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Best tracksuit 2023: Ideal outfits for exercising and lounging

The best tracksuits are not only great for a workout, they can be slipped on when relaxing around the house too

A tracksuit can serve so many different purposes in your wardrobe. Tracksuits were originally just a type of athletic gear, but with the increase of street style in the 80s and 90s, it soon became a fashion staple. Today this retro style is on the rise along with many other items of athleisure.

Many still might wear a tracksuit during a warm-up at home or at the gym, or to stay warm when exercising in the cold. Others may choose to get one for comfort.

A tracksuit is usually a set that comes with a tighter fitting zip up jacket and sweatpants, typically of the same colour and made of tricot fabric. However, just as the use of the tracksuit has become varied, so has the look and construction. The original style is still alive and well, but tracksuits can also come in the form of fleece material, hoodies and oversized fits.

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Best tracksuit: At a glance

How to choose the best tracksuit for you

With tracksuits back in style, there are more options than ever. Although the traditional fit and construction is still very popular, there are variations of this style to consider buying when looking for a nice tracksuit.

What types of tracksuits are available?

Tracksuit designs will often vary in three different areas: the fit of the tracksuit, whether it is hooded or not and the material it’s made from.

Fit: The most common fit for tracksuits is the regular fit. This style has a slimmer look without being too tight. The second option is the relaxed fit, which has a little more room, but not to the point where it looks slouchy. The last one is the oversized look, which is more typically seen in sweat tracksuit sets and is not as common in athletic wear.

Hood: To improve aerodynamics when playing a sport, most tracksuits don’t include a hood. Instead, they will either have a medium or high rise neck. However, some lounge suits will include this feature as more of a fashion statement.

Material: As mentioned previously, the traditional material for tracksuits is tricot, but many are made with cotton fleece for increased comfort and warmth.

What features should I look for in a good tracksuit?

There are two things that anyone should consider before just settling on a tracksuit based on looks alone:

Comfort: If you plan on exercising in a tracksuit, utmost comfort might not be as important as the fit. You’ll need room to stretch and a material that won’t leave you drenched in sweat! On the other hand, if this tracksuit is going to be for lounging around the house, comfort is definitely the main priority. This can be achieved with a soft lining or a fleece-like material, or from a wider fit that has more room or stretch.

Warmth: For colder days or light warm-ups, opt for a thick material with a lining that will keep you warm. For higher temperatures or extensive workouts, it is better to have a thin fabric with greater breathability.

We’ve found some of the best tracksuits on the market for you to choose from below.

How we test tracksuits

At Expert Reviews, we know that hands-on testing delivers the most complete information about a product. As such, we test the tracksuits we review by wearing the items in both casual and active scenarios, trying out the various fabric options and fits available. Where a tracksuit is recommended for a particular body type or activity, we test it on that type and activity to ensure we make an accurate recommendation.

We evaluate the quality of the material from which the tracksuit is made, its overall comfort, and the versatility it offers. We also consider how long they will likely last by reviewing the quality after repeated wear and washing. Finally, we confirm the sizing available.

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The best tracksuits you can buy in 2023

1. Adidas Women’s Back 2 Basics 3-Stripes Tracksuit: The best quality tracksuit

Price: £40 | Buy now from Sports Direct

The Adidas Women’s Back 2 Basics 3-Stripes Tracksuit is a classic. Its timeless three-stripe design has been popular all over the globe for decades.

The sleek tricot material can be worn during workouts or as part of a retro outfit. It is also lined with fleece to keep you warm on colder days.

The tracksuit has a regular fit with trousers that have more of a tapered angle. This helps get more aerodynamic movement without the risk of snagging extra fabric during a gym workout. Customers found that the tracksuit ran on the looser and longer side, so if you want a tighter fit, you might want to size down.

The neck has a medium rise on the sides to give you more mobility and comfort. What’s more, the entire set is environmentally friendly, as it’s constructed from 100% recycled materials.

