Best flavoured gin 2022: Treat your tastebuds to something a bit different


Fruity, spicy, strong and sweet – there’s a flavoured gin for every palate and we’ve found some of the very best

Looking for the best flavoured gin for a fruity summer refresher? We’ve searched high and low to find some of the very best on the market – from berry-rich tipples to fine wine and citrus gins.

The flavoured gin market is, to put it mildly, crowded. As a result, choosing the right drink can be an overwhelming task: After all, there’s only so much gin one person can sample, even if it’s your drink of choice. So how can you be certain you’re choosing a flavoured gin that you will enjoy?

While there are some fantastic fruit gins out there, it’s not all about the berries. Nowadays you can find all kinds of interesting flavoured gins from bold citruses like lemon and blood orange, to the highly unusual like rose, cardamom and even seaweed.

If you want to know more about the different types of flavoured gin you can tuck into, our buying guide below will point you in the right direction. Already know what you love? Scroll down for our top picks in different categories based on flavour, budget and other preferences.

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How to choose the best flavoured gin for you

We know that choosing the right gin is going to be a very personal thing – after all, everyone’s tastes are different – but there are still a few things to consider when buying a flavoured gin.

Are all flavoured gins sweet?

Absolutely not! Many gins do have added sugar to make them sweeter and this is particularly the case with gin liqueurs. However, an equal number of gins proudly claim to contain no added sugar and only use natural flavourings.

This isn’t to say all sweetened gins are bad or inferior: many sweet gins are absolutely delicious and work well in cocktails, on their own and with tonic. You might find that sweet gins and gin liqueurs have a lower alcohol percentage but ultimately, it’s all down to personal preference.

Will a more expensive gin taste better?

Again, not at all. It’s more likely that very cheap gin might leave a bad taste in your mouth but you can spend as little as £15 on a bottle and still get something half decent. Similarly, just because a bottle has a flashy price tag, doesn’t mean it’s going to be made with the finest ingredients.

Sometimes, ‘luxury’ gins have an inflated price tag due to expensive branding or packaging. If you’re buying gin as a gift, of course, then a good-looking bottle is often the way to go – most of the time the drink itself will still be perfectly pleasant. Just don’t be fooled into thinking it’s any tastier or of a higher quality than a cheaper brand.

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The best flavoured gin to buy

1. Lone Wolf Cloudy Lemon Gin: Best lemon gin

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

While this lemon gin doesn’t taste at all like what you’d expect from a typical gin, it's incredibly moreish and one of our all time favourite flavoured varieties. If you love the sweet-yet-tart citrus taste of still lemonade, then we guarantee you’ll love this gin. On its own, it’s slightly sweet, but not overpoweringly so; when paired with a tonic or lemonade, it becomes a wonderfully tangy long drink.

If you’re looking for a flavoured gin that still has a very juniper-heavy taste, this likely isn’t the one for you. If that doesn’t put you off, we think Lone Wolf’s Cloudy Lemon gin is the ultimate sunshine drink.

Key specsSize: 70cl; ABV: 40%

2. Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin: Best berry gin

Price: £30 | Buy now from Amazon

This unusual gin by Four Pillars is steeped in Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes for a distinctly fruity flavour that’s mouth-wateringly juicy. It’s rich enough to drink on its own but also goes fab with a classic or lemon tonic. We think it tastes less like a standard gin and more like a boozy, posh Ribena. There’s a touch of spicy juniper but this doesn’t burst through like some of the other gins on this list.

This is an unusual flavoured gin, but we think it’s sweet and fruity enough to accommodate most palates, making it a great gift or drink for special occasions. It’s not the cheapest gin on this list but if you like moreish, berry-rich flavours, it’s well worth splashing out on.

Key specs Size: 70cl; ABV: 37.8%

3. Sacred Cardamom Gin: Best aromatic/spiced gin

Price: £35 | Buy now from Amazon

This highly unusual cardamom gin from Sacred spirits is one for the truly adventurous. Unsurprisingly, this gin is very heavy on the cardamom, which gives it an incredibly deep and aromatic flavour. You also get hints of spicy pepper and aniseed, all of which are clean and crisp, making a classic tonic its perfect partner. This gin goes fantastically well with Indian food, thanks to its fresh and complementary flavours.

