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Indesit Push & Go DSFO3T224ZUK review: Slimline dishwashing done right

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £329
inc VAT

Slim enough to fit into almost any kitchen, the Indesit is a compact, capable dishwasher at a sensible price


  • Capacious for a slimline model
  • Varied programme choice
  • Excellent cleaning results


  • Eco mode is slow
  • Drying could be better

The Indesit Push & Go Dish DSFO3T224ZUK is a slimline freestanding dishwasher that will squeeze into even the most bijou of kitchens. It costs under £350 and measures a mere 45cm wide, yet manages to pack in enough room for small-to-average sized families who do a daily load. It’s a first-class cleaner for pots and pans, cheap to run and comes with a solid variety of programmes. If space and cash is tight, the Push & Go ticks all the boxes.

Indesit Push & Go DSFO3T224ZUK: What you need to know

  • It’s 45cm wide, 59cm deep and 89cm high
  • 9 wash programmes (Daily 60, Normal, Eco, Glass, Pre Wash, Intensive 65°, Silent, Short, Rapid 30)
  • 10 place settings
  • A++ energy efficiency rating
  • Push&Go button provides a one-touch wash
  • The Baby Zoo rack is specifically designed for cleaning baby items
  • There’s a half-load option and delay timer

Buy the Indesit DSFO3T224ZUK now

Alternative choice | Whirlpool WSFE 2B19 UK

The Whirlpool offers a 10-place setting capacity, but only six programme options. At 45cm wide too, the Whirlpool is as skinny as the Indesit, and features a top rack which can be removed completely to allow you to load up the bottom rack with almost anything. The stainless steel finish is pretty snazzy, too. Around £300 Buy Now

What do we love about the Indesit Push & Go DSFO3T224ZUK?

Slick and stylish: The Indesit comes in a classic white body with pleasingly curved edges, and the simple control panel on the door sits alongside a nifty orange display that’s easy to read from a distance.

Ease of use: Icons of all nine programmes are displayed along the door’s top edge, so you can pick the programme you need without having to reach for the manual. It’s clear and intuitive to use: simply power up, pick your requirement and let the Indesit do what it does best. The half load selector is great for smaller loads – you can choose to wash either the top or bottom racks – and there are dedicated ‘all-in-one’ tablet options that optimise the wash and stop the machine asking for salt and rinse aid.

Impressive capacity: The Indesit is amazingly spacious for a slimline model. The height-adjustable top basket has fold-away cup holders and tines to keep saucers in place. Crank the tray to its highest position, and you can get really bulky pots and pans in, and the ability to move the cutlery rack around the bottom rack makes it much easier to accommodate awkward loads.

Great washing performance: Over £300 may seem like a lot to pay for a 45cm slimline dishwasher, and especially when you can grab a full-sized model for similar money, but the smaller market for slimline machines means that they simply cost more. As the Indesit comes blessed with many of the tech talents of the bigger machines in addition to great cleaning performance, it’s hard to begrudge the very reasonable asking price.

What don’t we like about the Indesit Push & Go DSFO3T224ZUK?

Push & Go button: We really wouldn’t miss this if it weren’t here. The Push & Go’s one-button convenience does save a few button presses, but it’s by no means a groundbreaking addition. And as it doesn’t allow you to use useful extras such as the half load or delay timer features, we’re even less convinced.

Drying performance: In fairness, this is a common complaint with energy-efficient models: they tend to skimp on the drying phase to save as much electricity and water as possible.

Baby Zoo feature isn’t for everyone: This accessory – a colourfully decorated rack for baby bottles and the like – obviously won’t be of much use to anyone who doesn’t have smaller kids, but even for those who do it seems like a bit of a gimmick. We’re not convinced it dramatically improves wash performance beyond the standard racking.

Indesit Push & Go DSFO3T224ZUK: Test Report

Ease of loading/unloading | Rating: Very good

Despite its slender dimensions, the Indesit is pleasingly spacious, and both the baskets roll in and out easily. The height-adjustable top basket with foldable cup holders and tines to help hold saucers safely. Naturally, with the top tray in its high position, you’ll struggle to get anything taller than a cup in there, but the flipside is that this leaves a ton of space to play with on the bottom rack.

The bottom rack comes complete with a cutlery basket that can be positioned anywhere desired along the folding plate tine rows, but remove that and fold them down and there’s ample room for your larger pots and pans. In all, the Indesit is a well-designed beast both inside and out, and it makes clever use of its trays to accommodate far more than you might expect.

Cleaning performance | Rating: Very good

We tested all the main programmes and came away very impressed. Badly stained teacups, solid cheesy scrambled egg residue, welded-on protein porridge and other assorted dried out breakfast cereals were handled without too much trouble at all.

The scrambled egg didn’t quite come away completely, but that’s to be expected: few machines ever manage it without needing some help from a manual scrubbing. However, the Indesit’s Intensive setting made a very decent attempt, delivering a result most would consider a pass on a test of any machine’s mettle. For a slimline machine, this is top-notch performance.

The Push & Go button triggers a basic wash which took 1 hour 40 minutes in our tests. It’s an effective everyday wash, but it only saves one button push and eliminates the options like half load or delay timer – you may not end up using it all that often.

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