Key details – Sizes: XXS-XXL; Colour: Black and white

Buy now from Sports Direct

2. Talentless Women’s Lightweight Hoodie + Sweatpants Core Bundle: The best hooded tracksuit

Price: £180 | Buy now from Talentless

KUWTK’s Scott Disick’s brand of loungewear has recently blown up online due to its high comfort and quality. The Talentless Women’s Lightweight Hoodie + Sweatpants Core Bundle features two pieces that really capture those qualities.

Although this set is a bit of a splurge, the hoodie and sweatpants are made from a durable 100% cotton fleece. The hooded jacket has a kangaroo pocket that is great for keeping hands warm in cold weather, but the lightweight material means it can be worn all year round.

The fleece tracksuit is very comfortable and soft, and even has an elastic waistband — the best for just lounging around the house. However, with a breathable and lightweight construction, along with a cuffed ankle on the trousers, the set can also be worn when working out without getting too hot. Buyers found that the set was smaller than expected and recommended sizing up for a more relaxed and oversized fit.

Key details – Sizes: XS-XL; Colour: Coco

Buy now from Talentless

3. Puma Clean Fleece Tracksuit Women’s: The best warm tracksuit

Price: £48 | Buy now from Sports Direct

The Puma Clean Fleece Tracksuit has a soft cotton exterior with a cosy fleece lining, making it the perfect tracksuit for exercising outdoors, especially in those colder months. The slim fit also helps to keep heat locked in when venturing out in winter. However, the soft fabric is also perfect for just hanging out at home.

The high neck helps to cover more surface area and keep you warm. The full zip design is great to have for showing off different layers or cooling off during spring or summer. This also helps to easily throw the jacket off when travelling. The tracksuit features a total of four pockets to hold all of the essentials during a run.

Key details – Sizes: XS-2XL; Colour: Grey and white

Buy now from Sports Direct

4. Nike Academy Tracksuit: The best lightweight tracksuit

Price: £65 | Buy now from JD Sports

With its lightweight construction, the Nike Academy Tracksuit is made for exercise. Athletes can work out in this set, even when it’s warmer, without worrying about overheating. The thinner fabric makes the suit breathable and more comfortable for daily wear. This tracksuit also uses dri-fit technology to keep you dry during the most intensive workouts, even on hotter days.

The set does have a more snug fit as well as tapered legs, which is great for the gym, but if you’re looking for something with a little more wiggle room, it is recommended to size up. That being said, the elastic waistband on the trousers does add flexibility and comfort to the fit. Reviewers also found this tracksuit to be of very high quality and extremely durable.

Key details – Sizes: XS-XL; Colour: Black and white

Buy now from JD Sports

5. Asos Design Tracksuit Ultimate Sweat/Jogger in Charcoal: The best comfortable tracksuit

Price: £36 | Buy now from Asos

The Asos Design Tracksuit Ultimate Sweat/Jogger is a relaxed-fitting set that comes with a crewneck sweatshirt and tapered joggers. This fit, along with the incredibly soft fabric, makes the tracksuit super comfortable. The joggers even have a stretchy elastic waistband and ankle cuffs, so as not to hug too tightly.

It is the perfect tracksuit for lounging around all day or for running errands. That being said, the jogger-style trousers and the hoodless sweatshirt make this set great for a quick warm up too. Although this jumpsuit may start to pull up over time and might not hold up as long as others from high-end athletic brands, it is one of the comfiest tracksuits available at a reasonable price.

Key details – Sizes: 4-16; Colour: Charcoal

Buy now from Asos

6. Under Armour Tricot Tracksuit: The best versatile tracksuit

Price: £50 | Buy now from Very

Made from a medium weight, high-quality tricot fabric, the Under Armour Tricot Tracksuit is not so thick that it’s unwearable in warmer weather or during heavy exercise. Nor will you freeze during the winter while wearing it. Even when wearing this tracksuit in the cold, the high neck helps keep you protected.

Many customers found this tracksuit to be extremely comfortable thanks to the soft-touch material it’s made from. The fabric also has a little stretch to it and the trousers have a little more room, which is perfect when relaxing or going on a run. Many reviewers were very pleased to find that the tracksuit was the perfect fit.

Key specs – Sizes: S-L; Colour: Black and white

Buy now from Very

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