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Best leather jacket 2022: Get that timeless look with our favourite options

The best leather jackets come in a variety of styles but all have one thing in common - a sleek and edgy aesthetic

If you’re a follower of fashion, you absolutely need one of the best leather jackets in your wardrobe. The leather jacket is a timeless item of clothing that comes in a huge range of styles, the most recognisable of which is the biker jacket of the 1950s. The most common look, however, is the dark, textured matte finish that goes with just about anything.

Beyond the stylish look of the material, the best leather jackets also offer a great amount of durability, are typically windproof and great at keeping you warm. They can also prove worthwhile investments, as they don’t tend to decrease in value over time (in fact, many only get more expensive) and they’re something that will last forever with the proper care.

Leather jackets are worn by all manner of people regardless of their gender identity or age, and for those concerned with the ethical aspect of using real leather, a large proportion of leather jackets are actually now produced with faux leather. Although the popularity of the original material has dwindled, the leather (or leather-look) jacket will never go out of style.

The best leather jackets can set you back quite a bit, but below you’ll find a list of our favourites to suit an array of budget, including a couple which are available for less than £50.

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Best leather jacket: At a glance

  • Best overall leather jacket: AllSaints Balfern leather Biker Jacket | Buy now
  • Best leather blazer jacket: Topshop faux leather Double Breasted Blazer | Buy now
  • Best racer leather jacket: Jack & Jones Faux leather Racer Jacket | Buy now
  • Best leather aviator jacket: ASOS DESIGN Cropped Aviator Jacket | Buy now
  • Best leather trucker jacket: Stradivarius faux leather Trucker Jacket | Buy now
  • Best leather biker jacket: Topshop faux leather Oversized Biker Jacket | Buy now

How to choose the best leather jacket for you

There are a huge number of different types of leather jackets out there. They have different takes on styles, fits, and materials to suit every need and budget. As with most clothing, choosing the best one for you comes down to personal preference, but there’s a lot to think about when it comes to picking a jacket that could turn into a long-term everyday staple of your wardrobe.

What types of leather jackets are available?

Leather jackets have really evolved since they first burst onto the scene decades ago. At first, they changed to adapt for certain practical uses, such as for the air force, motorcycle riding and car racing. But today, the differences in leather jackets are mainly style-related.

Biker jacket: Hugely popular when introduced in the 50s, the biker jacket, characterised by a notched and studded lapel, adds an edgy look to any outfit. It also has a half zip to the side where one side of the jacket layers over the other and leaves a v-neck opening. The shape of the jacket is usually slightly cropped and has an adjustable hem with a belt.

Racer jacket: The racer jacket is known for having a small collar that buttons over to one side. It also has a full zip and often features two chest pockets. The racer jacket usually comes with a tighter fit than the classic leather jacket.

Aviator jacket: The aviator jacket, often referred to as a bomber jacket, comes in one of two forms. One version has a loose fit but is cinched in with cuffs at the hems. The other style is lined with fur, exposed around the collar and lapels.

Trench jacket: The trench jacket isn’t a garment exclusively made from leather, but leather options are becoming increasingly popular. Just like other trench coats, it is longer and has straight sleeves. The jacket is usually worn open but may have some optional button closures and a belt.

What features should I look for in a good leather jacket?

With so many variations in fit and material, not every leather jacket is going to have the same features, even if they look similar. These are the main considerations when choosing a leather jacket that’s going to be comfortable and right for you.

Material: A real leather jacket can offer a certain level of quality and durability that can’t be replicated with a faux material. However, wearing real leather is unethical to some. Faux leather has come a long way, often being made with polyester. Although it might not be as durable as the real thing, it can often pass for real leather with a convincing soft and semi-matte finish. Faux leather is also much more affordable than the genuine article but the one trade-off is that it’s unlikely to last as long.

Warmth: Leather itself can be very warm, but it can also hold in more heat, thanks to its thicker construction. Many leather jackets also come with a good inner lining for additional warmth. This makes them a great choice for winter, but you’ll also find plenty of faux leather jackets that are thinner and better suited for autumn and spring months.

Fit: While the classic style of each leather jacket has its own historical fit, today there are many variations and different fits that can make a jacket more modern or comfortable. This could include cropped jackets, a regular fit, or the oversized look.

