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Best Kindle Paperwhite case 2022: Protect your e-reader with style from £9

Amazon’s latest Paperwhite is bigger and better than ever – keep it feeling fresh with a capable case

The Kindle Paperwhite is a firm friend to the avid on-the-go reader. Carrying and even reading a paperback book can be a chore for those who travel on a daily basis – the latest Paperwhite (2021) model is slimmer than ever, despite its larger screen, and packs enough storage to carry more than 15,000 of your favourite novels.

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Take it from us: you’ll need a case for your 11th generation Paperwhite to keep it safe from the dangers of that overcrowded commuter train.

Luckily for you, we’ve decided to compile a list of the absolute best Kindle Paperwhite cases money can buy: whether you’re looking for a design that screams “intellectual”, or a sturdy thing to offset your innate clumsiness, we’ve got you – and your Kindle – covered.

Here’s our pick of the best Kindle Paperwhite cases, designed for the latest Kindle Paperwhite.

The best Kindle Paperwhite cases you can buy

1. Lehee case for Kindle Paperwhite: Best budget Paperwhite case

Price: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

This case has mastered the art of deception. It uses the same synthetic leather and microfibre materials as other cases we’ve listed here, but for a fraction of the price. It uses a slightly slimmer material and doesn’t give you the quirks of a book-style case, but at just under a tenner, you can’t go wrong with this one from Lehee if you’re on a tighter budget.

Key specs – Materials: Synthetic leather, plastic; Colours: Black, grey, blue, red, rose gold; Close-to-sleep function: Yes

2. WALNEW Leather Case for Kindle Paperwhite: Best book cover case

Price: From £24 | Buy now from Amazon

WALNEW is a reliable source of cases for many mainstream devices, but its collection of Kindle cases is its particular focus. The ‘book cover’ design on this model dabbles in both form and function: high quality, coloured leather provides protection and aesthetics, while a range of features offer much more.

With the two comfortable straps on the back, you can easily read your Kindle in your right or left hand – or even go hands-free by using the foldable stand tucked between the straps. There’s also a pen holster if you’ve got a penchant for highlighting text, plus it has a magnetic clasp to keep things secure. Inside, the leather is lined with microfibres so your Kindle can stay from marks and scratches.

If you’re still reading on the 10th generation (2018) Kindle Paperwhite, then WALNEW has an almost identical leather case available for you – and for £7 cheaper.

Key specs – Materials: Synthetic leather, microfibre; Colours: Mint green, black, blue, coffee, green, hot pink, navy blue, orange, grey; Close-to-sleep function: Yes

3. Amazon Cover for Kindle Paperwhite: Best official case

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

Those of you with an eye for the finer things in life will appreciate this Amazon-branded Kindle Paperwhite cover. The fabric exterior is water-safe, meaning you can read by the pool without fear of being drenched, all while looking good with either the Black, Deep Sea Blue or Lavender Haze outer layer. The microfibre interior additionally keeps your Kindle cushioned against hard knocks, and will also keep that touchscreen nice and smudge-free. Meanwhile, a magnetic fastener ensures the cover is securely closed when you’re on the move.

This is one of the more expensive entries on this list, but you’re paying for a visually appealing case – designed by the Kindle creators themselves – that looks great and carries the ultimate seal of approval from the brand. What more could you want?

Key specs – Materials: Fabric, plastic; Colours: Black, blue, lavender; Close-to-sleep function: Yes

4. MoKo smart shell cover: Best shell case

Price: From £17 | Buy now from Amazon

Another fashionable offering, the MoKo smart shell opts for a more rigid approach to the Kindle Paperwhite case. On the protection front, the MoKo is a pure plastic hardback construction with a microfibre interior; a plastic case is easier to clean and potentially more resistant to staining.

We like these cases because they’re fairly cheap, solid and wonderfully colourful – a great choice for younger readers.

Key specs – Materials: Plastic; Colours: Various shades and prints; Close-to-sleep function: Yes

5. TiMOVO origami shell case: Best origami case

Price: From £18 | Buy now from Amazon

Increasingly popular are “origami” cases, like this product from TiMOVO. The benefit is that instead of a solid stand being attached to the case exterior, the case cover itself can act as a more pliable, fold-out stand. This doesn’t just support in one direction like traditional stands, either: it offers both horizontal and vertical support depending on which way you fold. All this means the case stays slim and compact, while still offering protection through sturdy synthetic leather and soft microfibres. If you’re after a versatile and compact case, this is right up there.

Key specs – Materials: Synthetic leather, microfibre; Colours: Grey, beige, indigo, almond blossom, lucky tree; Close-to-sleep function: Yes

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