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Best men’s winter jackets 2024: Keep the wind, rain and cold out with our top picks from £80

Winter weather got you feeling blue? Lift your spirits (and your core temperature) with one of the finest winter jackets money can buy

The best winter jackets will keep you warm and dry, and will look the part while doing it. Even relatively basic coats have come a long way in recent times, bringing weather-taming technologies that were once reserved for wilderness adventures into towns and cities. Many winter jackets now have water-resistant outer materials or waterproof membrane systems, such as Gore-Tex, to keep you dry.

Nowadays, you can also expect a good winter coat to be windproof, or at least wind-resistant. This makes great use of body heat, keeping warm air trapped inside the jacket.

Not all winter coats are designed to be worn in the same way. Some are intended as “outer shells”, which do a great job of blocking wind and rain, while you keep yourself warm by wearing an insulative layer (such as a jumper) underneath. Others are equipped to provide much of the insulation you’ll need in their own right, with warming inner layers of fleece, down, synthetics or other heat-retentive materials.

Best men’s winter jackets: At a glance

Best for valueUniqlo Ultra Warm Hybrid Down Coat (~£160)Check price at Uniqlo
Best for packabilityFjallraven Expedition Pack Down Hoodie (~£315)Check price at Outdoorgear
Best for all-out warmthThe North Face Himalayan Baltoro Jacket (~£395)Check price at The North Face
Best for lightweight insulationArc’teryx Atom Hoody (~£260)Check price at Arcteryx

How to choose the best men’s winter jacket for you

The most important decision when shopping for a winter jacket is which types of protection you need against winter weather. Do you want a jacket that is insulating, waterproof and windproof? Or would you be happy with only one or two of these types of weatherproofing?

Your answer to this question will help you decide which category of winter jacket to buy: a waterproof outer shell that’s designed to be worn with warm layers underneath, or an insulated, all-round winter jacket.

If temperatures plummet in your region, an insulated jacket is likely to be your best option for cold resistance, whereas those living in warmer parts of the UK might consider an outer shell with separate layers underneath.

Weight could be another important factor in deciding which winter jacket suits you. A lighter coat will often be more efficient to store and transport, which can make life easier if you travel or commute frequently. However, that normally comes at the expense of cosiness.

Speaking of which, the organic and synthetic materials used to insulate winter jackets have come under increased scrutiny in recent years, which perhaps explains why many brands now pad their jackets with ethically sourced down and fleece, or recycled synthetic materials. If this matters to you, be sure to check the product specification before you buy.

Think also about the finer practical details. How many pockets do you need and where are they placed? Do you care about having cuffs and a collar that can be cinched tight, to keep out wind and rain?

Your jacket should also suit your style, whatever your fashion taste. A good-quality jacket should last for years, so it’s important that you’re happy to be seen wearing it. Ever since the “Urban Hiker” style trend of 2018-19, practical winterwear has been a dependable presence on fashion runways – so you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth and dryness.

How we test men’s winter jackets

Our outerwear expert has tested hundreds of jackets and coats over the years, so he knows a thing or two about what makes a good one. Based on the notoriously wet, windy and frigid northeast coast, not far from the Scottish border, he is uniquely placed to put winter jackets through their paces in some of the coldest and wettest weather the UK has to offer.

Each winter jacket we featured here has been examined in fine detail, before going through at least a solid week of daily wear in wind, rain and even some snow. Only jackets that stood up to the elements made the cut. Outside of that, we were looking for stylish looks and good value for money in a variety of price brackets.

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The best men’s winter jackets you can buy in 2024

1. Uniqlo Ultra Warm Hybrid Down Coat: Best winter jacket for value

Price when reviewed: £160 | Check price at Uniqlobest mens winter jackets Uniqlo

Uniqlo is usually a safe bet when you’re looking for something stylish, understated and reasonably well made without breaking the bank. Winter jackets, thankfully, are no exception to this rule, and this particular option is one of the best we’ve found in terms of looks, warmth and overall value for money.

This is the Japanese retailer’s warmest outerwear offering, packed full of down insulation for warmth. Down is a natural insulator that offers an unrivalled ratio of warmth to weight, and Uniqlo has even added an aluminium-print lining to trap even more body heat, bolstering the filling’s warming properties.

The jacket is cut long and roomy in the body for maximum coverage and easy layering, and we found it to fit true to size. It has clean, uncluttered styling that feels decidedly premium and belies the relatively modest price tag. In short, you’ll struggle to get more coat for your money.

Key specs – Shell materials: 84% polyester, 16% cotton; Body filling: 48% polyester, 46% down, 6% feathers; Colours: Black, olive, beige; Weather-proofing: Water-repellent finish, down filling, faux-fur trimmed hood

Check price at Uniqlo

2. The North Face Himalayan Baltoro Jacket: Best winter jacket for all-out warmth

Price when reviewed: £395 | Check price at The North Facebest mens winter jackets North Face Himalayan Baltoro

This beast of a puffer from The North Face is one of the cosiest cropped parkas we’ve ever tested. It’s packed full of down insulation to Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man proportions, and it features an all-over mountain print, complete with sketched notes from American mountaineer and TNF athlete Conrad Anker.

