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Nab an AWESOME Amazon Kindle Scribe deal this Black Friday

The four-star Amazon Kindle Scribe is currently £250 in the Black Friday sale, down from £306

This Black Friday, the Amazon Kindle Scribe is an unmissable deal at just £250, reduced from its usual £306. Rated four stars by Expert Reviews in our original review, this device is a game-changer in the realm of e-readers and digital note-taking.

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As Amazon’s first Kindle for both reading and writing, the Kindle Scribe boasts a 10.2in E Ink screen, ensuring a clear and crisp text display. Its unique feature, the inclusion of a Pen, transforms it from a mere e-reader into a versatile tool for jotting down notes or annotating e-books​​​​.

Available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage options, the Kindle Scribe caters to diverse user requirements. The device also offers the choice between a Basic Pen and a Premium Pen, the latter enhancing the writing experience with an eraser and shortcut button. Notably, this model is priced higher than other Kindles, reflecting its additional features and larger size​​.

Its impressive battery life, extending up to 12 weeks for reading, and a convenient USB-C charging port, further enhance its appeal. However, its larger size does make it less portable than its smaller counterparts, which could be a consideration for some users​​.The note-taking experience is a strong point, with the stylus providing a natural and comfortable writing experience. While there are some quirks in handwriting recognition and PDF annotation, these are minor compared to the overall functionality and potential of the device​​.

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The Kindle Scribe is an innovative step for Amazon, expertly combining the benefits of an e-reader and a digital notepad. Its four-star rating from Expert Reviews underscores its quality and potential, making this Black Friday deal at £250 a tempting offer for those interested in its dual capabilities​​.