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Panasonic GH4 – 4K video specs announced

You can shoot 4K video on the new Panasonic GH4

Panasonic today announced its first camera able to shoot 4K video. The Panasonic GH4 is the latest in its high-end mirrorless range of devices that have all been well suited for both video and photography duties. It can shoot 4K video at a resolution of 4,096×2,160 at 24fps (cinema 4K) or 3,840×2,160 at 30fps (Ultra HD, the 4K TV standard). It records in MOV/MP4 format for easier compatibility with existing software. There’s a choice of bitrates too, with 100Mbit/s standard compresssion, or a huge 200Mbit/s for intra-frame compression (where each frame stands alone, without relying on data from those before it).

Panasonic GH4

The GH4 is also capable of outputting real-time 10-bit colour footage over HDMI to an external recording device for raw capture at the highest quality. As per usual with GH models there’s both 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks. An optional unit, the DMW-YAGH will add XLR inputs for more serious microphones and give you the ability to hook the GH4 up to an uninterrupted power supply.

Panasonic GH4

Get serious with the GH4 with this massive add-on, which will probably cost as much as the camera again

The new 16.05-megapixel sensor claims to have increased readout speeds by 50%. This means there’s less of a delay between capturing the top and bottom of an individual frame of video, which reduces the rolling shutter effect, where you get breakup in the edges of objects that are moving or on quick pans.

Panasonic GH4

There’s also a new quad-core Venus Image processor, which claims to boost sensitivity, colour gradation and reproduction and detail in your images, plus a new, more effective noise filter to go with a maximum ISO 25600 setting. As well as processing the 4K footage, the image chip can also cope with Full HD footage at an impressive 96fps.

Panasonic GH4

The body is a splashproof magnesium alloy. There are two new OLED displays, with both the EVF and rear screen using the technology. The EVF provides a 0.67 magnification and 100% field of view, while the 3in screen has 1,040K dots and rotates around and twists out so you can shoot from almost any angle.

Panasonic GH4

There’s no price yet, but we’d expect the body alone to cost well over £1,000. We’ll bring you a full review as soon as we get a sample. To get a better idea of the GH range, read our Panasonic GH3 review.

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