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This is the BEST home treadmill deal this Black Friday

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The five-star JTX Fitness Sprint 3 treadmill is currently a whopping £100 cheaper this Black Friday

The JTX Fitness Sprint 3 can be picked up for £100 less than usual in this JTX Black Friday deal. You can add this treadmill to your home gym for £599, down from its usual £699.

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Awarded five stars and a Best Buy award in JTX Fitness Sprint 3 review, this treadmill offers exceptional value, especially for those looking for a compact and effective home workout solution.

The JTX Fitness Sprint 3 is praised for its compact and well-built design, making it suitable for smaller spaces. It comes with 40 built-in workouts, providing a range of options to keep your fitness routine varied and engaging. Despite its compact size, it offers a comfortable running experience with a cushioned deck that minimises impact on joints​​​​.

One of the few limitations of the Sprint 3 is its top speed, capped at 16km/h. This may be sufficient for most users, but more experienced runners or those seeking higher speeds might consider other models. The running deck, measuring 46 x 129 cm, is also slightly narrower and shorter than some larger treadmills, yet it’s more spacious than many budget options​​​​​​.

While the Sprint 3 lacks luxuries like Bluetooth connectivity and direct synchronisation with fitness apps, it compensates with practical features. It includes a tablet/phone holder and speakers with a 3.5mm input, allowing users to enjoy their entertainment or workout apps while exercising. Additionally, the treadmill is straightforward to set up, adding to its overall ease of use.

The treadmill also has an array of built-in workouts and manual controls, enabling users to tailor their running sessions according to their preferences. Its usability is further enhanced by a clear and legible 5-inch blue LCD screen, which displays essential workout metrics like speed, distance, incline, and calories burned​​​​​​.

In terms of safety, the JTX Fitness Sprint 3 includes a safety key designed to automatically shut down the treadmill in case of a fall, providing an extra layer of security during workouts​​

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The JTX Fitness Sprint 3, now available at a Black Friday deal price of £599. It’s compact, well-built and designed to keep you fit. Grab it before the deal expires.