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Best suit for men 2023: Dress to impress with these sharp tailored two-pieces

Whether you’re heading for a wedding or trying to ace an interview, our pick of the best suits for men will help make the right impression

Armouring yourself with one of the best suits for men is vital if you want to dress well. A well-cut, versatile two-piece suit can be called upon for any occasion, from weddings to work functions and everything in between. Since it’s something you’ll be wearing again and again for years to come, it makes sense to get it right the first time.

However, picking a suit can be tricky, particularly if you’re like the vast majority of men and spend most of your days in casual clothes. Maybe you’re not sure how a suit should fit properly or have no idea which brands are worth considering. Or perhaps you’re simply overwhelmed by the number of options out there.

This guide aims to simplify the process of buying a suit. We’ve drawn on our experience in the menswear industry and our knowledge of tailoring to bring you a tightly curated selection of the best suits for men, with options to cater for every budget and dress code.

In order to find suits offering the best value in every price bracket, we were looking for versatility, timelessness and quality, to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Best suits for men: At a glance

How to choose the best men’s suit for you

What suit material should I choose?

When choosing a suit material, it’s important to ask yourself when and where the suit is likely to be worn. Some fabrics are more formal than others, and some are better suited to either summer or winter.

Generally speaking, fabrics with a higher thread count (that’s how many individual threads are in each square inch of material) are smoother, less textured and therefore more formal. Lower thread count fabrics are more heavily textured – think tweed or linen, as opposed to worsted wool – and are often seen as more casual. You can usually find the thread count by looking at a label inside the suit; it will be a number preceded by the word “super”.

It’s important to think about seasonality, too. A heavy wool suit, especially in dark navy or black, is going to be very hot to wear on a sunny summer day. In this case, a better option would be something lightweight, breathable and quick drying, such as linen, with bonus points if it’s in a light colour.

How should my suit fit?

A lot about the way a suit fits will come down to personal preference but, unless you can afford a bespoke suit from a personal tailor, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a suit off the rack. Broadly speaking, the shoulders of the jacket should line up with your own shoulders, hanging just slightly over the bone; the top button should be able to be fastened without pulling the fabric taut; the ends of the sleeves should sit on the hinge of the wrist; and the trouser leg should sit either just above the top of the shoe or on top of it with a single break in the fabric.

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What colour suit should I buy?

Again, think about formality and seasonality. Dark colours are better for winter and light shades are more appropriate for summer. That said, a classic navy or grey single-breasted suit always makes a pretty safe bet.

The best suits for men you can buy in 2023

1. M&S Tailored Fit Italian Wool Rich Suit: Best budget suit for men

Price when reviewed: £159 | Check price at M&S

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great-looking versatile suit. The thrifty option is to buy a relatively cheap suit and spend a little money to have it adjusted by a tailor, and this affordable two-piece from M&S is perfect for doing just that.

Both the trousers and the jacket are cut from wool-rich Donegal tweed for a textured finish that lends itself well to most semi-formal settings such as weddings, job interviews and the office. It has a tailored fit, with front and back pleats, designed to follow the contours of the body without limiting movement. The jacket is fully lined, with peak lapels, for a touch of character.

Choose this suit if you’re looking for something budget-friendly that can be worn in lots of different settings and dressed up or down with ease.

Key details – Material: Wool blend (55% wool, 35% polyester, 7% polyamide, 3% acrylic); Fit: Tailored; Colour(s) available: Charcoal; Waistcoat: No

Check price at M&S

2. Tom Ford O’Connor Suit: Best premium suit for men

Price when reviewed: £3,250 | Check price at Selfridges

Those of a budget-conscious disposition may want to avert their eyes: however you frame it, this is not a cheap suit. But you don’t buy Tom Ford tailoring for the low prices, you buy it for the superior cut, the glove-like fit and the high-end material.

This is a simple single-breasted suit, elevated to the nth degree. The jacket is a versatile double-button design, with peak lapels for a sophisticated look. Its simplicity lends itself well to both business settings and special occasions.

