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The best cordless grass trimmers to buy in 2024 (tried and tested)

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Looking to trim your lawn and tackle patches your mower can’t reach? I’ve tested the top cordless grass trimmers to help you make your choic

If you want to take the hassle out of maintaining your garden, you can’t do much better than investing in one of the best cordless grass trimmers. Many lawns have tricky areas where a mower can’t get in and do its job, while edging borders or trimming close to a wall is always going to need the right tool. You might even have rough, weedy patches that need regular whacking to keep them under control. With a cordless grass trimmer, you can trim wherever you need to, and there’s no cable to hold you back.

But which cordless grass trimmer should you buy? I’ve tested more than a dozen cordless grass trimmers since 2020, using my own front and back gardens as a testing ground. The grass trimmers listed below are those I’d want to wield to keep my lawn looking trim and tidy; I’ve picked cordless trimmers to cover different sizes of garden, with prices starting from just £80 all in.

If you need more detailed advice, check out my detailed buying guide at the bottom of the page – or, simply skip straight to my pick of the best cordless grass trimmers to buy.

Best cordless strimmers: At a glance

Best basic cordless strimmerRyobi RLT1825M20S | £113Check price at Amazon
Best budget cordless strimmerTitan TTI821GGT | £80Check price at Screwfix
Best cordless strimmer for smaller lawnsBosch EasyGrassCut 18V 230 | £115Check price at B&Q
Best all-rounderWorx WG163E | From £55Check price at Amazon

How we test cordless grass trimmers

When testing, I assemble each strimmer and run it through a gauntlet of grass-trimming trials. First, I use it to trim and edge small areas of my flat lawn, moving to a larger, sloping lawn with patches of rough and uneven grass, thick weeds and even brambles. This is where I find out how the trimmer performs with more challenging patches, assessing whether it’s up to some serious ground clearance.

During my tests, I also check how easy it is to adjust a tool’s handle, change the cutting angle, feed the line and replace the spool. I also time how long the battery lasts during a session, plus how long it takes to recharge via the supplied charger.

The best cordless grass trimmers and strimmers to buy in 2024

1. Titan TTI821GGT: Best budget cordless trimmer

Price when reviewed: £80 | Check price at Screwfix

  • Great for… cordless strimming on a budget
  • Not so great for… easy refilling or heavy garden maintenance

Key specs – Power: 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion battery; Cutting width: 25cm; Line: 1.6mm; Dimensions (stored): 25 x 29 x 132m; Weight: 2.2kg

Available from Screwfix and B&Q, the TTI821GGT is a bargain, coming complete with battery and charger for a lower price than many cordless trimmers sold solo. It’s not just cheap, however; I found it light and very easy to use. It’s well-balanced, with the battery acting as a counterweight on the handle. I had no worries whatsoever cutting through thick grass and lighter weeds, though it doesn’t have the power or the thicker cutting line to get through anything too fibrous or woody.

The Titan switches between trimming and edging modes when you push a catch and twist the shaft, while a pull-out guard protects tender stems and tree trunks from unintentional attack. You’ll have to reload the spool with line yourself and Screwfix doesn’t sell a spare spool if you break your first one, but that’s no disaster if you’re not too heavy handed. Meanwhile, the battery takes just under an hour to charge and lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. If you’re looking for a cheap trimmer to manage a small garden, look no further.

Check price at Screwfix

2. Ryobi RLT1825M20S: Best cordless trimmer for basic lawn care

Price when reviewed: £113 | Check price at Amazon

  • Great for… trimming and edging small to medium-sized lawns
  • Not so great for… tackling larger plots or rough areas with thicker weeds

Key specs – Power: 18V 2.0Ah One+ Li-ion battery; Cutting width: 25cm; Line: 1.6mm; Dimensions (stored): 23 x 16 x 70.2cm; Weight: 1.7kg

So, you don’t need some powerhouse trimmer to sort out some overgrown wasteland; you’re just looking for a basic, affordable grass trimmer that can take care of your lawn. Say a big hello to the Ryobi RLY1825M. It’s light, well designed and solidly built, with a 25cm cutting width. I found the two-handled design comfortable and well-balanced, and the 2.0Ah battery started to putter out before I felt tired, with a charge lasting just over 25 minutes. If that’s not enough for your garden, you can buy one of Ryobi’s 5.0Ah One+ batteries and keep strimming for an hour or more.