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The best leather jacket to buy in 2022

1. AllSaints Balfern leather Biker Jacket: The best overall leather jacket

Price: £319 | Buy now from ASOS

Although it’s a big investment, the AllSaints Balfern Leather Biker Jacket is truly a quality piece, thanks to its heavy 100% real leather construction. It will last in your wardrobe through many seasons, getting plenty of wear in the autumn and winter. The jacket also has a really soft and smooth feel to it, but still has that classic matte finish.

Beyond the material, the fit of the jacket itself is perfect. It feels just right at the waist but isn’t too cropped, to the point where it is awkward to match with some outfits. It replicates the biker style with its studded lapels and silver notched belt and zipper details. One point to note is that many customers have recommended going up a size or two as it tends to run small.

Key details – Sizes: 4-14; Material: Leather

Buy now from ASOS

2. Topshop faux leather Double Breasted Blazer: The best leather blazer jacket

Price: £56 | Buy now from ASOS

Lately, the leather blazer has been a huge trend in fashion and anyone can hop on the bandwagon with this Topshop Faux Leather Double Breasted Blazer. It gives a unique spin on the traditional leather jacket, as it is edgy but maintains the professional look of a blazer. It also has double-breasted notched lapels for a subtle but stylish detail.

The jacket is long and has a very relaxed fit, making it much more comfortable than a stiff biker jacket. It also has a warm lining for covering up in the colder weather. For faux leather, this jacket is of a good overall quality and doesn’t look cheap.

Key details – Sizes: 4-18; Material: Polyester

Buy now from ASOS

3. Jack and Jones Essentials Faux Leather Racer Jacket: The best racer leather jacket

Price: £60 | Buy now from ASOS

The Jack & Jones Essentials Faux Leather Racer Jacket is the perfect motorcycle jacket. Its medium-rise buttoned collar, padded shoulders and full zip really sells the iconic ‘racer’ image. The piece has a regular fit that can be slightly adjusted with the buttoned hem. Although it’s faux leather, it looks like the real deal with its convincing matte finish. As a result it looks more expensive than it is.

The material is not too heavy but also not overly thin, making it pretty comfortable to wear as an everyday jacket while still looking sophisticated. Although the jacket has a great fit overall, some have found it a bit tight so it might be best to play it safe and go for a size up.

Key details – Sizes: XS-2XL; Material: Polyurethane and polyester

Buy now from ASOS

4. ASOS DESIGN bonded luxe cropped Aviator Jacket: The best leather aviator jacket

Price: £45 | Buy now from ASOS

This ASOS DESIGN Bonded Luxe Cropped Aviator Jacket is a spin on the classic aviator style with a cropped fit. The jacket has exposed lapels so the brown fur lining is visible. The fur itself is super soft and great for keeping warm and staying comfortable during colder weather. The handy integrated hood helps keep you cosy, too..

Even better, the material used isn’t like typical faux leather; instead it is bonded for a thicker overall construction, allowing it to better retain warmth. The jacket is meant to be more of a regular fit, but many found it to offer a loose/oversized look.

Key details – Sizes: 4-18; Material: Polyester

Buy now from ASOS

5. Stradivarius faux leather Trucker Jacket: The best leather trucker jacket

Price: £36 | Buy now from ASOS

The Stradivarius Faux Leather Trucker Jacket is the perfect stylish jacket for layering with a T-shirt and jeans. It has a slightly cropped style that really flatters the waist. It’s cut to fit a little tight so you should consider ordering a size up. The lightweight nature of this jacket also makes it perfect for autumn and spring weather.

This faux leather jacket has a bevy of cute features to match the trucker style, such as a button-up front, buttoned chest pockets, a spread collar and stitching detail. Although the material is a little on the thin side, it’s still of great quality.

Key details – Sizes: XS-XL; Material: Polyurethane and polyester

Buy now from ASOS

6. Topshop faux leather oversized Biker Jacket: The best leather biker jacket

Price: £65 | Buy now from ASOSA good biker jacket is an absolute essential for any wardrobe. The Topshop Faux Leather Oversized Biker Jacket is a classic of its kind and comes in at a bargain price. It has the regulation silver buttons and zippers to give it that authentic biker aesthetic. The fit of this jacket is oversized, too, giving a more relaxed and comfortable look.

This is definitely the type of jacket you can just throw on in the winter and layer with to keep warm. That said, many customers feel the jacket is a little too oversized and recommend going down a size for a better fit. The jacket has a belted waist that can be worn undone, to keep it casual, or tightened to give the whole thing a little more shape.

Key details – Sizes: 4-18; Material: Polyurethane and polyester

Buy now from ASOS

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