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Film your frags with Nerf’s N-Strike ProCam

Blaster-mounted video camera lets you record your shooting, share clips

Nerf’s foam blasters are a firm childhood favourite here in the Expert Reviews office, but the company’s latest creation looks set to bring the action into the 21st century. The N-Strike ProCam is the first Nerf gun to come with a video camera built into the barrel, letting you film your fun from a first person perspective.

Decked out in trademark Nerf blue and orange colours, the ProCam looks a little like the iconic M41A pulse rifle from Aliens; it has the same extended stock, chunky foregrip and produding sights, but look a little closer and you’ll spot the small LCD display built into the rail mechanism. It lets you aim down the sight like normal, or line up shots using the camera. A button built into the foregrip lets you quickly record and pause your clips, without compromising your aim.

The ProCam was impressively accurate at close range, letting us sink a few shots into the target zones set up for our demo, but there’s no way to zoom in when attempting those long-range shots. A flip-out sunshade helps you see the screen clearly even in bright light.

Three buttons below the screen let you play and skip through your recorded clips, or delete the ones you aren’t happy with. You can also power down the screen to save on battery power, for when you aren’t recording. Footage is recorded to an SD card (there’s a 4GB card included in the box to get you started) found in the barrel of the gun. The quality isn’t superb, but it’s fine for sharing with your friends on Facebook to let them know how good a shot you are. 

Like other electric N-Strike guns, the ProCam has an electric motor for rapid firing its clip of foam Nerf darts. It can fire darts up to 85 feet, and comes with one clip of darts in the box. A release switch behind the magazine ensures you don’t accidentally remove it while on the move.

The N-Strike ProCam should be on sale in August from all major toy shops and online retailers, with an RRP of £84.99.

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