The Ryobi has a bit more beef than the Triton TTI821GGT, and will cheerfully take on the odd patch of weeds, but it’s also easy to get a consistent cut across large areas of grass. Meanwhile, the shaft and head quickly rotate into an easy-edging mode when you press the button. This isn’t the most powerful or feature-packed trimmer, but it gets the job done without any fuss.

3. Bosch EasyGrassCut 18V 230: Best cordless trimmer for smaller lawns

Price when reviewed: £115 | Check price at B&Q

  • Great for… trimming small to mid-sized lawns, even if they’re weed-infested
  • Not so great for… anyone who hates refills. This trimmer can run through a lot of line

Key specs – Power: 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion battery; Cutting width: 23cm; Line: 1.6mm; Dimensions (stored): 28 x 23 x 116cm; Weight: 2.0kg

This lightweight Bosch trimmer makes trimming and edging a doddle. It comes in a surprisingly tiny box, with even the shaft requiring some assembly, but it didn’t take me long to fit it all together, and once you’ve charged the battery you’re good to go. Bosch’s ultra-efficient motor does an impressive job of balancing motor power and battery life, and I found the EasyGrassCut 18V 230 had enough welly to slice through anything bar thicker brambles, chunky thistles and the like. There’s a wire guard on the front to protect your prized plants from inadvertent destruction, and you can switch from trimming to edging by clicking in the orange button on the shaft and pivoting the head.

It’s not all plain sailing; I discovered that the semi-auto line feed adds more line every time you release the trigger, so if you keep stopping and starting you can run through a spool fairly quickly. On the plus side, the EasyGrassCut is especially light and well-balanced, making it less tiring during long stretches of trimming than other models. The bundled 2Ah battery only lasts 25 to 30 minutes, it only takes an hour to charge, and as it’s the standard Power For All Alliance battery, you can share batteries across multiple Bosch, Gardena and Flymo tools. The EasyGrassCut is more expensive than the budget trimmers, but it’s the extra. It’s an excellent tool.

Check price at B&Q

4. Cobra GT3024V: Best cordless trimmer for mid-sized gardens

Price when reviewed: £85 | Check price at Amazon

  • Great for… larger lawns and more challenging plots
  • Not so great for… user comfort or whacking tough and woody weeds

Key specs – Power: 24V 2.0Ah Li-ion battery; Cutting width: 30cm; Line: 1.65mm; Dimensions (stored): 32.5 x 34 x 121cm; Weight: 2.4kg

This Cobra cordless strimmer falls somewhere between the smaller, lighter grass trimmers and the larger heavy-duty models. With a 24V motor and a 30cm cutting width, it’s got the power and the range to tackle a larger plot. Combine its faster Turbo mode with the 1.65mm twisted line and it can slice through thicker clumps of grass and weeds, though I still found that anything really tough or woody could stop it in its tracks. When it comes to edging the lawn, the 90-degrees rotating head and its built-in wheel make it easy to get a crisp edge with a consistent line.

The battery takes a couple of hours to charge and provides around 25 to 30 minutes of active service, and in practice you can stretch this out by a few minutes by avoiding Turbo mode. You don’t need to guess about the current level, either, as indicators on the membrane button control panel let you know when you’re running low. The GT3024V is a little heavier and harder on the shoulders than some models – I was getting tired as the battery ran dry – but what you lose in comfort you gain in power and a good, solid build. It’s a great choice for mid-sized gardens and, with the battery and charger included, excellent value.

