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Best heated gloves 2023: For snuggly hands when you’re out and about

Don’t spend the entire winter with your hands in your pockets – here are the best heated gloves to keep your mitts pleasantly warm

Whether you’re a seasoned skier, work outdoors in chilly climes, or are simply prone to cold hands, heated gloves could offer a solution. Powered by electricity, heated gloves go one step further than bog-standard, woollen knits to deliver toasty warmth all day long.

Nowadays, heated gloves are usually both waterproof and rechargeable, with some even touchscreen friendly. This means that you can focus all your attention to the task at hand – because life really is too short to be moaning about the cold.

As well as ensuring you’re comfortable and snug on cold days, heated gloves also encourage the blood to circulate, making them a smart choice for those who might suffer Raynaud’s syndrome, arthritis, poor circulation or just frequently cold hands.

Of course, heated gloves tend to be more expensive than a regular pair; after all, they’re literally portable radiators for your mitts. However, a decent pair is likely to last you for some time to come, seeing you through the colder months year after year.

So, to help you discover the best heated gloves for you, we’ve put together a short buying guide to reveal the features you should look for when making your decision, plus we round up some of the best heated gloves currently available.

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Best heated gloves: At a glance

How to choose the best heated gloves for you

What features should I look for in a good pair of heated gloves?

Heated gloves are powered by electricity, making them far superior than the standard knit when it comes to keeping your hands warm. They’re made using a network of tiny wires, powered by a built-in battery, which will heat the gloves to your desired temperature. As well as essentially turning into mini portable radiators for your hands, heated gloves that are made for the outdoors will be lined, thick and toasty even when switched off, making them incredibly versatile and delivering plenty of bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for the crème de la crème of heated gloves, here are some features to consider.

Waterproof: This is especially important if you’ll be wearing your heated gloves for winter sports and through wetter conditions. Look out for waterproof materials such as Hipora that still allow sweat to evaporate.

Touchscreen friendly: Made using a conductive material on the fingertips, touchscreen-friendly gloves enable you to text or at least change a song on the go without having to take your gloves off.

Rechargeable batteries: In this day and age, we’d like to be able to charge up our gloves as we do our phones and then revel in the generous battery life all day. Some gloves can be recharged, while some brands sell extra batteries for those who are outside for very long periods of time.

How much should I spend on a pair of heated gloves?

Heated gloves are still a relatively niche product, so specialised winter sports retailers are the best place to shop for them. The decent pair is likely to set you back around £100 – but once you’ve such a top-of-the-range pair of heated mitts, you’ll never look back.

For those whose budget might not stretch as far, we suggest portable hand-warmers, which sit around the £30 mark and are great for sedentary outdoor activities, such as watching football. Or, if you’re simply wanting to keep your hands warm while you’re working from home, then Amazon has a highly rated pair of fingerless gloves for just a tenner.

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The best heated gloves to buy in 2023

1. Snow Deer Rechargeable Heated Gloves: Best all-round heated gloves

Price: From £127 | Buy now from Amazon

For toasty hands, we love these electric heated gloves from Snow Deer. They’re expertly built with plenty of features including a touch sensor on the index finger, an anti-slip cuff design, waterproof zips and superb warmth. The mitts boast three heating modes for reaching your desired temperature and preserving battery life when you can.. Plus, thanks to their weather-proof leather exterior and fleecy inside, they’re exceptionally warm before you even turn them on.

Customers love that these gloves are both comfortable and breathable, making them a great option for a whole host of winter activities – or simply for keeping cosy on your daily walk. Battery life is pretty impressive, too; although note that the seller recommends purchasing extra batteries for those who are often outside and will be wearing these gloves for long periods of time. All in all, a reliable set of heated gloves that will keep you mitts toasty.

Key specsWaterproof: Yes; Touchscreen friendly: Yes; Rechargable: Yes

2. HeatPerformance Heated Indoor Gloves: Best heated gloves for indoors

Price: £140 | Buy now from HeatPerformance

If you’re looking for toasty mitts to wear for an evening on a sofa, Heatperformance’s high-performance heated indoor gloves might be for you. Purposefully thin enough to wear beneath your usual gloves, or on their own for extra-comfort at home, they take just 30 seconds to heat up – and after just five to ten minutes, your hands will be perfectly snug.

