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Best freezer 2023: Keep food cold and preserved for longer

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Preserve foods conveniently with the best freezers for your kitchen, garage or utility room

Buying one of the best freezers is the perfect solution for households that need more freezer space, but don’t require the additional refrigeration capacity you would get with a fridge-freezer.

Whether you’ll install your freezer in the kitchen or another room, such as a garage or utility room, there’s a design out there to suit your space and your preferences. From upright models to chest, under-counter and integrated freezers that slip neatly into your kitchen design, there are plenty of options available.

You probably have some idea of the type of freezer you would like to buy, based on the layout of your home. Below, you’ll find our pick of the best freezers, alongside a guide answering all the questions you may have about picking out the best option for you.

Best freezers: At a glance

Best freezer overallBeko FFEP3791W | £840Check price at AO
Best integrated or built-in freezerSmeg UKS8F174NF | £1,189Check price at AO
Best premium upright freezerMiele FNS 4382 E | £1,289Check price at AO
Best under-counter freezerHoover HVTU542BHK | £249Check price at Amazon

How to choose the best freezer for you

Which kind of freezer should I opt for?

Freezers arrive in various shapes and sizes. Here are the main types from which you can choose:

  • Upright freezers resemble a classic fridge-freezer. However, they provide freezing space only.
  • Chest freezers are boxy, top-opening freezers, and are commonly kept in the garage or shed.
  • Under-counter freezers are small, front-opening units designed to fit snugly underneath a kitchen work surface, with a standard height of about 82cm.
  • Integrated freezers can be built into a kitchen unit, ensuring your kitchen looks just as you like it. They’re also known as “built-in freezers”.

Once you’ve chosen the type of freezer you wish to buy, you can drill down into the finer details that will define your perfect appliance.

When it comes to choosing a freezer, capacity is the deal-breaker for many buyers. You’ll need to choose an option that holds enough frozen goods to suit your needs. Sellers usually measure a freezer’s capacity in litres, although many also helpfully equate this to an estimated number of bags of food shopping.

It’s worth noting that chest freezers don’t tend to have multiple compartments. This design choice sacrifices some organisation, but it does mean you get a lot of storage space relative to the size of the appliance. Upright freezers are less space-efficient, but they do provide useful drawers to help you compartmentalise your groceries and access them easily.

What about running costs?

With costs rising, you would also be wise to consider energy efficiency. A highly efficient freezer will do essentially the same job as one with poor efficiency – but uses less energy in the process. This affects both the environment and your household budget.

Most freezers currently have an energy rating of E, F or G on the EPC scale. Appliance brands are still playing catchup after the EPC rating criteria was made tougher in 2021. An E-rated freezer is relatively efficient by current industry standards.

What features should I look for?

Depending on your priorities, you may be on the lookout for some additional features in your ideal freezer.

According to Amanda Lorenzini, a refrigeration expert at the appliance retailer, it’s a good idea to get a freezer that’s frost-free.

“A frost-free freezer uses a fan at the back to stop icy build-ups in and around the racks, so you’ll no longer have to chip away at any ice in your freezer,” she says.

Once you’ve purchased your freezer, it’s advised that you regularly check whether the appliance is working as efficiently as it should be.

“Simple checks to the gaskets and seals will ensure there’s no cold air leaking, keeping your freezer in tiptop condition,” says Amanda.

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The best freezers you can buy in 2023

1. Smeg UKS8F174NF Integrated Frost Free Upright Freezer: Best built-in freezer

Price when reviewed: £1,189 | Check price at AO

best freezer Smeg UKS8F174NF

It seems almost a shame to hide a Smeg appliance behind a cupboard door – but that’s exactly what you can do with the highly rated UKS8F174NF. The door-fixing kit provided enables you to choose whether the door will open from the left or the right, so you can integrate the freezer seamlessly into your kitchen design.

Above all, this is an excellent freezer, with all the core features that really count. It’s frost-free, and there’s a fast-freeze function to rapidly cool down heat-sensitive groceries. With a capacity of 204l, you’ll have enough space to store about 11 bags of food shopping – or a whole lot of batch-cooked meals.

While this freezer works brilliantly as a standalone appliance, you also have the option to install it side-by-side with a Smeg UKS8L1721F Integrated Upright Fridge.

Key details – Type: Integrated upright freezer; Storage capacity: 204l; Energy rating: F; Dimensions: 178 x 55 x 55cm (HWD)

Check price at AO

2. Hoover HVTU542BHK Under Counter Freezer (black): Best under-counter freezer

Price when reviewed: £249 | Check price at Amazon

best freezer Hoover HVTU542BHK

Stowed under the kitchen work surface (or placed on top of it), the Hoover HVTU542BHK provides easy access to your frozen foods. It’s a great option for buyers who want to add a little freezer space to their kitchen, perhaps while using a separate full-height appliance for refrigeration.

We were particularly impressed with this freezer’s organisation and ease of access. The drawers are transparent, allowing clear visibility of the foodstuffs inside, and the reversible door enables you to install the appliance with the convenience of opening in mind.

The one downside to this freezer is the capacity. At 91l, you’re only getting enough space to store about five or six bags of groceries, which won’t be enough for some households.

Key details – Type: Freestanding upright freezer; Storage capacity: 91l; Energy rating: F; Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 58cm (HWD)

3. Miele FNS 4382 E Upright Freezer: Best premium upright freezer

Price when reviewed: £1,289 | Check price at AO

best freezer Miele FNS 4382 E

A superb standalone freezer from one of the glitziest brands in the kitchen appliances business, the Miele FNS 4382 E is our top pick for buyers who are looking to add ice-cool design – as well as functional freezing – to their home.

The FNS 4382 E is big and spacious, providing enough capacity to store about 15 shopping bags’ worth of frozen foods. What’s more, it stores that food beautifully, with frost-free operation, an easy-access side-open option, and storage drawers that can be reconfigured to suit your preferences. If you have the budget to buy a high-end freezer, you could hardly do better than this one.

Key details – Type: Freestanding upright freezer; Storage capacity: 278l; Energy rating: E; Dimensions: 185 x 60 x 67.5cm (HWD)

Check price at AO

4. Beko FFEP3791W Tall Freezer (white): Best freezer overall

Price when reviewed: £840 | Check price at AO

best freezer Beko FEP3791W

The tall, bright and elegant Beko FFEP3791W is a kitchen-friendly freezer with capacity to store an incredible 21 shopping bags full of food. It’s reliable, too, with a fan-powered “frost-free” system to prevent the compartments (and your frozen groceries) from becoming iced up.

Another of this freezer’s standout features is a “fast freeze” capability, which means you can freeze foodstuffs 10% more quickly. This could be useful, if ever you find yourself rushing home with a bag-full of fast-thawing frozen foods. Meanwhile, the appliance’s ‘Freezer Guard’ feature ensures proper function, even if the freezer is kept in a very cold place. (Perhaps surprisingly, this can be an issue.)

While the FFEP3791W’s E energy rating seems hardly impressive, this freezer is reasonably energy-efficient when compared to competing models at present.

Key details – Type: Freestanding upright freezer; Storage capacity: 404l; Energy rating: E; Dimensions: 191.2 x 70 x 76.8cm (HWD)

Check price at AO

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