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Best paint sprayer 2023: Speed up any painting job

Discover the best paint sprayers to help turbo charge even the biggest DIY painting projects

A paint sprayer is the best way to complete a big DIY paint job with minimal effort and professional-looking results. Once upon a time, a roller was the optimal DIY choice to get a painting job done in a quick and efficient manner, but now DIYers are swapping their rollers for affordable yet powerful spray guns.

While a roller or paint brush can produce great results with a bit of effort, paint sprayers are far more efficient when it comes to painting larger areas, and can help relieve some of the traditional struggles that come with painting a wall, fence or furniture. There is, however, an art to spray painting and a bit of a learning curve, so a few practice runs may be required before attempting to paint the desired area.

Whether you’re after an airless paint sprayer or a high volume low pressure (HVLP) model, you can find the best paint sprayer for the job on our list below. Some sprayers on the market are cordless, some have adjustable controls and others require no paint thinning. Whatever you’re looking for, the list below includes the best ones to choose from to get the job done well, and our buying guide will help you make the best decision.

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Best paint sprayer: At a glance

  • Best compact paint sprayer: Wagner W 150 Fence and Decking Sprayer | Buy now
  • Best cordless paint sprayer: Bosch Cordless Fence and Deck Sprayer | Buy now
  • Best large-capacity sprayer for big jobs: Tilswall Electric Paint Spray Gun | Buy now
  • Best-value sprayer: Terratek Paint Sprayer | Buy now

How to choose the best paint sprayer for you

What types of paint sprayers are available?

  • Airless paint sprayer: This type of sprayer produces a mist of paint and it does so in two different ways. One way blows a combination of paint and air through a nozzle or tip, and the other way is to push paint through a small opening using high pressure. An airless paint sprayer can be up to 10 times faster than a brush or roller in completing a paint job. It also produces an even coat of paint on all surfaces, leaving a consistent, high-quality finish.
  • HVLP paint sprayer: HVLP stands for “high volume with low pressure”, and this type of spray gun tends to exhibit less overspray. Popular with furniture creators, an HVLP sprayer pumps air from a compressor or turbine to atomise paint. Oil-based paints work well with HVLP sprayers but thicker, water-based latex paints can clog up the unit.

What features should I look for in a good paint sprayer?

  • Paint capacity: How much it can hold before needing a refill. A larger capacity is better if you have a big area to cover.
  • Spraying range: A shorter range is better for furniture and more detailed work, whereas a longer range is better for walls, fences and other larger areas.
  • Accessories: Most paint sprayers come with accessories that can include hose extensions, different tips and nozzle sizes and adapters, depending on your painting needs.
  • Weight: A lighter spray gun is better if you’ll be using it for a long time as it can reduce arm fatigue.

How to prepare and clean a paint sprayer

Preparation is key when using a spray painter, especially when painting indoors. As spray paint can leave a fine mist across the surrounding area, you’ll need to carefully cover floors, doors, windows and furniture.

Before using a paint sprayer, and depending on the quality of paint, the paint may need to be thinned out in order to spray out of the machine properly. Paint can be thinned with water and then used to create a professional spray finish.

Once you’ve finished using a paint sprayer, make sure all components are removed and rinsed well under water. Nozzles can be cleaned using a pipe cleaner and the rest of the unit can also be cleaned with a solvent and rinsed with warm water.

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The best paint sprayers to buy in 2023

1. Wagner W 150 Fence and Decking Sprayer: The best compact paint sprayer

Price: £78 | Buy now from Amazon

There’s no need to spend days painting a fence when the mains-powered Wagner W 150 effortlessly does the job in half the time that it would take with a paintbrush. This machine has an 800ml paint capacity, is simple to use, and produces a professional finish.

Cleaning the unit is easy too and takes only around 15 minutes. It’s a compact sprayer that’s best suited to smaller DIY jobs such as painting fences, trellis and furniture. You can achieve a smooth look with just a single coat and the gun detaches easily to either refill or clean after use.