Delivering optimum freedom to move, the thermal conductors here have been thoughtfully placed on the outside of the hand (across the back and down all five fingers), meaning you can type, lift and use your phone without worrying about any damage. That’s not all; they’re waterproof and offer three temperature settings, with the highest coming in at a toasty 65ºC.

Key specsWaterproof: Yes; Touchscreen friendly: Yes; Rechargable: Yes

Buy now from HeatPerformance

3. Hestra Power Heater Gauntlet Heated Gloves: Best heated gloves for skiing

Price: £360 | Buy now from The Mountain Factor

Hestra is known for its high-performance ski handwear and these Power Heater Gauntlet gloves are no exception. They may cost a small fortune, but these gloves are unbeatable for warming up freezing fingers on the slopes. Despite being quite bulky, they’re surprisingly flexible, meaning you can carry out your everyday tasks with ease.

Snazzy features include a CZone membrane that protects against wet snow, and a fleece liner with synthetic insulation that wicks away any moisture. The gloves are powered by rechargeable batteries, and a USB charger comes included. Even without the heat function, these gloves are top-tier at keeping your hands warm. If you’re looking for a pair of gloves that delivers on all fronts, this is the top option here; but their steep price will see them out of reach for many.

Key specsWaterproof: Yes; Touchscreen friendly: No; Rechargable: Yes

Buy now from The Mountain Factor

4. Sealskinz Waterproof Heated Gauntlet: Best heated gloves for everyday use

Price: £190 | Buy now from Sealskinz

An all-rounder that you can rely on during colder climes, Sealskinz’ Waterproof Heated Gauntlet delivers delicious warmth to the tip of your fingers. The heating control offers three settings and is easy to use. Like our top pick for the best heated gloves, these will see you sweltering even without the heat function engaged, plus they’re waterproof, too.

Other top-tier features include a goatskin leather palm and pre-curved fingers for extra control over daily tasks. Some reviewers found the finger length to be a little on the short side, recommending that buyers go up a size. Despite promising a five- to six-hour run-time, some reviewers had hoped that the batteries would have lasted a little longer.

Key specsWaterproof: Yes; Touchscreen friendly: No; Rechargable: Yes

5. Aroma Season Store Heated Gloves: Best on a budget

Price: £70 | Buy now from Amazon

Heated gloves can be a pricey investment, but Aroma Season Store’s rechargeable heated gloves prove that they needn’t cost the earth. Offering an ample 5–10 hours battery life and all-round hand heating, it’s no surprise that the gloves are highly rated by many happy customers. They may come with three temperature settings, but they’re very warm, with many finding that they don’t have to go past the lowest setting for keeping their mitts snug.

Splash-proof, thanks to the outer level being made from tarpaulin, these gloves feature an additional waterproof layer inside, meaning your mitts will remain dry, even if you dip the gloves into water. That’s not all; the gloves are cosy without even being turned on, and the extra long cuff that covers your coat can also be tightened to ensure your hands stay dry.

The Aroma Season Store gloves are touchscreen friendly; however, they lack precision as a result of their bulkiness. However, they’re super-comfortable and offer long-lasting battery life. They’re a great all-rounder for anyone looking for extra hot gloves on a budget.

Key specsWaterproof: Yes; Touchscreen friendly: Yes; Rechargable: Yes

6. Ocoopa Hand Warmers Rechargeable: Best hand-warmer

Price: £26 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re still unsure about joining the heated gloves party, a hand warmer may be a great alternative. Convenient, compact and portable, you can charge and go for toasty hands while you’re out and about. The Ocoopa hand warmer is dual-sided and offers three different heating modes, with temperatures reaching up to 55°C.

The pebble-shaped heater may not deliver warmth to every inch of skin quite like a heated glove, but it’s a lot more affordable – and versatile, too, ensuring heat is delivered to the area it’s needed most. Obviously, this isn’t the best gadget for skiing or winter sports; however, customers believed the Ocoopa to be a game-changer for use while watching a football game outdoors or fishing. It was also praised for cooling quickly after being turned off, and perfect for storing in your pocket in between uses.

Key specsWaterproof: Yes; Touchscreen friendly: N/A; Rechargable: Yes

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