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Eskuta SX 250 review: A plush, moped-style ride with e-bike convenience

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Price when reviewed : £1795
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The Eskuta SX 250 is engineered like a moped and rides like one but is classed as an e-bike, meaning anyone over 14 can get on and ride


  • Super comfortable
  • Super stable
  • Can take a small passenger pillion style


  • Very heavy
  • Lacks cargo carrying capacity

At first glance, most people would probably assume the Eskuta SX250 was a moped. It has motorcycle grade wheels and similarly chunky suspension plus a classic bench seat moped design.

But spot the pedals and you may realise it’s actually an e-bike, meaning there’s none of the paperwork and extra cost.

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Eskuta SX250 review: What do you get for the money?

You get a lot for the £1,795 price tag on the Eskuta SX250. The motor system consists of a big diameter gearless rear hub motor and a large 960Wh battery that’s neatly tucked away under the seat but removable for charging (it can also be charged on the bike).

It’s a 48-volt system, which is a wise choice when you consider you will need to be able to draw a lot of power to get the SX 250 moving, given its 54kg heft. In fact, my test bike weighed in at 61kg but that included a “storage pod” at the rear and “tech bars” with space for smartphone and other gizmos. Fortunately the beefy four-pot, dual padded hydraulic disc brakes proved highly capable of bringing this hefty machine to a stop.

The frame itself is steel but you don’t get to see much of that, given all the moped style plastic fairing on the bike. More obvious is the long, luxuriously padded bench seat, and the upright bars with a large central LCD display and the arrays of control buttons by the grips. There are also two sizable rear-view mirrors.

Those buttons give you control over the lights and indicators (front and rear) and there’s a prominent green button for getting you away from a standing start, before you start pedalling.

Like a regular moped, the Eskuta SX 250 has only a single gear with a traditional bicycle chain drive, and there’s also a key for “ignition”. This is needed to make the system “live” so no-one can activate the power without the key and there’s also an immobiliser/alarm that is easily set using the fob.

So there’s lots here that is not at all like a regular e-bike and it’s worth emphasising again the weight and size of the machine is much more akin to a moped than a typical e-bike. The large amount of faring and the large auto-style front headlight plus the indicator lights are other obvious moped design features. Naturally I was curious just how such a unique machine would perform on the road.

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Eskuta SX250: What is it like to ride?

On turning the key and pushing the green start button, the SX250 moved away effortlessly, as a smooth, silent surge of motor power whisked me along. Once rolling, I released the button – it only assists up to a few mph, as allowed by UK law – and began to pedal, continuing to the maximum assisted speed of around 16mph.

Once up to speed, I didn’t really feel like I was pedalling at all. Indeed, since the bike uses a single, high-cadence gear, it’s rather more like twiddling the pedals around than having to expend any kind of effort. In situations like busy traffic, where low speed control was required, I found myself using the push button control, which only needs the briefest of presses to set you rolling.

I found the SX250 was a great hill climber up 10% hills with the full 16mph of speed available, although the speed dropped to half that once the gradient reached 15%. I never got much above 16mph, apart from on very steep descents as the low pedal gear meant, unlike multi-geared e-bikes, it just wasn’t possible to pedal it any faster than the top assisted speed.

The fact the motor is almost always doing all of the work makes riding super easy but I never felt I was getting any kind of a workout. It also means a relatively modest range for the SX250; in my case, around 25-30 miles in the Pennine hills around Huddersfield. You would certainly get a lot more than this over less challenging terrain.

These aren’t really criticisms, however. The Eskuta SX250 is designed for a moped-like ride and not a bike-like ride and that’s exactly what it delivers. It is also the most comfortable e-bike I have ever ridden, courtesy of that very well-padded bench seat and the wide motorbike style tyres and full suspension, all of which even out bumps in the road wonderfully.

The upright riding position, excellent rear view mirrors and turn indicators also meant I felt pretty safe riding in busy traffic, too, and aware of what was going on around me.

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Eskuta SX 250: Is there anything it could do better?

To complain about the weight of the SX 250 doesn’t really seem fair. It delivers such a comfortable and stable ride precisely because of its large wheels, well-engineered suspension, beefy brakes and powerful motor.

Do be aware though, you will need at least some physical strength to manoeuvre it while off the bike and taking it up a big step – into a shed, for example – will be a real test of strength, so make sure you have suitably accessible storage space before buying. The presence of both a side stand and a super-strong central kickstand are a big help when parking up.

Being picky, I would have liked a bit more brightness from the indicator lights, although following traffic always seemed to pick them up judging from their behaviour.

As with most moped designs, the SX 250 doesn’t have much ready-made storage space either, although the large bench seat does mean you can take a small passenger, pillion style. You could probably sling a pair of horse saddle bag style panniers over the pillion space but that might foul the rear indicators.

If you do need more storage, the Eskuta SX250D has an extra large carry box at the rear (also equipped with an extra set of indicators and a rear light) but it costs extra at £1,995.

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Eskuta SX 250 review: Should you buy one?

If you want a sporty or lightweight e-bike, the Eskuta SX250 is, clearly, not for you. On the other hand, if you’d prefer a red tape-free moped style ride, albeit one where assisted speed is restricted to around 16mph, then it is pretty much unique in offering just that.

If you want something quicker, a pedal-free low-speed (28mph) moped, electric or otherwise, you’ll need to be 16 or over and have passed either compulsory basic training (CBT) or have AM or P on your driver’s licence. Added to which, decent low-speed mopeds start at around £2,500.

In practice, then, the Eskuta SX 250 will probably appeal to quite particular groups of people. Eskuta say the bike is popular with young riders who want something that looks like a motor vehicle but that they can ride legally. Another set of fans are older riders who aren’t concerned about the “cool” factor the SX250 has but value its comfort and safety instead.

Of course, if you are neither young nor old, you can still ride an Eskuta SX 250. If you accept the inevitable weight penalty and the performance shortcomings. This is an e-bike with a difference and it provides unrivalled comfort, stability and safety.

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