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Best Lego 2022: From Star Wars to Harry Potter, this is our pick of the best Lego sets for kids (and adults, too)

Searching for the best Lego sets for your kids, or for yourself? This is our pick of the best Lego sets you can buy

The humble Lego brick may have started from small beginnings, but it has since become one of the greatest toys of the modern era. Simple in concept: Lego allows children (and big kids) to reign in those creative juices, giving anyone the tools to construct whatever they see fit.

And in recent years, Lego has created so many different Lego sets, from a wide range of different themes including Harry Potter and Star Wars, all at different price ranges. Finding the right Lego set can be tough, but don’t fret.

Here at Expert Reviews, we practically worship the brick and can help you choose the perfect Lego set for your budget. Below, you’ll find our regularly curated pick of everything Lego has to offer, along with a helpful buying guide to help you make the right purchase at the bottom. Whatever Lego set you’re searching for, chances are you’ll find something here that fits the bill.

The best Lego sets to buy in 2022

1. Lego Millennium Falcon Microfighter: The best on a budget

Price: £9 l Buy Now from Argos 

If your Lego buying budget is a bit tight, but you’re still in the mood to build something that not only looks nice on the shelf but also has plenty of play potential, then the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Microfighter is where your wallet should be headed. For less than £10, you can build a micro-sized version of Han Solo’s legendary spaceship, complete with dual stud shooters as well as a Minifigure of the franchise’s best-loved scoundrel.

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Key features – Pieces: 101; Ages: 6+; Set number: 75295

2. Lego Creator Mighty Dinosaurs: The best for imaginative minds

Price: £13 l Buy Now from Argos 

With the Lego Creator Mighty Dinosaurs set, you can construct not one, not two, but three completely different dinosaurs. Build a T-Rex with sharp teeth and then demolish it, instead rebuilding a horned triceratops or winged pterodactyl. Roar.

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Key features – Pieces: 174; Ages: 7-12; Set number: 31058

3. Lego Frozen 2 Elsa’s Wagon Adventure: The best for little hands

Price: £20 l Buy now from Amazon

Ah, Frozen 2. Disney’s smash hit sequel is still popular in school playgrounds up and down the country. If your kids are craving Lego’s take on the Wintery feature film, then the Wagon Adventure set is the perfect place to start. It includes an easy to build set for Lego first-timers (ages 4+) and plenty of play opportunities including a small stable and reindeer-drawn wagon.

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Key features – Pieces: 116; Ages: 4+; Set number: 41166

4. Lego Vidiyo: The best app-based Lego for music fans

Price: From £4 l Buy now from Lego 

There’s a lot to be said about Lego’s bonkers music video creator. With the ability to bring your Lego creations to life, adding music, incorporating dance moves and applying other silly things in fully customisable music videos via the free app, there’s no doubt that Vidiyo is Lego at its finest. Best of all, though? With a wide range of sets and Minifigures to choose from, you can get started from as little as £4. 

Browse all Lego Vidiyo sets

Key features – Pieces: N/A; Ages: 7+, 8+ and 9+; Set number: N/A

5. Lego Star Wars Imperial Tie-Fighter: The best for play value 

Price: £35 l Buy Now from Argos  

Lego’s constant barrage of brand-new Star Wars sets are the perfect way to recreate those climactic battles at home. The best of the bunch (and the most affordable) is the Imperial Tie Fighter, which offers plenty of play value and comes with a total of three Minifigures. Once built, it can be picked up and flown around one-handed and can fire two spring-loaded shooters in rapid succession. Pair with Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing (£45) and you’re all set for some high octane dogfighting adventures. Pew pew.

Browse all Star Wars Lego sets

Key features – Pieces: 432; Ages: 8+; Set number: 75300

6. Classic Large Creative Brick Box: The best for basic bricks 

Price: £30 l Buy now from Amazon

But what if you don’t fancy a movie tie-in or a particular Lego theme? Well, the good news is that if you’re planning to unleash your creativity with a huge number of basic bricks, then Lego’s Large Creative Brick Box is a good place to start.

Featuring a whopping 790 bricks, which consist of traditional 2×4 pieces as well as base plates, doors, wheels and windows, the Large Creative Brick Box is terrific value for money. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, or how much available space you have at home, the Brick Box can also be purchased in ‘Small‘ (221 pieces) and ‘Medium‘ (484 pieces) sizes. 

Browse all Brick Box Lego

Key features – Pieces: 790; Ages: 4+; Set number: 710698

7. Adventures with Mario Starter Course: The best for interactivity 

Price: £38 l Buy now from Argos

Lego’s first partnership with gaming giant Nintendo, the Super Mario starter set allows you to create your very own Super Mario-themed levels, complete with obstacles, power-up blocks and pesky enemies such as a Goomba and Bowser Jr. Simply place Mario on special “action bricks” and he reacts to them, with audio and visual cues that correspond with where he’s progressed in the level you’ve created. Likewise, if you’re looking to expand your Mario-themed repertoire of bricks, you can also choose from a handful of expansion sets: perfect if you’re hoping to give everyone’s favourite Italian plumber a proper challenge. 

