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The best bean bags you can buy in 2022

best bean bags

Looking for the best bean bags? Our top picks will have you lounging comfortably in no time

When it comes to multifunctional seating, you can’t beat a bean bag. This classic squashy seat is easy to move from room to room, incredibly comfortable to lounge in, and often a much cheaper option than a traditional chair.

But when it comes to buying a bean bag, not all products are created equal. You’ll want to consider whether it’s washable if kids are involved, and it’s worth buying a waterproof or outdoor bean bag if you want to use yours in the garden and not worry about a drop of rain. Other factors such as size and weight will come into play, as well as whether your bean bag is refillable.

Whether you’re kitting out a reading corner in a kids’ bedroom, looking for a gaming bean bag that offers back support, or searching for the most comfortable bean bag money can buy, we’ve tested bean bags of all shapes and sizes to find the best bean bags to buy in 2022. Read on for our guide to buying a bean bag followed by our top picks.

Best bean bags: At a glance

How to choose the best bean bag for you

Are all bean bag covers machine washable?

No. When you’re choosing a bean bag, it’s worth paying close attention to the cover. Many bean bags have a separate internal bag that keeps all the tiny balls contained, which means you can take the cover off if needed, and – if it’s machine-washable – pop it in the washing machine. Others are wipe-clean only, particularly if they’re made from a plush fabric like velvet or sheepskin, which is far less practical where kids and pets are concerned.

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Can I use a bean bag in the garden?

Some bean bag covers are made from a waterproof material, or have a water-resistant coating, which is ideal if you plan to use your bean bag outside in the garden or on a balcony – or even if you just want to guard against splashes and spills. Be mindful of the difference, though, as while a waterproof bean bag can be left outside in the rain, a water-resistant bean bag may not stand up to a full downpour. Check if your bean bag is suitable for outdoor use when you buy it.

How do I pick the most comfortable bean bag?

Comfort is another big factor when it comes to picking your perfect bean bag, and that all comes down to what you’ll be using it for. If you’re buying a kids’ bean bag, check it’s squashy enough for a toddler to sit comfortably in, or that it has enough back support for a teenager to do some serious gaming in. If you’re buying for yourself, you’ll want to make sure it’s big enough to accommodate a grown-up, with the right amount of support for you. Some people want to sink into a soft, fluffy bean bag, while others prefer a more rigid shape – the best way to tell is by testing it.

What types of bean bags are available?

There’s a wealth of bean bag options on the market, so it’s well worth knowing the difference before you make your purchase. A classic round bean bag is the most traditional shape and has a distinctly retro vibe, whereas a triangular bean bag is a modern take and gives a more contemporary look in your room. Flatter, circular bean bag cushions are bang on-trend and they’re a good option if you want something that also doubles up as a floor cushion or pouffe.

Oversized bean bags are a great option if you’ve got plenty of room, or want a bean bag you can lie down on. Outdoor bean bags are often larger for this reason and have the benefit of being waterproof. A bean bag chair, meanwhile, has a more structured shape so you can sit upright comfortably, with a certain degree of back support. If that’s a priority, look for an ergonomic bean bag designed to encourage good posture.

Do I need a refillable bean bag?

If you use your bean bag a lot, it’s likely that it will lose shape over time and may need to be topped up with balls. Most bean bags come with a zip that allows you to do this, and some companies sell the balls separately as top-ups or full refills. Check to see if your bean bag has an opening and if you need to buy the internal bag separately. If you already have bean bag balls going spare, or find some on a cheap deal, you can look for a bean bag cover without any filling – this may save you a few quid.


The best bean bags you can buy in 2022

1. The Fatboy Original: Best oversized bean bag

Price: £219 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’ve got plenty of space to play with, this supersized Fatboy bean bag is as comfy as they come. Regardless of whether you’re sitting or lying on it, it’s big enough to wrap around your body and provide lots of support. It ‘s great for relaxing in the home or out in the garden.

The weight is a substantial 6.8kg, so it feels top quality, and the thick nylon fabric is strong, durable and waterproof – there’s no panic if you accidentally splash a drink on it. It has a dirt-resistant coating, too, and you can clean up any marks with soap and water.

The price tag reflects the fact this bean bag is made to last and we particularly like the fact it’s refillable – either by topping it up when it needs a boost, or by refilling the entire 350 litres.

Key specs – Cover material: Nylon; Size: 180 x 140cm; Indoor/outdoor: Indoor only; Machine washable cover? No, wipe-clean only

2. Rucomfy bean bags Small Kids Bean Bag Chair: Best bean bag for young kids

Price: £23 | Buy now from Amazon

This compact, circular bean bag from Rucomfy bean bags is a great option for toddlers and young children.

It’s small enough to tuck into the corner of a bedroom, and squashy enough to mould around them and create a little bean bag chair for reading or playing. It’s also super light – 1.4kg – so they can pick it up and move it around independently.

Delivered pre-filled, the bean bag cover is made from polyester and available in 12 bold colours. The cover is machine-washable, and you can buy a separate wash bag to empty the balls into before you pop the cover in the machine at 30˚C.

We love the safety zips, too, which prevent curious little people opening up the bean bag and emptying all the balls.

