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This Prime Day Kindle deal is the best I’ve EVER seen

Amazon’s cheapest Kindle is a ridiculous £35 for Prime Day

If you take your reading seriously, Amazon will sell you an e-book reader for over £200. But for most of us, the very best Kindle Amazon offers is overkill, and the basic £70 model is more than enough.

And right now, for Prime Day, you can get the no-frills e-reader for just £34.99 — 50% off its normal (and quite reasonable) RRP.

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For that price you do get adverts popping up on the display when it’s not in use, but these aren’t too intrusive, recommending books you might like, rather than pushing the latest mobile game or unrelated cosmetics. All the same, if you’d rather find reading material organically, you can pay £44.99 for an ad-free version.

The basic Kindle has come a long way over ten generations, following Amazon’s model of small but solid iterations, recently inheriting a backlight for nighttime reading and a massive 8GB of internal storage from its pricier siblings. Given that your average ebook is about 2.5MB, that means you can fit around 6,000 books on it.
It also includes rather neat Audible integration where you can jump between text and audiobook versions of a book (though you do have to buy both — albeit at a discount.) Most importantly, the main selling point — a battery that can be measured in weeks rather than hours — is still present and correct.

So what do you miss out on by not spending more? The next model up is the Kindle Paperwhite which offers a larger 6.8in screen and sharper text with its 300ppi display (the basic Kindle is 167ppi).

It has a nicer design, more LEDs, a warm light to make it more soothing at night time, and is IPX8 waterproofed in case you’re a clumsy bath reader. It’s also reduced for Prime Day, but at £84.99 (down from £129.99) it’s not exactly impulse purchase territory.

Finally, there’s the top-of-the-range Kindle Oasis which retails for £229.99 — or £159.99 for Prime Day. There’s also a 32GB version with free mobile connectivity, meaning you can top up your library on holiday without needing to connect to shonky hotel Wi-Fi. It’s £249.99, down from £319.99.

To be honest, it’s due a refresh given many of the best features — the large screen and warm light — have filtered down to the most recent Paperwhite, leaving the Oasis feeling a bit unnecessary. But if you want the best, it’s undoubtedly about as luxurious as e-readers can be.

Again, for most people, the basic Kindle will be enough, and for £35, it’s never been cheaper. Whether you’re a voracious reader or have fallen out of the habit, the Kindle is a great way to take your whole library on the move in one lightweight and long-lasting package.

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