The Himalayan Baltoro is one of the few jackets we would be confident wearing with just a T-shirt, even in sub-zero, snowy conditions. But its short length means it doesn’t get overly hot when walking around town. The hood is attached by poppers, so it can be removed on warmer, dryer days, and there are reinforced panels in high-wear areas that add to the overall robust, burly feeling of the garment.

Fit wise, the jacket is boxy and cropped. There’s ample room for layering, but the short length means the jacket isn’t left feeling too baggy. For us, the fit is one of the best things about this jacket, and we’d say it runs true to size.

Key specs – Shell materials: 100% Recycled Nylon Ripstop; Body filling: 100% recycled down; Colours: Mountain print; Weather-proofing: Full down filling with durable water-repellent (DWR) coating

Check price at The North Face

3. Fjallraven Expedition Pack Down Hoodie: Best winter jacket for packability

Price when reviewed: £315 | Check price at Outdoor Gear

The Expedition Pack Down Hoodie is our favourite winter coat for warmth. It’s extremely cosy, with traceable, ethically sourced 700FP goose down incorporated into its puffer coat design.

We loved this jacket’s playful details, including the retro pop colour toggles on the hood-string, and the Fjallraven logo in the style of a Scout badge on the chest – both little touches tying in to the Fjallraven 1974 Expedition Series, which celebrates the brand’s original jackets.

On a more practical note, the Expedition Pack Down Hoodie is sublimely comfortable. The material has a lovely, shiny feel to it, and there’s a thoughtfully placed piece of fabric on either “cheek” to keep your face comfy when the jacket is fully zipped up.

Key specs – Shell materials: 100% polyamide; Body filling: 110g of 700-fill power goose own; Colours: True Red, Dandelion, UN Blue, Black, Navy, Deep Forest, Basalt; Weather-proofing: Insulated with 90% goose down, 10% feather

Check price at Outdoor Gear

4. Arc’teryx Atom Hoody: Best winter jacket for lightweight insulation

Price when reviewed: £260 | Check price at Arc’teryxbest mens winter jackets Arcteryx Atom

Granted, you’re probably going to want to slap another layer on if the going gets seriously cold, but we’ve been using the Atom Hoody (previously called the Atom LT) for almost five years now, and it’s one of the most versatile jackets on the market. It works as an outer layer with a jumper or fleece on cold dry days, it can be worn over a T-shirt on mild days or just around the house and it can be teamed up with something more substantial as a mid layer on the absolute frostiest of occasions.

The Atom Hoody is extremely light and packable. So much so that the level of warmth it provides is quite surprising. This warmth comes courtesy of a synthetic insulation that behaves a lot like down, but doesn’t lose its ability to trap heat when it gets wet. This makes it perfect for rainy UK conditions.

Despite its warmth, the Atom Hoody is also extremely breathable, meaning you won’t be left overheating when scaling rock faces… or just taking the dog for a brisk walk.

Key specs – Shell materials: 100% nylon; Body filling: 100% recycled polyester; Colours: Smoke bluff, boxcar, solitude, lampyre, black, pytheas, black sapphire, edziza, yukon; Weather-proofing: Synthetic insulation, DWR coating

Check price at Arc’teryx

5. Adidas Terrex Gore-Tex Paclite: Best winter jacket for affordable rain protection

Price when reviewed: £80 | Check price at Adidasbest mens winter jackets adidas terrex

Heavily insulated jackets are all well and good for cold, mostly dry weather, but what about the rest of the time when it’s wet and just a little chilly? This is the default setting during UK winters, and the best thing you can do to dress for it is to layer up for warmth, and sling a waterproof shell over the top to keep you dry.

Gore-Tex is the gold standard when it comes to waterproof fabrics. It is designed to let perspiration escape from within while blocking water droplets from entering from the outside. The trouble is, it’s usually expensive, which is what makes this jacket from Adidas Terrex such an appealing prospect: full Gore-Tex construction for under £100.

It’s a no-frills option perfect for layering that offers everything you need from a waterproof and nothing you don’t. We’re talking zip pockets, adjustable hem, hood and cuffs, and a completely waterproof design finished with a DWR coating to help that water bead off easily.

Key specs – Shell materials: 100% recycled polyester; Body filling: N/A: Colours: Navy; Weather-proofing: 100% recycled waterproof, breathable, seam-sealed, 100% windproof

Check price at Adidas

6. Asket Wool Coat: Best winter jacket for dressing up

Price when reviewed: £325 | Check price at Asketbest mens winter jackets Asket coat on a grey background

Throwing a waterproof shell or puffer jacket over a suit or a suave smart-casual date-night outfit is the quickest way to ruin an otherwise excellent look. For those smarter occasions, you’ll want something a little more sartorially refined to sling over whatever you’re wearing. This classic wool coat from Swedish upscale basics brand Asket is just the ticket.

This classic wool overcoat is designed deliberately roomy and loose in the body for easy layering. We love that it can be thrown on top of anything and everything, quickly lending even the sloppiest of outfits an air of refinement and purpose. Seriously, it works just as well with sweatpants and a hoodie as it does with a tailored jacket and pants.

The coat is uninsulated, but the heavyweight 100% recycled wool fabric does an exceptional job of trapping heat and blocking the wind, and the extra length is great for keeping legs toasty too.

Key specs – Materials: 100% recycled wool; Colours: Charcoal melange, dark navy; Weather-proofing: None

Check price at Asket

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