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Best waist trainer 2023: The best waist trainers for a snatched waist

Combined with healthy eating and exercise, a good waist trainer could help achieve that hourglass figure

A waist trainer or waist cincher uses tight compression around the stomach to reduce the size of the waist and create an hourglass look, much like a corset. Waist trainers are also sometimes used during workouts to increase the amount of sweat and heat in the mid-section. In theory, this reduces excess fluids and increases the burning of fat, though there doesn’t appear to be any conclusive evidence for its effectiveness. Furthermore, as a slimming aid, the theory is that the tightness around the stomach may provide the feeling of being full, in turn preventing overeating. Again, there is no concrete evidence in support of this.

Waist trainers aren’t only used for body shaping – the stiff fabric and boning can also provide lumbar support to improve posture, provide pain relief, or prevent back injuries.

Although some may see improvements after using a waist trainer, the results are typically not permanent. However, in combination with a good exercise and diet plan, a waist trainer could – with a hefty amount of care – help obtain a nicely shaped figure. With that in mind, we’ve created this roundup to help you work out whether a waist trainer is right for you. Below, you’ll find our pick of the best waist trainers available to buy today, alongside a detailed buying guide explaining the risks, purported benefits and features of waist trainers.

Best waist trainers: At a glance

How to choose the best waist trainer for you

Before we dive into the buying guide, a word on safety:

You shouldn’t exercise while wearing a waist trainer unless it is a model specially designed for working out. Waist trainers can make it harder to breathe, so if you feel lightheaded or short of breath, remove the waist trainer immediately. It’s also worth noting that the general consensus among healthcare professionals is that waist trainers do not have a long-term or dramatic effect on the figure and, if overused, they may even cause health problems. If you’re unsure, talk to your doctor before trying one.

What types of waist trainers are available?

Waist trainers don’t come in one specific shape or construction, so when looking at the different types of waist trainers, there are a few things to consider.

Closure: The two most common types of closures you’ll find on a waist trainer are hook and eye or velcro. The hook and eye closure – much like those you’d find on a standard bra – is the traditional closure for corsets and they offer excellent security. However, they aren’t as versatile since they usually only have around three different columns. Velcro offers a wraparound method with far more adjustment options, but, if it slips during wear, it may irritate the skin.

Fit: The fit is also a large part of what differentiates waist trainers, and there are generally three types. The first is the basic waist fit, which is shorter and just focuses on the stomach area. This fit might be more frustrating for those who are plus-size as the waist trainer may squeeze skin out of the fabric instead of compressing it. It’s also more prone to rolling under clothes. The second is the underbust fit, which is much longer and comes right under the breasts for added support.  Lastly, the vest fit, which is similar to the underbust, but also includes shoulder straps. The vest is better able to stay in place despite lots of movement during the day.

What features should I look for in a good waist trainer?

Beyond the fit and how the waist trainer is secured, it is also important to determine what level of comfort and material will be best for you.

Comfort: Waist trainers are not the most comfortable things in the world, but some can be more comfortable than others. If you are looking for something that might not deliver extreme results, but that can be worn everyday under clothes, then a thin and stretchy waist trainer will be best. However, if you want maximal results, or lots of back support, then a thick material with boning is the go-to.

Material: Not only will the material affect the comfort of a waist trainer, it can also play an important role in the durability and longevity of the piece. The most common materials found in waist trainers today are latex, neoprene, nylon, cotton, and polyester.

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The best waist trainers you can buy in 2023

1. Chongerfei Waist Trainer Belt for Women: The best overall waist trainer

Price: From £15 | Buy now from Amazon

The Chongerfei Waist Trainer Belt uses thick polyester material to help you sweat off a few extra inches (in theory). Users can wrap the velcro straps around them to get the best fit for their waist goals. The straps are easily adjustable to build up tolerance or move with your weight.

The fabric is very stiff and durable which helps with the slimming effect and back alignment. The durability of the material will also ensure that this waist trainer can last forever.

Users are recommended to wear the waist trainer for two to three hours a day in combination with diet and exercise if they want a slimmer waist. The heavy fabric traps heat and increases sweating when working out to reduce weight around the waist. Its integrated acrylic boning aids in compression, but also promises lumbar support and assistance with better posture to help avoid lifting injuries when in the gym.

