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Autographer Android app released – Capture your life with Google devices

An Android app is now available for this innovative life-logging camera

The Autographer was a rather smart life-logging device which automatically takes pictures to create a visual log of everything you do. We rather liked it when it launched, see our full Autographer review, but one of its downsides was a lack of support for Android devices, with only an iOS app available at launch.

That has now been rectified as of today with an Autographer Android app available now from the Play Store. The app provides essentially the same functions as the iOS version, connecting to your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth.

Once connected you can browse photos on the device and share them via the usual services. You can sort through your images chronologically, or by using the GPS co-ordinates embedded in each. You can also select multiple images and render videos or GIF animations from them. You can tag images so you can sort them more easily, or simply mark favourites with a star.

Autographer Android app

Being able browse photos by location is brilliant, letting you find the ones you want far quicker than trawling through them all

The app will hopefully expand the market for the Autographer, but we never found it essential anyway. The device works brilliantly if simply left to its own devices for the day, with you only delving into the masses of images at the end of the day on your PC. Still for Android-device owners who like to browse and share as they go, it will be warmly welcomed.

The Autographer now retails for £299, down from £399 originally, it still feels like quite a lot of money to us, and you’d have to be very keen to record your every moment for posterity to shell out this kind of cash. However, for those who are keen, it’s money well spent and a truly different photographic experience from anything else we’ve encountered to date. Still, we’re hoping for more competition and lower prices in the future so that more people can get in on life-logging.

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