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The Christmas chocolate gift guide: What to buy and for whom

It can be tough knowing what chocs to get your loved ones at Christmas — luckily, we've got Thorntons to help

Let’s be honest, a Christmas without chocolate is nothing short of a travesty. Much like tinsel, mulled wine and embarrassing incidents at work parties, the festive season simply isn’t complete without a chocolate gift to nibble. Everybody hopes that of all the presents under the Christmas tree that are earmarked for them, at least one is a chocolate gift.

But your nearest and dearest are all people with different personalities – and it’s important you get a chocolate gift that’s perfect for them. After all, nobody wants to unwrap a present, only to find it’s a type of chocolate that’s not their favourite. That’s why we’ve partnered with Thorntons, the much-loved chocolatier, to give you the ultimate guide to what chocolate gift to buy and for whom. Just remember… don’t go spoiling Christmas dinner.

Thorntons Cheeky Elf

What is it? A mischievous, milk chocolate helper of Santa’s who seems to have escaped from his duties in Lapland. This little fella, with his cute white chocolate collar and striped trousers, is trying to act like he’s good as gold, carrying a little gift for some lucky recipient. But look at that naughty grin on his face! He’s fooling nobody.

Who to buy for: Your very own cheeky little elves – the ones you wish you could pack off to the North Pole for a few weeks, especially when the school holidays begin. Pair them up with this guy on the morning of Christmas Day, and you should be able to keep them out of trouble for a few hours. Well, maybe one or two.

You can personalise this gift with an iced message for free!

Price: £7 (or three for two) | Buy now from Thorntons

Thorntons Snowflake and Snowball Collection

What is it? A treasure trove of milk, white and dark chocolates that features a trio of delicious flavours: fruity Cranberry Praline Snowball, spiced Winter Fudge and gooey Vanilla Snowflake. The perfect alternative to a white Christmas.

Who to buy for: Give this gooey box of chocolates to Gran. Yes, they’re made for sharing – but that’s never been Gran’s style, has it? Choosing from three such mouth-watering flavours is bound to keep her entertained. And besides, when she falls asleep by the time Doctor Who starts, you can help yourself to whatever’s left.

Price: £7 (or three for two)  | Buy now from Thorntons

Thorntons Jolly Reindeer

What is it? Another member of Santa’s hardworking team – this time, a chirpy, red-nosed, milk chocolate reindeer wearing a snazzy Christmas jumper with a white chocolate detail. He also has his penguin pal for company, who’s wearing a cool white chocolate scarf to stay warm.

Who to buy for: The miser in the family. You know, the grump who always complains about the cost of Christmas and refuses to get into the festive mood, no matter how many glasses of sherry are offered to him. If there’s a failsafe method of putting a smile on this Ebenezer’s face, it’s this little guy. A reindeer in a cute woolly hat and jumper: what’s not to like?

You can personalise this gift with an iced message for free!

Price: £7 (or three for two) | Buy now from Thorntons

Thorntons Snowman

What is it? Time to go walking in the air! This is a delicious white chocolate version of Raymond Briggs’ much-adored Snowman, complete with a carrot nose, green hat and scarf and a cute pet Snowdog.

Who to buy for: The most sentimental member of the family – the one who gets weepy over everything from It’s A Wonderful Life to the Queen’s speech. This chocolate gift offers a nostalgic trip back to the classic tale of a boy who builds a snowman that comes to life at the stroke of midnight.

You can personalise this gift with an iced message for free!

Price: £7 (or three for two) | Buy now from Thorntons

Thorntons Prosecco Giftset


What is it? A chocolate gift set with a boozy twist – after all, what’s better with a box of chocolates than a glass of fizz? This gift set contains the Thorntons Continental Chocolate Collection, three chocolate bags (Sicilian Mousse, Viennese and Vanilla Truffle) and two bottles of miniature premium Bottega Gold Prosecco. 

Who to buy for: Consider this one an early Christmas present for you and your pals – on one of those evenings in the middle of pre-Christmas madness when you all get together for a brief moment of relaxation. If a luxurious chocolate treat doesn’t help you unwind, a couple of glasses of fizz should do the trick.

Price: £25 | Buy now from Thorntons

For the full Thorntons chocolate collection, head here.

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