Key specs – Type: HVLP, mains-powered; Motor: 70W; Capacity: 800ml; Weight: 1.5kg

2. Bosch Cordless Fence and Deck Sprayer: The best cordless paint sprayer

Price: £88 | Buy now from Amazon

This cordless Bosch paint sprayer has plenty of benefits. Without the presence of a cord, you have the freedom to move around easier and are not limited by the location of a power outlet. Being Bosch, the tool lives up to the brand’s reputation and is highly functional and durable. It has a metal filter and is easy to fill up and clean after use.

The sprayer comes with two spray nozzles – one for wood and one for walls – that are interchangeable, making it easier to adjust to things such as varying fence heights. It also has an adjustable nozzle that, when set up correctly, conveniently produces minimal overspray.

Key specs – Type: Airless, cordless; Motor: 18V; Capacity: 800ml; Weight: 2.5kg

3. Tilswall Electric Paint Spray Gun: The best large-capacity paint sprayer

Price: £49 | Buy now from Amazon

The Tilswall electric paint sprayer includes a 1,300ml paint capacity, lots of convenient accessories for more paint options, and three spray pattern settings. There’s a useful drip test cup to help get paint to an adequate thickness for any project, too. Since the paint atomises into the air and travels to the desired surface through the nozzle, be sure to carefully cover everything nearby before painting.

The sprayer can run on a powerful full spray option or on a lower level as required. As the motor unit is isolated from the nozzle, the only parts that need cleaning after use are the plastic components. All you have to do is run clean water through the system and you’re good to go for the next round.

Key specs – Type: HVLP, mains-powered; Motor: 550W; Capacity: 1,300ml; Weight: 1.73kg

4. Terratek Paint Sprayer: The best-value paint sprayer

Price: £45 | Buy now from Amazon

This spray gun is extremely easy to use and can be used with acrylic, emulsion or oil-based gloss paints. The pressure of the sprayer is consistent, leaving an even finish, and it’s highly recommended for fence painting. This is a great product, especially for its reasonable price, and it can also paint garden sides, car bumpers and ceilings, and can be used on staircases too.

Featuring three spray patterns, the nozzles offer versatility when painting. The lightweight, powerful unit can turn around, spraying horizontally or vertically, all while still achieving a professional finish. It comes with a viscosity cup that allows you to test the density of the paint so you can adjust it accordingly.

Key specs – Type: HVLP, mains-powered; Motor: 550W; Capacity: 800ml; Weight: 2.4kg

5. NoCry Electric Paint Sprayer: The best powerful paint sprayer

Price: £50 | Buy now from Amazon

One of our favourite features of NoCry’s electric sprayer is that its air nozzle can be turned for either vertical or horizontal application, saving time and effort. This 600-watt tool is powerful and can produce impressive results for the money. It’s able to spray everything from garden sheds and fences through to cabinets, floors, doors and furniture.

Its spray attachment and 1,000ml tank are both detachable for easier cleaning. There are 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.2mm and 2.6mm nozzles included in the box, and there are speed and spray volume adjustable functions, too. It also has three nozzle shape variations: vertical, horizontal and circular.

Key specs – Type: Airless, mains-powered; Motor: 600W; Capacity: 1,000ml; Weight: 1.6kg

6. Ingco Corded Paint Sprayer: The best easy-to-use paint sprayer

Price: £37 | Buy now from Amazon

The Ingco corded paint sprayer has a consistent spray that provides good coverage and doesn’t use up lots of paint. It works well on exterior masonry, wood and metal surfaces, and is also suitable for painting furniture.

It features a pure copper nozzle that is more durable than plastic rivals, and it provides a precise spray which is easy to control. The rubber-covered handle provides good grip, the unit is lightweight, and a stepless speed regulator makes it tailor the spray coverage to your project.

The spray gun’s vented design promises longer run times, too, which bodes well for bigger jobs.

Key specs – Type: Airless, mains-powered; Motor: 450w; Capacity: 800ml; Weight: 1.68kg

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