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Bosch PerfectDry SMV68ND00G review: An integrated dishwashing tour de force

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £799
inc VAT

It’s expensive, but the SMV68ND00G rewards the investment with superlative, whisper-quiet performance

The Bosch PerfectDry SMV68ND00G costs more than most run-of-the-mill integrated dishwashers, but its performance is well worth paying a premium for. The A+++ energy rating goes hand in hand with class-leading cleaning and drying, and the impressive amount of adjustability allows it to adapt to different loads in a blink of an eye. This truly is the Rolls-Royce of the dishwasher world.

Bosch PerfectDry SMV68ND00G review: What you need to know

  • It’s 598mm wide, 550mm wide and 815-870mm high (adjustable feet)
  • 13 place-setting capacity (14 with the bottom cutlery basket removed)
  • A+++ energy efficiency rating
  • Eight wash programmes (Auto, Economy, Glass, Intensive, Night, Pre-rinse, Quick wash, and Short) and six wash temperatures
  • Whisper-quiet operating volume of 44dB
  • Quick wash time of just 35 minutes for a full load

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What do we love about the Bosch PerfectDry SMV68ND00G?

Top-notch performance: At this price you’d expect nothing less than exceptional results, and you’ll be delighted to hear that the Bosch really delivers. It took every test we could throw at it in its stride and delivered exceptional results every time. Even the toughest dried-on food is scrubbed clean off, and it leaves dishes impressively dry at the end of the cycle, too. The whisper-quiet operation is the cherry on top.

Ample capacity and flexible loading options: The 13 place setting capacity combines with Bosch’s VarioDrawer adjustable space flexibility for loading, so it’s easy to pile in the pots and pans without any undue hassle. The slide-out drawer at the top of the machine accommodates loads of cutlery, utensils and even smaller cups, allowing you to potentially remove the cutlery basket and make room for bulkier items. With the basket removed, the Bosch’s maximum capacity increases to 14 place settings.

User-friendly design: With a design that’s as minimalist as it gets, the Bosch hides all its gleaming tech goodness on the inside. Pop open the hood and you’ll find the controls arranged neatly along the inside top of the door, and the clearly labelled controls and LCD display make operation a breeze. Functionality and ease of operation is the name of the game here.

The TimeLight function is ingenious: Like most integrated machines, the Bosch’s LCD display is hidden inside the top edge of the door. To save you opening the door, though, the TimeLight function projects the remaining cycle time onto your kitchen floor, so you can see exactly how long is left without having to interrupt the wash.

Impressively quick: It’s not slow at the best of times, but the Bosch’s VarioSpeed Plus function intelligently reduces the length of wash programmes by up to 66%. Impressively, it does this without unduly compromising on performance, so it’s a great way of dispatching everyday loads without waiting for hours on end.

Energy efficiency: Bosch has achieved impressive levels of energy and water efficiency in our tests. The ActiveWater and AquaSensor features clearly do a sterling job of managing water usage, and the whip-smart Zeolith drying function makes supremely light work of drying dishes. The end result is that running costs and water usage are kept to a minimum – which is pleasing for both your bank account and the planet.

10-year rust-through warranty: If you’ve had dishwashers eat themselves from the inside out, then this adds some peace of mind that this investment will last the course.

What don’t we like about the Bosch PerfectDry SMV68ND00G?

No internal light: Most machines at this price manage to find room in the budget for an internal light, so it’s odd that Bosch hasn’t included one here. It’s a minor issue, but a mild annoyance nonetheless.

No remote control: Unlike some rivals at this price, the Bosch doesn’t come with any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi remote control features. That said, we’re not convinced this omission is worth worrying about – after all, once you’ve spent the time loading the dishwasher, it only takes a couple of seconds to set it going.

Bosch PerfectDry SMV68ND00G review: Test Report

Ease of loading/unloading | Rating: Excellent

Loading some dishwashers can be a chore due to poor tray design, but there’s no such issue here. The Bosch is both spacious and engineered with an unerring German eye for efficiency.

Tray handles are easily accessible and hard-wearing, and the top drawer is height adjustable, making loading a thing of ease. What’s more, all the folding flaps and tines feel sturdy and are similarly easy to fold away when not in use. The robust bottom drawer copes with heavier items with consummate ease, and also allows dinner plates to be loaded at the front which makes them easier to load and unload.

The upper slide-out VarioDrawer (pictured below) also gives you the ability to remove the lower cutlery basket and squeeze in a few more plates or pots and pans. In short, this is a dishwasher which adapts well to different loads.

Cleaning performance | Rating: Excellent

It’s not often that a dishwasher really blows us away, but the Bosch’s cleaning and drying performance is truly excellent. It does a masterful job with pretty much anything you can throw at it, although we would recommend being a bit more careful with your best crockery.

Every single one of the eight programmes available delivered the top-tier results you’d expect from a machine at this level. The Bosch was unphased by our torturous horror show of dried on cheesy scrambled egg, and solidified Farley’s Rusk remnants were obliterated without any sign of clinging remains. If you hate nothing more than a dishwasher that leaves you scrubbing off remnants after the fact, then this is the one for you.

Drying was just as effective, with red wine-stained glasses emerging from the Glass programme crystal clear and dry as the Gobi Desert. Make no mistake, this is as good as dishwashers get.

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