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Dino PC GS1 teaser
Dino PC Primal GS2 review
PC systems

A good-looking compact case and a great monitor, but its processor is underpowered

£700 inc VAT
Dino PC Stormclaw R9 280 review

The Stormclaw R9 280 has great gaming performance, but we’d prefer it to have a stronger processor

£599 inc VAT
Dino PC Velociraptor 3570K
Dino PC Velociraptor 3570K review

This otherwise well-equipped system is let down by the monitor

£700 inc VAT
Dino PC Jurassic 3470
Dino PC Jurassic 3470 review

Plenty of desktop power, but the lack of SATA3 is disappointing, particularly as there's an SSD fitted

£499 inc VAT
Dino PC Microraptor GTX 660 Ti
Dino PC Microraptor GTX 660 Ti review

This powerful mini PC is great for gamers who want to save space

£999 inc VAT
Dino PC Banji 3450
Dino PC Banji 3450 review

Windows 8 is ideal for media centre systems but this one is poorly built and has little storage

£799 inc VAT
Dino PC Marcodon 3570K
Dino PC Marcodon 3570K review

It’s not overclocked, but this highly capable PC is kitted out with all the latest hardware apart from a Blu-ray drive

£699 inc VAT
Dino PC Nicosaurus
Dino PC Nicosaurus H77 review

The Nicosaurus H77 has the latest technology, but it's let down by an underpowered graphics card

£550 inc VAT
Dino PC Volcanic 4100
Dino PC Volcanic 4100 review

Gaming is the focus here, but the 6670 won’t really satisfy demanding gamers. Too many compromises have been made to include it, too

£500 inc VAT
Dino PC Ceratops 2500K
Dino PC Ceratops 2500K review

With a Blu-ray drive and a hefty overclock, the Ceratops can keep you entertained and is easily upgradable in the future

£450 inc VAT