This suit would be a good option for deep-pocketed individuals who value a flattering cut and quality fabrics. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s also a suit that won’t date quickly and can be dressed up or down, or even split up to style as separates. It could be argued that this makes the lofty price tag justified… maybe… slightly… sort of…

Key details – Material: Wool; Fit: Slim; Colour(s) available: Dark brown, Ink, Light grey; Waistcoat: No

Check price at Selfridges

3. Reiss Kin Single-Breasted Linen Suit: Best summer suit for men

Price when reviewed: £298 (jacket), £148 (trousers) | Check price of jacket at Reiss | Check price of trousers at Reiss

If you’ve ever attended a summer wedding in a dark wool suit, you’ll understand the appeal of lighter colours and more breathable fabrics, especially for the warmer months. Staying cool in the heat plays a key role in looking put together. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your suit is, it’s never going to look good if it’s dripping with sweat.

This lightweight linen suit from Reiss is perfect for nailing smart summer occasions in style. The fabric is light, airy and breathable, and it wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. It’s also a light colour, which will reflect the heat and stay cooler than a dark suit.

The suit itself is classic and simple for maximum wearability. The jacket has traditional notch lapels, two buttons at the front and three pockets. Both the jacket and the trousers are cut slim for a flattering fitted look, and there are plenty of summery pastel shades to choose from if beige isn’t to your liking.

Key details – Material: Linen (acetate); Fit: Slim; Colour(s) available: Airforce blue, Apple, Blush, Navy, Sage, Soft blue, Stone, Tobacco; Waistcoat: No

Check price of jacket at Reiss

Check price of trousers at Reiss

4. Moss Guabello Italian Slim-Fit Shawl Tuxedo: Best black-tie suit for men

Price when reviewed: £349 | Check price at Moss

Sometimes a regular old lounge suit just won’t cut it. If the dress code states “black tie”, extra effort is required to make sure your outfit is up to snuff, and a tuxedo is the safest bet. Unfortunately, this sort of attire can be rather expensive, which is what makes this reasonably priced option from Moss such a great find.

Unlike most black-tie getups of a similar price, this tux is cut from Guabello wool-linen fabric, sourced from one of the most respected mills in Italy. It’s cut slim throughout for a form-flattering fit and features premium details such as covered buttons, a subtle slub texture and sweeping shawl lapels.

Key details – Material: 60% wool, 40% linen; Fit: Slim; Colour(s) available: Navy; Waistcoat: No

Check price at Moss

5. Reiss Broadgate Prince Of Wales Check Suit: Best double-breasted suit for men

Price when reviewed: £328 (jacket), £158 (trousers) | Check price of jacket at Reiss | Check price of trousers at Reiss

Going the extra sartorial mile doesn’t have to mean dressing up in a tux. If you want a more refined and intentional look than the usual two-piece lounge suit can offer, then the double-breasted alternative makes an excellent option.

Cut from a rich wool-blend fabric with a subtle Prince of Wales check, this dapper double-breasted jacket from Reiss wraps the body, creating a slim waist and enhancing the broadness of the shoulders. The peak lapels lend it a formal edge, and the matching trousers are simple and understated to let the jacket do the talking.

Buy this suit if you want something versatile and timeless that will still make you stand out from the crowd.

Key details – Material: Wool blend (51% wool, 47% polyester, 2% elastane); Fit: Regular; Colour(s) available: Blue; Waistcoat: No

Check price of jacket at Reiss Check price of trousers at Reiss

6. Moss Regular Fit (Navy) Twill Suit: Best all-round suit for men

Price when reviewed: £349 | Check price at Moss

The best suit is one you can call on for pretty much any formal occasion. It’s the one you find yourself coming back to again and again, the one you can wear as separates, or even dress down with trainers, T-shirts, and knitwear. This understated navy three-piece (the waistcoat is extra) from Moss is one such suit.

With a comfortable, regular fit that’s neither too slim nor too loose, this is a timeless suit you’ll still be reaching for years, or even decades, down the line. It’s cut from a durable, yet elegant, wool twill fabric that’s perfect for all seasons, and it’s finished in a rich navy colour that works well for everything, from weddings to the workplace.

Key details – Material: Wool; Fit: Regular; Colour(s) available: Charcoal, Navy, Black; Waistcoat available: Yes

Check price at Moss

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