Key specs – Cover material: Polyester; Size: 50 x 50 x 65cm; Indoor/outdoor: Indoor only; Machine washable cover? Yes, 30 degrees

3. Loft 25 bean bag Gamer Chair: Best bean bag for indoor and outdoor use

Price: £50 | Buy now from Amazon

There’s a lot to love about this Loft 25 bean bag. For starters, it’s water resistant, so you can use it outdoors as well as inside. That means it’s perfect for lounging on in the garden, and you don’t need to worry about a spilled drink or a drop of rain.

The chair-like shape is another plus point, too, as it provides some welcome back support. It’s a great solution for gaming, or for anyone who finds a classic bean bag a little too laid-back.

The colours range from a hot pink to a classic black, and the polyester cover is soft to the touch. Plus, the water-resistant fabric means it wipes clean easily – and if you choose one of the darker colours it won’t get grubby too quickly.

Key specs – Cover material: Polyester; Size: 75 x 90cm; Indoor/outdoor: Both; Machine washable cover? No, wipe-clean only

4. Dunelm large Isla bean bag: Best pouffe-style bean bag

Price: £65 | Buy now from Dunelm

This pretty bean bag combines all the best features of a pouffe, a floor cushion and a bean bag in one.

It’s made from a super-soft velvet that feels luxurious to sit on, and we love the muted pink tone and elegant piped edges. Another nice feature is the base, which is black so it doesn’t show the dirt, and made from a fabric with a bit more grip to stop it slipping on the floor.

The shallow depth means you can stash this bean bag away neatly under a bed, so it’s a great option for a smaller room where space is at a premium. Just use the handle to pull it out when you need a comfortable place to sit, and slide it back under when you’re done.

Key specs – Cover material: Polyester velvet; Size: 90 x 20cm; Indoor/outdoor: Indoor; Machine washable cover? No, sponge-clean only

Buy now from Dunelm

5. Next Bean bag Chair: Best bean bag for comfort

Price: £120 | Buy now from Next

We love the design of this Next bean bag chair – it has a structured shape that makes it part classic bean bag and part squashy seat. Compared to the other bean bags here, it feels like a sturdy, substantial seating option that would work in place of an armchair.

It comes in a variety of textures, from a fluffy borg to a soft chenille, and the sophisticated colours look great in a grown-up lounge setting. We loved the luxurious feel and elegant look of the teal blue Opulent Velvet option.

Measuring 75 x 75cm, this is a mid-sized bean bag that’s plenty big enough for an adult to lounge in comfortably, or a child to relax in . Bear in mind, though, that it will take up a fair bit of space in a small bedroom, and, as it’s sponge clean only, won’t be the most practical option for younger children.

Key specs – Cover material: Polyester; Size: 75 x 75cm; Indoor/outdoor: Indoor; Machine washable cover? No, sponge clean only

Buy now from Next

6. Habitat Large Monochrome bean bag: Best small bean bag

Price: £40 | Buy now from Habitat

The cream-and-black geo design of this bean bag works well in lots of settings – it matches most colour schemes, and the triangular shape gives it a stylish, contemporary look. We particularly like it for an older child’s or teen’s bedroom – it’s small and light enough to easily stash away in a corner, but still big enough to flop into and get comfortable.

It’s quite generously filled, so you need to wriggle around to get a good position, but that also means a decent amount of support. Plus, you can easily remove some beans via the zipped opening – just keep hold of them for when you need a top-up.

Key specs – Cover material: Polyester; Size: 85 x 70 x 70cm; Indoor/outdoor: Indoor; Machine washable cover? No, wipe clean only

Buy now from Habitat

7. OnBuy bean bag Chair Cover: Best budget bean bag

Price: £13 | Buy now from OnBuy

If you’re looking for a budget option, this bean bag chair cover might just fit the bill. You’ll need to source your own beans – they’re not included – so it’s ideal if you already have the filling, or if you’ve got a bean bag that’s seen better days.

There are five colours to choose from: light grey, charcoal grey, green, purple, and brown. The cotton and linen cover makes a nice change from polyester, but bear in mind it doesn’t wipe clean quite as easily.

A carry handle makes it nice and portable, and a contrasting white zip allows you to add your beans. The benefit of doing it this way is that you can fill it to your liking and have it as firm or as squashy as you like.

Key specs – Cover material: cotton and linen; Size: 90 x 80cm; Indoor/outdoor: indoor; Machine washable cover? Yes

Buy now from OnBuy

8. Owen Barry Sheepskin Large bean bag: Best luxury bean bag

Price: £699 | Buy now from Owen Barry

If budget isn’t an issue, this hand-made bean bag from Owen Barry is outrageously luxurious. Crafted from real sheepskin, it takes up the same amount of space as an armchair but is infinitely more comfortable. 

It’s like a giant fluffy hug: there’s just the right amount of filling to mould around your body, but enough support to sit in it comfortably all night. If you want to fine-tune the feel, you can tweak the amount of beans inside the internal bag, or buy the cover and liner on their own and purchase your beans separately.

It feels surprisingly durable, and the thick leather base means you can move it around without worrying about dirtying the underside, especially if you plump for one of the lighter colour options. The lifetime guarantee adds some welcome peace of mind, too. 

Key specs – Cover material: British sheepskin, leather base; Size: 95 x 75cm; Indoor/outdoor: Indoor; Machine washable cover? No, spot-wash only

Buy now from Owen Barry

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