Browse all Super Mario Lego sets

Key features – Pieces: 231; Ages: 6+; Set number: 71360

8. The Keepers’ Village: The best for Ninjago fans

Price: £45 l Buy now from Argos

If you’ve been binge-watching the ever-popular Lego Ninjago TV series and you’re looking to create your favourite scenes in your living room, then the Keeper’s Village set offers the best bang for your buck. Coming with a total of five Minifigures, each with their own unique weapons, the Keeper’s Village set includes plenty of play opportunities, with deadly traps, hidden shooters and an evil stone pillar that can separate into 3 characters.

Browse all Lego Ninjago sets

Key features – Pieces: 632; Ages: 8+; Set number: 71747

9. Lego Architecture Trafalgar Square: The best for the shelf

Price: £62 l Buy now from Amazon 

What better set to show off your Lego prowess than a miniature model of one of the most famous landmarks in the nation’s capital? Featuring Nelson’s Column, the fountains, National Gallery and a couple of London buses, this set is reserved for Lego veterans with a keen eye for architecture. Looking for more? You can also pick up the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower and even the White House in Lego form.

Browse all Architecture Lego sets

Key features – Pieces: 1197; Ages: 12+; Set number: 21045

10. Lego Creator Fiat 500: The best for adults

Price: £75 l Buy now from Lego 

One for the older Lego fans, the Lego Creator Fiat 500 is a faithfully recreated replica of the compact Italian car we all know and love. It’s filled with authentic details including an intricately detailed engine, turning steering wheel and moving gearshift and handbrake, inside a classic yellow colour scheme with tan-coloured interior.

Browse all Creator Expert Lego sets

Key features – Pieces: 960; Ages: 16+; Set number: 10271

Buy now from Lego

11. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall: The best for Harry Potter fans

Price: £124 l Buy now from Amazon  

With a new video game on the horizon, as well as rumours of an upcoming TV show, the Harry Potter franchise is bigger than ever. Of course, with its upcoming release comes the inevitable Lego set tie-ins, and our pick of the bunch is the 878-piece Hogwarts Great Hall. This isn’t a set for Hogwarts completionists – for that, you’ll want to turn your attention to the £350 Hogwarts Castle – but this set offers a good amount of pieces for the price, and a total of 10 Minifigures too. 

Browse all Harry Potter Lego sets

Key features – Pieces: 878; Ages: 9-14; Set number: 75954

Buy now from Amazon

12. Lego Boost Creative Toolbox: The best for education

Price: £130 l Buy now from Amazon 

Boost teaches inquisitive young minds how to code for the very first time. 7- to 12-year-olds can build five different multifunctional models; including Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat and Guitar 4000 and bring those creations to life. Simply download the iOS or Android app, pair to the interactive motor and begin creating sequences to make your character move and shout via the easy to use drag-and-drop coding interface. Boost is a perfect, and fun, beginner’s introduction to coding.

Key features – Pieces: 847; Ages: 7-12; Set number: 17101

How to choose the best Lego 

What Lego sets are on offer?

There are so many different Lego themes to choose from. For instance, you might prefer a Lego-ified Big Ben, in that case the Architecture series is right up your street. Likewise, if you’re a Star Wars fan, there’s plenty on offer from small starfighters to a 7,541 piece Millennium Falcon.

Do I need to look out for age ranges?

Yes. While more of a recommendation than a hard and fast rule, the age range listed on the box serves as a guideline of what to expect when you build. A set with an age range of 4-7 is typically a much easier build, with larger bricks and less intricate detailing. An age range in the teens however, requires Lego mastery, often with many small pieces and lengthier build times.

Is piece to price ratio important?

Generally, the piece to price ratio (calculated by dividing the total price by the piece count) is a good indication of whether a particular set is good value or not. Lego sets on the lower end of the scale might not offer as much rebuild value as another set with more pieces for the same price. Likewise, the more bricks in a set, typically the longer construction time.

How long does a Lego set take to build?

How long a particular set takes to build depends on the piece count and the recommended age range. A set for 10-year-olds and under would only take up to a maximum of one hour or two to construct, while more complex builds, like Star Wars’ Ultimate Collector’s Series sets, can take upwards of 15 hours.

Do I have to just follow the instructions?

Of course not! The beauty of Lego is in ditching the instructions altogether, constructing whatever your heart desires. It all depends on what you want to get out of your purchase: many people like to stick to the instructions and construct something impressive to display on their shelf, while others prefer to let their imagination run wild.

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