to everyday trousers that will soon become a staple in your wardrobe. The true denim material with a nice button-down fly makes them feel high quality and ensures they can be worn for years to come. They’re available in an array of colours and also in Tall and Petite fits.

Although they aren’t your stretchy jeggings, which can pretty much be compared to sweatpants, these jeans are still comfortable thanks to their high waist. This is snug and secure without cutting into the belly, so you won’t have to make adjustments every five minutes. For most people (including our editor), these jeans were pretty true to size, although, for a more comfy fit, many reviewers recommended sizing up in the waist.

Key specs – Colour: Mid wash bluemid blue, bleach, dirty bleach wash, off-white, greywashed black, blue black; Size Range: W 24-36, L 30-34

Buy now from ASOS

2. Free People Jayde Flare Jeans: The best flare jeans

Price: £88 | Buy now from Free People

The We the Free collection from Free People has some amazing jeans, and these Jayde flare jeans are no exception. They have a nice gradual flare that brings back the 70s – which is all the rage right now – in a modern way, so they can match a variety of styles. The long leg also gives some extra height to any wearer.

As personally tested by us, these are really one of the most flattering jeans out there. The stretchy denim and tapered high waist really hug and accentuates the hips, giving an instant butt lift to all body types. It also has dimensional stitching and the absence of back pockets helps to emphasise that lifting effect.

This type of fit and fabric is extremely comfortable, making these a great pair of jeans for not only feeling comfortable while out and about, but also just hanging out on a sofa on movie night. However, the light denim wash is still very elevated and can be dressed up easily. The general consensus was that these jeans do run a bit large, so buyers should consider sizing down.

Key specs – Colour: Sea washed, blue, black, olive, brown, white, dark blue, blood orange; Size Range: 24-32

Buy now from Free People

3. ASOS Design Hourglass High Rise Original Mom Jeans: The best mom jeans

Price: £20 | Buy now from ASOS

Comfortably “mom” jeans are back (thank goodness) and these ASOS Design original mom jeans are a great addition to your jeans stack for any 80s look. They have a great classic fit with a high-rise waist, a long zipper cover with pronounced stitching, and back pockets that sit high on the butt.

This pair is specially designed for hourglass body types providing a cinched waist with lots of space in the hip area. This allows the jeans to sit perfectly on those who have these proportions and struggle to find trousers that fit their body just right.

Although these jeans are primarily for those with an hourglass shape, the style exaggerates the traditional mom jeans fit and can be good for other buyers who want to get that hourglass effect, too. This pair is also 100% real denim and is of great overall quality, considering the low price. These jeans do, however, tend to run a little large.

Key specs – Colour: Light wash; Size Range: W 24-36 L 30-34

Buy now from ASOS

4. G21 Blue Wide Leg Distressed Denim Jeans: The best ripped jeans

Price: £20 | Buy now from George at ASDA

The thing about many ripped jeans is that the exposed threads can easily tear and start to rip larger holes in the fabric until there is nothing but gaping holes left. While this occurs naturally over time, these G21 distressed denim jeans from George at ASDA prevent this from happening with thick strands and high-quality denim.

Thanks to their wide-leg cut and casual fit, the ripped threads also don’t dig into the skin as many other similar designs can. There’s a very strategic amount of holes in the legs, so they’re stylish but not over distressed. The rips are also cut in appropriate areas, so even if the gaps continue to widen over time, buyers don’t have to worry about feeling too exposed.

Reviewers found that these jeans are pretty small and customers should get a size or two larger than they normally would. The low price makes this pair a no-brainer and they can easily be dressed up or down, according to your mood.

Key specs – Colour: Blue; Size Range: 6-24

Buy now from George at Asda

5. H&M Flare Low Jeans: The best low-rise jeans

Price: £25 | Buy now from H&M

Those low-rise early 2000s jeans are definitely coming back in full swing, and this pair of H&M flare low jeans induces a wave of nostalgia. The cut does a fantastic job at emphasising the hips and waist area, as it fits both perfectly.

Even for those who aren’t a fan of this trend’s return, this is still a great pair of jeans because the rise isn’t uncomfortably low (thankfully) like the originals. They can even be worn as more of a mid-rise jean, depending on your body type.

They are somewhat stretchy while still maintaining a good stiff denim feel. The slimming design incorporates unique features to resemble the 2000s look, such as the buttoned flap back pockets and flare legs. The legs are a bit longer, but not to the point that they’re dragging on the floor.

Key specs – Colour: Denim blue; Size Range: 4-22

Buy now from H&M

6. Good American Always Fits Good Legs: The best plus-size jeans

Price: £166 | Buy now from Good American

Good American is known for breaking boundaries when it comes to jeans, as the company provides an extremely wide size range that can fit just about any body type. The Always Fits Good Legs jeans are ideal for plus sizes since they come in sizes up to 32 and are very true to size.

Beyond the impressive sizing range, these jeans are extremely stretchy and claim to fit four sizes in one so they always fit just right. The elastic material and skinny fit will also better hug the hips to give a flattering silhouette.

The high rise helps those with larger hips as the trousers will be sure to stay in place all day. These stylish jeans have double knee rips and a deep blue colour that pairs nicely with most top colours. Although they are a bit on the pricey side, many customers found that they are absolutely worth the cost based on the high quality and perfect fit.

Key specs – Colour: Deep blue (3 shades); Size Range: 00-32

Buy now from Good American

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