5. Bosch Universal Grass Cut 18-260: Best cordless trimmer for comfort

Price when reviewed: From £124 | Check price at Amazon

  • Great for… easy strimming without much stress on the arms or shoulders
  • Not so great for… handling thicker patches and heavy weeds

Key specs – Power: 18V 2.0Ah Li-ion battery; Cutting width: 26cm; Line: 1.6mm; Dimensions (stored): 27 x 24 x 120cm; Weight: 2.7kg

It’s not hugely powerful or particularly cheap, but the Bosch UniversalGrassCut is easily the most ergonomic grass trimmer I’ve ever tested. The main pole is telescopic, so you can adjust it to the most comfortable height, while a second handle extends outwards from a pivot to help balance the weight of the cutting head. Meanwhile, the 18V battery slots into a spot at the top where your right elbow naturally rests while the machine is in use.

This design minimises the 2.7kg weight of the strimmer, to the extent that I could keep on trimming for hours. In fact, the 2.0Ah battery ran out of puff long before I did. It lasts for around 40 minutes and takes approximately 90 minutes to charge.

This trimmer hasn’t got what it takes to battle heavy weeds or brambles, but it’s ideal for tackling lighter stuff and quite thick grass. It works quietly and reliably, while a pedal on the head makes it easy to tilt it for edging or cutting at an angle. Thanks to its thoughtful design, it’s a fantastic little strimmer.

6. Worx WG163E: Best affordable all-rounder

Price when reviews: From £55 | Check price at Amazon

  • Great for… bigger lawns and weedy patches
  • Not so great for… lengthy battery life

Key specs – Power: 20V MAX Li-ion battery; Cutting width: 30cm; Line: 1.65mm; Dimensions (stored): 31 x 13 x 88.8cm; Weight: 2.4kg

The Worx WG163E is a smartly-designed cordless grass trimmer with enough power to do more than basic trimming and edging, but without the weight – or the price tag – of the bigger, heavy-duty strimmers. Whether trimming an overgrown lawn or dealing with weeds and thick grass on a slope and around steps, I found it very easy to work with, thanks to an adjustable head and telescopic shaft. What’s more, when it came to tackling weedy patches in an unruly back garden, it swept through nettles, thistles even light brambles without breaking a sweat.

The head can be tilted at a range of angles to cover different jobs, or swivelled around for edging purposes. There’s even a pull-out wire plant protector. Battery life isn’t exceptional, with around 25 minutes of cutting from a charge, but the WG163E works with any battery from Worx’s PowerShare 20V MAX range. You can even buy the trimmer bundled with two 2.0Ah batteries at a bargain price. If this isn’t the champ in any one area, it’s an excellent all-rounder.

7. Bosch AdvancedGrassCut 36: Best cordless trimmer for bigger gardens

Price when reviewed: £215 | Check price at Amazon

  • Great for… getting large and unruly lawns trimmed in a single session
  • Not so great for… dodging arm and shoulder strain

Key specs – Power: 36V 2.0Ah Power 4 All Li-ion battery; Cutting width: 30cm; Line: 1.6mm; Dimensions (stored): 24 x 14 x 78.8cm; Weight: 4.1kg

Bosch’s powerhouse trimmer has what it takes to handle much larger plots. Running on a 36V battery, it has more cutting power than your average cordless trimmer, and Bosch’s Syneon chip continually optimises it to get you the right performance for the job in hand. The 30cm cutting width is ideal for medium-sized and larger plots, and I easily kept going for 40 minutes of trimming and edging without any need for a recharge.

It’s the smaller touches that make this such an effective tool. I found that the semi-auto line feed does a great job of ensuring that you never have to think about the cutting line during use, while the head rotates for easy edging along the borders. There’s also a pull-out plant protector to keep shrubs and tree trunks safe while you’re trimming close around them. It is heavy – I would have liked a shoulder strap to give a little more support – but if you believe a cordless trimmer can’t match your existing electric or petrol model, the AdvancedGrassCut 36 could surprise you.

