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Best skipping rope 2023: The top jump ropes for strength, cardio and full-body workouts

Want to skip, but don’t have the kit? We’ve got you covered, with our pick of the best skipping ropes

Skipping ropes might just be one of the most underappreciated pieces of fitness kit around. Skipping benefits multiple areas of your body, doesn’t cost much, and you can do it almost anywhere. Whether you’re looking to improve your cardio, work on your footwork or simply lose weight, the answer can be as simple as a good skipping rope.

The best skipping ropes are affordable, versatile and space-saving pieces of kit that provide a low-impact and easy alternative to running. Not only is skipping kinder to your leg joints, but it burns more calories and can be used as a full-body workout. So, if you’re looking to spice up your exercise routine, then a good skipping rope could be just what you’re looking for.

Despite their simplicity, there’s actually a wide array of skipping ropes on the market. Whether it be lighter ropes for working on cardio, heftier ropes for more challenging, power-building workouts, or bright and colourful ones designed for children, the options can seem surprisingly varied. Below we’ve collected our pick of the best skipping ropes for every budget and preference, so whether you’re a seasoned skipper or a total novice, we’ve got you covered.

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Best skipping rope: At a glance

How to buy the best skipping rope for you

What makes a good skipping rope?

Ergonomic grips will help you to skip for longer periods of time without having to endure aches and pains in your hands and wrists. Durability is also important, given that smacking into the ground is part and parcel of a skipping rope’s life.

Almost all ropes nowadays will be adjustable in length, which helps you get the perfect size for you. Do bear in mind, though, that if you want to get rid of any excess rope, you’ll often need wire cutters and any adjustments will be permanent.

There are also some more advanced features that can prove very handy. For instance, some skipping ropes come with multiple ropes of varying weights which you can easily attach and reattach. This enables you to customise your workout, giving you the option to have a longer session with a lighter rope, or a more intense, strength-building workout with a heavier one.

Some skipping ropes even have trackers that count each skip of the rope and each calorie burned. This helps you to record, progressively overload and develop your workouts, but may be overkill if you’re already tracking your exercise with a fitness tracker.

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What can you actually do with a skipping rope?

This may seem like a silly question, but for anyone who isn’t particularly clued up on skipping, there are actually plenty of moves you can do to expand your skipping repertoire. These manoeuvres, such as reverse skipping, crossovers and high knees (to name a few), vary in complexity and are a great way to jazz up and vary your workouts.

How you skip really depends on your fitness goals. You may want a heavier rope for upper body strength, or perhaps a lighter rope for cardio work and warmups. Ultimately, though, the intensity of your workout is what you make it: by switching up the intensity and length of your skipping sessions, you can achieve different results.

How much should I spend on a skipping rope?

One of the best aspects of skipping ropes is their often low asking price, with many decent offerings costing around £10. That said, there are premium models out there, which can cost over £50 and in some cases even more than £100. With these premium ropes, you can expect bonuses such as multiple ropes of varying weight, access to partner fitness apps and, of course, great build quality.

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The best skipping ropes to buy 2023

1. Gritin Skipping Rope: Best budget

Price when reviewed: £6.99 | Check price at AmazonGritin Skipping Rope

This Gritin skipping rope provides all the essentials you want from a skipping rope, and it does so at an affordable price. The rope itself is made from PVC-coated steel wire, so unless you’re constantly skipping on unforgiving concrete, it should have no trouble standing the test of time. The handles are ergonomically designed and coated with memory foam, so your hands and wrists should be able to go from dawn to dusk. This comfort is helped by the ball bearings in the handles, as these ensure the rope rotates smoothly as you skip.

The rope is a sizeable three metres in length, but provided you’ve got some wire cutters at hand, it’s easily adjustable. It also comes with a set of spare adjustment buckles, just in case any are misplaced.

