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Eclipse Matrix A10 R7-250
Eclipse Matrix A10 R7-250

A fantastic processor and dedicated graphics makes this a great £500 system

£500 inc VAT
Eclipse Galaxy A10 R7-250
Eclipse Galaxy A10 R7-250 review

This is one of the best budget PCs we've seen, but buy it without the monitor

£500 inc VAT
Eclipse Excalibur Z87
Eclipse Excalibur Z87 review

Poor case and cooling choices let down an otherwise decent selection of components

£900 inc VAT
Eclipse Gladiator i5357r785
Eclipse Gladiator i5357r785 review

With a great graphics card but an inferior display, this PC’s best bought without a monitor

£700 inc VAT
Eclipse Solar a856a75
Eclipse Solar a856a75 review

Decent performance and expansion options, but you can get faster PCs for the same money

£450 inc VAT
Eclipse Viper i5357R795 OC
Eclipse Viper i5357R795 OC review

This quiet but powerful PC comes with a great GPU and monitor, but you can get more features for the same price if you shop around

£999.95 inc VAT
Eclipse Discovery Z77i345R777
Eclipse Discovery Z77i345R777 review

If you’re not interested in overclocking, this is a bargain PC

£673.89 inc VAT
Eclipse Stealth FX812R795 Extreme
Eclipse Stealth FX812R795 Extreme review

If you’re in the market for the ultimate flight sim setup, this is a simply outstanding system

£3140 inc VAT
Eclipse Matrix i5238r777
Eclipse Matrix i5238r777 review

The Matrix has a powerful CPU and GPU, as well as some great components, but it needs more hard drive space

£550 inc VAT
Eclipse Fusion i32R679
Eclipse Fusion i32R679 review

It comes with a great monitor, but the PC is a little underspecified and lacks the expansion potential of rivals

£500 inc VAT