Key specs – Sizes: S-XXL; Material: Polyester

2. Skims Waist Trainer: The best waist trainer for all-day wear

Price: £66 | Buy now from Skims

Coming as no surprise to anyone, snatched waist queen Kim Kardashian has designed a waist trainer that claims to provide her hourglass figure. Made with a very thin neoprene fabric, the Skims Waist Trainer is practically seamless and can be worn under all types of clothes. On top of that, the fabric is mixed with spandex so it is very stretchy and comfortable to wear. Most waist trainers can only be worn for a few hours, but this design is so smooth, seamless, and comfortable, users can wear it all day as part of their outfit.

Since the fabric is very stretchy, it doesn’t offer as much tough compression and insulation as a traditional waist trainer, but this means it won’t have you feeling like you’re about to pass out either. It works to smooth the waist like shapewear and is a great option for those who can’t stand the pain and pressure of other waist cinchers.

Key specs – Sizes: XXS-4X; Material: Neoprene

Buy now from SKIMS

3. YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women: The best corset-style waist trainer

Price: From £22 | Buy now from Amazon

Similar in style to the classic corset look, the YIANNA Waist Trainer has nine steel bones and three hook-eye closure columns to cinch the waist. It also has a long design that covers the stomach and sits under the bust to give added support and enhance the hourglass look. This corset has a modern twist with a multi-layer construction that traps in the heat and ensures compression while still allowing for movement thanks to its latex and spandex materials.

Wearing this waist trainer regularly during exercise has been very effective in quickly shrinking the look of the waist. Not only can it give the appearance of a slimmer figure, but the steel bones will also help correct your posture during work or daily activities.

Key specs – Sizes: XS-6XL; Material: Latex, cotton, spandex, nylon, lycra

4. SIHOHAN Waist Trainer Belt: The best waist trainer for back support

Price: From £18 | Buy now from Amazon

With thick material and five acrylic bones, the SIHOHAN Waist Trainer Belt is great for providing lots of lower back support to relieve pain, improve posture, or prevent injuries in the gym. The fabric is very durable and can be worn everyday to the gym, while the thickness will also be able to produce more heat to burn fat (in theory).

This waist trainer is also surprisingly comfortable, considering its tough support, due to the integrated breathable mesh back as well as the material’s slight stretch. The velcro closure helps to create a perfect fit and can be adjusted to meet different levels of comfort. It also makes the waist trainer super-easy to throw on in the morning, unlike a traditional corset.

Key specs – Sizes: S-XXL; Material: Neoprene

5. Bingrong Waist Trainer Corset Vest: The best waist trainer vest

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

The design on the Bingrong Waist Trainer Corset Vest features two adjustable shoulder straps to hold up the waist trainer in the perfect position, so no more pulling or messing with the fit – definitely a lifesaver at the gym. The waist trainer comes up just under the bust to give a more flattering look while stopping the material from rolling up.

The compression material and four steel bones can reduce the size of a waistline from three to four inches while supporting the lumbar during the day. The elastic material is also very comfortable. This waist trainer has a traditional hook closure but is paired with a layered zipper to hide the bulky clasps and make the corset look seamless under clothes. This allows you to not only wear it in the gym, but to also use it all day without it being noticeable.

Key specs – Sizes: S-4XL; Material: Polyester and elastane

6. Amazingjoys Waist Trainer Corset: The best waist trainer for fast results

Price: From £14 | Buy now from Amazon

The Amazingjoys Waist Trainer Corset is constructed with neoprene and nylon and has two layers. These dual layers work to increase compression and create more heat and sweat during a workout to theoretically get better weight loss results.

The design integrates nine spiral steel bones to help with back pain and bad posture. Although it takes some getting used to, many buyers found this waist trainer to be pretty comfortable. The hook and eye closure can be used to get a tighter or looser fit depending on the activity or the user’s comfort level. This closure is then hidden under a zipper to create a smooth look under clothes.

Key specs – Sizes: XS-3XL; Material: Neoprene and nylon

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