8. Makita DUR181Z: Best cordless trimmer for sheer stamina

Price when reviewed: £93 | Check price at DVS Power Tools

  • Great for… running long after other strimmers have run out of juice
  • Not so great for… hassle-free line feeds. The bump feed doesn’t always work

Key specs – Power: 18V 5.0AH Li-ion battery; Cutting width: 26cm; Line: 1.65mm; Dimensions (stored): 29.7 x 23.5 x 142cm; Weight: 3.1kg

Whether you go for the DUR181Z trimmer or the DUR181RT kit with battery and charger, you’re getting a solidly-built trimmer that’s built to trim a massive lawn. In fact, go with the kit with the 5A battery and you’ll run out of puff before the tool does. The DUR181RT that I tested kept going for nearly fifty minutes before the battery lost its charge, and that was with extensive patches of long, thick grass and some fairly chunky weeds to get through. What’s more, I didn’t have to wait long while it recharged; Makita’s fan-assisted fast charger does the job in under 45 minutes.

At 3.1kg, The DUR1818 is heavier than some trimmers, and has a more modest 26cm cutting width than the Worx WG184E or the Bosch AdvancedGrassCut 36. Yet the design does a good job of reducing the burden on your biceps, back and shoulders, and Makita includes a strap for additional support. The shaft adjusts to give you a range of cutting heights and angles, and the only minor niggle is that the bump to activate the line feed doesn’t always register; I would really like it to work first time, every time. Still, if you’ve got a lot of grass to keep tidy, this versatile machine will comfortably tackle even tougher trimming jobs.

Check price at DVS Power Tools

How to choose the best strimmer or grass trimmer for you

Cordless grass trimmers start at around £50 for a model without a battery or charger and go up to around £350 for the more heavy-duty, pro-level strimmers. As always with garden tools, a lot of your choice comes down to the size of your garden. If you’ve got a small plot with one or two compact lawns, most cordless trimmers will do the job, but if you’ve got a lot of grass to keep under control, particularly long or rough grass, then you’ll need something with more power. That goes double if you need to tackle weeds and brambles on the edges of your garden.

The two things to look out for here are the cutting width and the battery power. Most cordless strimmers use a single 18V or 20V battery, but some of the larger, heavy-duty options double up to use two 18V or 20V cells for 36V or 40V in total, or use a specific higher-voltage battery. Similarly, some of the cheaper models have a 21-25cm cutting width, while the bigger models take that up to 30-38cm. That makes a huge difference when you have large areas of tough grass in need of trimming down to size, though the drawback will be a heavier trimmer that’s going to put your arms, back and shoulders under more strain. If you’re buying one of these beauties, good ergonomics can make all the difference.

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What else should I look out for?

Most grass trimmers use a plastic line to cut with. This emerges from a covered spool and breaks off against an edge on the guard or shield (the bit that protects your legs and feet) when it reaches the right length. This works with an automatic or manual feed mechanism that’s designed to keep the line coming when it’s been worn down or has snapped off. In general, the thicker and heavier the line, the tougher the grass and weeds it will get through, but thicker lines can also be prone to jamming and harder to manage, especially if you’re planning to save some cash and wind replacement line onto the reel yourself. While ready-wound replacement spools are usually available, they tend to be expensive.

A few grass trimmers use a plastic blade instead. These are easy to fit and easy to work with, but they also tend to snap when they meet anything thick or tough. With some trimmers, you can go through two or three in a single session. Other trimmers will feature an optional blade or heavy-duty line designed specifically to handle rough or weedy patches.

Otherwise, look for features that make life easier when trimming around plants or edging your lawn. Wire guards can stop you slicing through an apple tree or rosebush, while wheels and a pivoting head or handle can help when you need your trimmer on its side, hacking through the grass going over into your borders.

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How long do the batteries last?

Most cordless strimmers use an 18V-20V battery with a 2Ah to 2.5Ah capacity, which will generally last for around 20 to 30 minutes of use. However, some will also work with other batteries in the same battery ecosystem, giving you the option of a 4Ah or 5Ah battery and a longer running time, albeit with a bit more weight.

If you need to keep going for an hour or more, either invest in an extra battery or look for a strimmer with a rapid charger. Some can recharge the battery in under an hour, while others take two or three hours (or more) to do the job.

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