This is by no means a crowd-pleaser. Rather, it’s an acquired taste for spice lovers: if you’re keen to try an unusual flavoured gin that’s not overly sweet, then get out of your comfort zone and give this a go.

Key specsSize: 70cl; ABV: 43.8%

4. Edinburgh Gin Pomegranate and Rose: Best flavoured gin liqueur

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re after a deliciously sweet summer tipple, this pomegranate and rose gin liqueur could be just the ticket. We’ve sampled plenty of Edinburgh gin’s tasty tipples but this is by far our favourite. The predominant flavour here is definitely the pomegranate, with the rose being more of an aftertaste. If you love rose-flavoured drinks, then that might sound a little disappointing, but we believe this is the right way to go – rose can be incredibly overpowering.

Due to its sweetness, this is perfectly delicious on its own over some ice and tastes a little bit like Turkish Delight. When mixed with lemonade or tonic, though, it makes for a refreshing fruity long drink that’s also lower in alcohol than a classic G&T.

Key specsSize: 50cl; ABV: 20%

5. Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin: Best grapefruit gin

Price: £38 | Buy now from Amazon

We think this fabulously fruity offering from spirit aficionado Chase will have your tastebuds doing a little dance thanks to its bright, citrus flavours. Despite being predominantly sharp and citrusy, the classic spicy juniper aroma really comes through, which isn’t always the case with flavoured variants. If you’re a big fan of sharp grapefruit but typically prefer traditional dry gins, we urge you to give this a go. It’s an ideal blend of the two and not overly sweet or sugary.

This is one to enjoy with a crisp, aromatic tonic and a big slice of fresh grapefruit, although it would also work well as the base of a fruity gin cocktail. You've likely heard of grapefruit before but you may have noticed this is also flavoured with pomelo – a citrus fruit that tastes very much like grapefruit, with less of the tartness. We couldn’t really distinguish any difference between the two fruits while sipping but it’s delightfully citrusy nonetheless.

Key specsSize: 70cl; ABV: 40%

6. Sloemotion Hedgerow Rhubarb and Raspberry gin: Best subtle flavoured gin

Price: £38 | Buy now from Amazon

Longing for that classic gin taste with just a hint of something different? This floral, tangy rhubarb and raspberry gin from Yorkshire-based Sloemotion distillery is a refreshing choice that offers the best of both worlds. On its own, this gin is rather sharp and strong but when paired with a clean tonic, it’s tangy flavour pushes through ever so gently, leaving you with a beautifully balanced taste.

The subtle tang of the rhubarb is what gives this spirit a flavour so unlike many others. It’s not super sweet, and perhaps most importantly, it still tastes like a proper gin. If you fancy taking a chance on a tangy, tart gin, this one is highly recommended.

Key specsSize: 70cl; ABV: 40%

7. Copper Rivet Distillery Dockyard Strawberry Gin: Best strawberry gin

Price: £30 | Buy now from Amazon

We’re such big fans of this limited batch strawberry offering by the Copper Rivet Distillery that it’s made it into both this round-up and our best pink gin feature. We love the moreish, natural tasting strawberry flavour that comes through in this gin; it’s hard to believe that there’s absolutely no added sugar in this wonderfully sweet spirit.

Made using fresh Kent strawberries, this flavoured gin is delicious with a classic or lemon tonic but can even be enjoyed on its own. Despite being incredibly flavourful, the aroma is still light enough not to be overpowering and we wouldn’t dare spoil it by adding this to a cocktail. If you want a strawberry flavoured gin that doesn’t taste at all artificial, this is the one to try. Be quick, though – this limited batch won’t be around forever.

Key specsSize: 50cl; ABV: 40%

8. Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur and Ginger Ale: Best premixed flavoured gin

Price: £6/£18 (for 4 or 12) | Buy now from Amazon

Lazy gin lovers, rejoice: this ready-to-drink can pairs a single measure of one of Edinburgh Gin's best liqueurs with a sharp mixer for the ultimate sweet G&A (That’s a gin and ginger ale). While the brand’s pomegranate liqueur is our usual go-to, this fantastic rhubarb offering is a close second, made even better by being premixed with a fantastic spicy ginger ale.

Despite it packing a punch, the ale doesn’t overpower the rhubarb flavour in this liqueur and makes for a sweet but seriously refreshing summer drink. All you need to enjoy this one is lots of ice, though you can add a slice of lime if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Key specsSize: 25cl; ABV: 5%

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