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Best dried flowers 2022: Beautiful dried bouquets that will last and last

Low maintenance, lovely to look at and longer-lasting than fresh florals, what’s not to love about the best dried flowers?

Have you ever considered sending dried flowers instead of a fresh bunch? It might not be the first thing to come to mind, but the best dried flowers are a fantastic alternative for more reasons than one.

Lasting up to a year, dried flowers can brighten up any corner, tabletop or empty space and they come with little to no maintenance. So if you’re prone to killing your florals or just want to get more for your money, dried flowers are a gift that keeps on giving. All you have to do is unpack your dried florals, delicately arrange them (though some come pre-arranged) and dust them from time to time to keep them looking their best.

With so little maintenance involved, you can bring the outside in and do so all year round. To help you discover all there is to know about dried florals, keep reading – we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Whether it’s a gift to yourself or loved ones, here’s everything you need to know, including some of our top picks.

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Best dried flowers: At a glance

How to choose the best dried flowers for you

How long will dried flowers last?

According to florists, dried flowers usually last up to a year. In some cases, if your florals have been bleached or dyed, they can actually last longer.

How do you look after dried flowers?

To make sure you get the most from your dried flowers, there are a few things you should do. The most important of these is to keep them out of direct sunlight, as this will cause colourful blooms to fade. In some cases, they can also become brittle and break, so keep them in an area where they won’t get knocked or brushed. It’s also best to keep them away from humid areas, such as a bathroom. High humidity levels can cause your dried flowers to become limp and even mouldy.

If you want to carefully clean your flowers, use a good old-fashioned feather duster. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer on a low, cold setting to gently blow away dust.

How much do dried flowers cost?

Dried flowers vary in price. On the lower end of the scale, you can find blooms for around the £15 mark, while at the higher end you can expect to part with around £100. The price you pay will depend on the height, width and how many stems you get in a bunch. This might sound like a lot, but if you consider that when looked after properly, you’ll have beautiful dried flowers for a year, the cost difference compared to fresh flowers is impressive.

If you intend to send dried flowers as a gift to a loved one, you might also have to take the delivery cost into consideration. Some places also offer gift wrapping for a small, additional fee.

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The best dried flowers you can buy

1. Zesty Dried Flower Bouquet: The best dried flowers for variety

Price: £55 | Buy now from Oliver Bonas

Looking for colour, creativity and a combination of dried flowers? Look no further than this Oliver Bonas creation. The Zesty Dried Flower Bouquet is a mirage of colour with cream, gold, green and a healthy dose of yellow. It’s just the thing to help brighten up any corner or empty vase in need of filling.

It looks small in the photo, but don’t let that deceive you. The bouquet is around 50cm tall, making it ideal for large floor spaces rather than countertops. It’s also important to note that these beauties come wrapped in recyclable brown paper. Whether they’re a present for a loved one or a gift to yourself, once delivered, these blooms will make your room feel super special every time you walk in.

Key details – Height: 50cm; Same day delivery: No; Nominated delivery: No

Buy now from Oliver Bonas

2. Ixia Flowers Luxury Brights Dried Flowers: The best dried flowers for a pop of colour

Price: £70 | Buy now from John Lewis

If you thought pampas grass only came in neutral shades, think again. Colour and style come together for these dried blooms from John Lewis. The bouquet is a technicoloured palette of beautiful bunches of dried pink and lilac Ruscus, Triticum, Lagurus (bunny tails), Sun Spear, Purple Statice and fan-favourite pampas grass in pink hues.

If you’re a fan of warm yet bright colours, then this dried floral bunch is for you. Place it on your dining room table, on your hallway console table or just about anywhere you can fit it. They come hand-tied, wrapped in twine, ribbon and tissue paper, and feel as special as they look.

Key details – Height: 69cm; Same day delivery: No; Nominated delivery: No

Buy now from John Lewis

3. The Stem Bunny Tails Beige: The best neutral-tone dried flowers

Price: £18 | Buy now from The Stem

Dried grasses are a brilliant plant to have in your garden – and now your vase, too. If you love neutral tones and are on the hunt for a floral present that will last, check out these bunny tails. Full of texture, this set of 30 dried bunny tails, which are more formally called Lagurus Ovatus, look good and need little looking after – always a positive, especially if you or your loved one is time-poor.

Remember, to keep your dried blooms looking as new as the day they arrived, pick a vase that is around two-thirds of the height of the flowers to keep them supported. You should also keep them out of sunlight and away from condensation, as bunny tails are particularly delicate.

Key details – Height: 50cm; Same day delivery: No; Nominated delivery: No

Buy now from The Stem

4. Bloompost Letterbox Bloomposy: The best dried flowers on a budget

Price: £16 | Buy now from BloomPost

New to the world of dried flowers and don’t want to spend a fortune? No problem. Thanks to BloomPost’s small but perfectly formed bouquet, you can do so easily. Well priced and arranged with an array of different flower types, this bouquet makes it easy to add some cheer to your desk.

These florals don’t come with a vase but do come in a beautiful box, with some inspiration on how to style them. Whether they’re a gift to yourself or others, letterbox flowers like these are the ideal little pick-me-up. You can also send a gift card with this bunch – perfect.

Key details – Size: 30cm; Same day delivery: No; Nominated delivery: No

Buy now from BloomPost

5. Bloom and Wild The Scandi Wreath: The best dried flower wreath

Price: £47 | Buy now from Bloom and Wild

Who said dried flowers had to be placed in a vase? Not us. If you’ve already picked up some dried flowers for your office or kitchen, why not consider some for your inside doors? Bloom and Wild’s Scandi Wreath is a warm welcome into any room.

This wreath is inspired by spring meadows and comes with blooms you might stumble upon while strolling through one. This includes the likes of spray roses, Gypsophila, Phalaris, Haver, oat grass, Helichrysum, Papaver, Lagurus and Delphinium. It’s a nice size, too, measuring 25cm in diameter. Just remember to keep it out of direct sunlight and sheltered from the rain.

Key details – Height: 25cm in diameter; Same day delivery: No; Nominated delivery: Yes

Buy now from Bloom and Wild

6. Your London Florist: The best dried flowers for pampas lovers

Price: From £15 | Buy now from your London FloristNo dried flower roundup would be complete without including pampas grass. The dried grass shot to fame in the 1970s and our love for pampas hasn’t stopped yet. Generous in size, shape and colour choice, Your London Florist sells pampas grass up to 90cm tall with 20, 35 or 55 stems in a bunch.

We think this particular bouquet goes with pretty much every interior design style, captures attention without being overwhelming and looks just as great being the star of the show as it does on the siddelines.

Key details – Height: 60-90cm; Same day delivery: No; Nominated Delivery: Yes

Buy now from your London Florist

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