Key specs — Material: Memory foam, alloy steel, PVC; Length: 300cm; Adjustable length? Yes; Weight: 170g

2. 66fit Weighted Skipping Rope: Best budget skipping rope for strength

Price when reviewed: From £10 | Check price at 66fit66fit Weighted Jump Rope

If you’re after a skipping rope for boxing, Crossfit or strength training, then we think you might want to take a look at this weighted skipping rope from 66fit. Made from thick woven nylon, the rope comes in four weights, from 450g to 920g. This is handy because if you’re inexperienced with skipping or heavy skipping more specifically, you can start light and gradually make your way up to heavier ropes, with the progressive overload doing wonders for your strength. The lightest rope is hefty, so investing in more ropes certainly isn’t a necessity, but it’s nice to know that the option’s there.

The rope’s length is easily adjustable, too. By unscrewing the top of the handle and threading the rope through, you can make any adjustments you see fit, with no wire cutters or permanent changes necessary.

Key specs — Material: Woven nylon, PVC; Length: 300cm; Adjustable length? No; Weight: 450g, 560g, 760g, 920g

Check price at 66fit

3. RDX Kids Skipping Rope: Best for children

Price when reviewed: £6.99 | Check price at RDXRDX Kids

If you’re looking for a fun way to promote an active lifestyle to your children, then this RDX Kids skipping rope could be just what you’re looking for. One of its key features is a counter on the handle, which keeps track of every skip. This is handy because it encourages a touch of healthy competition, so your little ones will be wanting to out-skip other people and be given constant positive feedback, as they watch the number climb higher as they skip.

What really makes this rope great for children, though, is the rope. It’s made from soft cotton infused with plastic, which gives it the durability that good skipping ropes need, but also means that any unintentional contact will be more forgiving and there will be less chance of tears than with a normal skipping rope.

Key specs — Material: Memory foam, cotton, PVC; Length: 313cm; Adjustable length? Yes; Weight: Not given

Check price at RDX

4. Crossrope Heavy Rope: Best premium skipping rope for strength

Price when reviewed: £135 | Check price at Crossrope Crossrope Heavy Rope

The heavier of Crossrope’s two skipping packages, the “Get Strong” ropes are designed with high intensity strength and full-body workouts in mind. Just like the Get Lean Crossrope package, you get access to the Crossrope app, a carry pouch, patented quick release handles and two ropes. This time, though, the ropes weigh a far heftier 454g and 908g respectively, and the handles provided are what Crossrope calls Power Handles, which are chunkier to better fit the ropes.

Like the Get Lean package, the ropes aren’t adjustable, but they do come in four different sizes, and Crossrope gives you its recommendation based on your height. Again, with such a steep asking price, Crossrope isn’t aimed at casual skippers. If, however, you want to use skipping as an entire fitness system, the entirety or majority of your weekly exercise, then Crossrope is a great option due to its high-quality ropes, handles and excellent partner app.

Key specs — Material: Braided steel, rubber; Length: 244cm-293cm; Adjustable length? Yes; Weight: 454g, 908g

Check price at Crossrope

5. Crossrope Jump Rope: Best premium skipping rope for cardio

Price when reviewed: From £95 | Check price at CrossropeCrossrope Jump Rope

Crossrope is a highly popular brand among serious skipping circles, and the “Get Lean” package is the first of its two packages. For this price, you get two ropes (114g and 227g), a carry pouch, handles and free access to the Crossrope app. The ropes are as good as you’d want; highly durable and tangle-free. On top of this, they enjoy Crossrope’s patented fast clip handles. These enable you to quickly change ropes with no hassle, meaning you can go heavy or light as you see fit, for a rounded full-body workout.

A big factor of Crossrope is its app, which gives you a range of workouts and fitness challenges, tailored to your preferences. These are designed to help you use skipping as a complete fitness system, rather than a small aspect of your exercise routine or warmup.

Crossrope is so confident you’ll be satisfied that you can send the ropes back in any condition within 60 days and get a full refund. If you’re a casual skipper, then there are certainly more affordable and suitable options out there. If you’re serious about your skipping, however, then Crossrope is certainly worth your attention.

Key specs — Material: Braided steel, rubber; Length: 244cm-293cm; Adjustable length? No; Weight: 114g, 227g

Check price at Crossrope