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Samsung G-Series RF24 review

Samsung G-Series RF24

All the fridge you want - fitted into the space you have

For us, the star of Samsung’s upcoming refridgerator range is undoubtedly the new G-series RF24, four-door model. This is a big fridge, with 540 litres of space, with lots of clever features.

However, it’s designed to UK kitchen-counter depth, so you won’t have to sacrifice half your kitchen space to fit it in.

Samsung G-Series RF24

The four-door design consists of a pair of upper doors, which open French-window style to give access to a single huge space. This makes it easy to put long platters of prepared food into the fridge. Further flexibility is added by a series of folding and sliding shelves, allowing to both reconfigure areas of the fridge for lots of taller items, and get easier access to items at the back.

Samsung G-Series RF24

Below these is a refrigerator drawer, with touch sensitive buttons so you can quickly adjust its temperature to suit a variety of goods. Called the CoolSelect Zone Drawer, it can maintain a temperature of -1C, 1C, 3C, or 5C – making it ideal for everything from raw meat to party food and wine cooling. A clever divider inside can be shifted around to easily adjust the size of the drawer’s four sections.

Samsung G-Series RF24

The top drawer is neatly aligned with regular kitchen counter height, so you get an unbroken line and a more integrated feel. Below this is a sizeable freezer drawer for long-term storage. With bright LED lighting inside, an ice maker and water cooler, this fridge looks to have everything. We’ll be undertaking full review of fridges this year, so we hope to return to the Samsung G-series RF24 and competitors’ products in due course.

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