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Tassimo Suny TAS3102GB coffee machine review: Speedy hot drinks from a compact maker

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £40
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A one-push approach to hot drinks makes the Tassimo Suny machine a fuss-free choice


  • Compact
  • Fast brewing
  • Affordable


  • Noisy
  • No preset drink size and strength
  • No auto switch-off

Some people love drink options – different coffee strengths, more or less milk, longer or shorter measures. But for those who want a machine to deliver coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more without all that, there’s the Tassimo by Bosch Suny TAS3102GB drinks maker. Rather than lots of buttons, all you need to do is hit the front panel and the barcoded T-Discs will handle the rest, allowing the machine to deliver exactly the right amount of hot water. Moreover, due to its “SmartStart” design, you can even use your mug to press the panel and start the coffee-making process – no fingers required.

While the no-touch feature might seem a bit of a gimmick, if you’re a busy person looking to upgrade your daily instant coffees without adding too many extra steps to your routine, the Suny is a speedy little number to help you do just that.

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Tassimo Suny review: What do you get for the money?

The Suny is one of Tassimo’s more affordable machines at around £40, with fewer features than its top-end My Way 2 (£100) and a smaller water tank (800ml) than some of the larger machines, such as the Tassimo Joy (1.4L). However, while it’s one of the more pocket-friendly Tassimo machines, it’s no less capable and uses the same system to consistently brew everything from a short coffee to a toffee nut latte.

At the front, there’s a drip tray that can be attached in two positions or removed entirely for larger cups, a panel with three lights – one for brewing, one to alert that the water tank needs filling and the last to alert for descaling – and the brewing head, which lifts up for T-Disc pod insertion and removal. Like all Tassimo machines, there’s no internal pod bin.

There’s a “service disc” included in the box for descaling or running water through, and this is tucked into a slot at the side of the machine, along with instructions on how to use it. At the back, the water tank is covered by an attached lid. The whole water tank can be removed for filling or it can be filled in situ, and there’s a useful handle to help you lift it out.

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Tassimo Suny review: What’s good about it?

The Suny is a drinks machine for those who hate to wait. Its flow heater means it takes just seconds to start making a coffee, unlike pod machines with thermoblocks, which require a slightly longer heat-up time. As with other Tassimo machines, the Suny can make a variety of drinks beyond black coffee. These include hot chocolate, tea, lattes, cappuccinos and decaff coffee – there are more than 70 drinks in total to choose from. T-Discs from well-known brands such as Kenco, Costa, Cadbury and Milka are also an advantage for those who love variety, as are the frothy milk discs for cappuccinos and lattes, no fridge required. That said, the frothy milk tends to be on the sweet side, and may not be to everyone’s taste.

The other good thing about the Suny is its size: it’s relatively compact at 16.7 x 30.5 x 25.1cm (WDH), so easily tucks under kitchen units or in the corner of a home office. That said, those seeking an even more compact machine might want to consider the Vivy 2. The Suny’s size hasn’t resulted in too much of a compromise with the water tank capacity, either. At 800ml, it should still keep one person in hot drinks all day, although you might find yourself refilling it more frequently in a household with two or more people.

There aren’t any real restrictions on cup size unless your receptacle of choice is a very tall latte glass – its three-position cup platform means it’s equally suited to espresso cups as it is to wide mugs. A glossy finish in either cream or black also means it should suit most kitchen styles and colours.

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Tassimo by Bosch Suny review: What could be better?

While it’s budget-friendly and fast, the Suny does have a few quirks. One is that it’s quite noisy when it’s about to start brewing, although the actual brewing is quieter. This makes it less suitable for a household with different wake-up schedules. Another is that it generates a cloud of steam and spits a little as it finishes brewing, which is something to be aware of in family homes or if it’s operating below wall units.

Unlike many modern coffee machines, the Suny doesn’t have an eco-off function. It’s turned on and off by a switch on one side, meaning that if you forget to turn it off when you walk away, it will still be on when you come back. It’s also worth bearing in mind that its 3.3-bar pressure won’t produce the same kind of espresso as you’d get from a 15-19-bar pressure machine. Our espresso had a thick crema but a bitter edge to the taste, although this was improved by the addition of the sweet frothy milk.

Like its sister machines, the Suny doesn’t have an internal bin for used T-Discs, so you’ll need a bin or container nearby. The T-Discs aren’t compostable either, but they are recyclable via Podback; you can order free bags online from Tassimo.

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Tassimo by Bosch Suny review: Should you buy it?

An affordable price point coupled with a wide choice of beverages and easy operation makes the Suny a great choice if all you’re looking for is fuss-free hot drinks. Fans of the Tassimo system are also sure to appreciate its fairly compact size without too much impact on the water tank capacity.

While its barcoded drinks system may be convenient, there’s no room for personalisation – each cup of cappuccino or tea comes at a standard measure and temperature, which could prove frustrating over time. Buying the Suny also means Tassimo’s T-Discs are your only option for drinks, unlike Nespresso-compatible machines, which offer a wider choice of coffee flavours. However, if sleek, small and simple are high on your wishlist, the Suny should be too.

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