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Best hair growth vitamins 2023: Do they really work?

Best Hair Growth Vitamins

Can hair growth vitamins give your struggling locks the helping hand they need? We explain everything you need to know

Whether you’re growing your hair out, dealing with hair loss or just want more volume, having hair that grows quicker is on many of our wish lists. So much so that treating hair loss is a billion-dollar industry. However, before you rush out and buy the best hair growth vitamins you can afford, it pays to do some research to see whether they’re likely to work for you.

Some people might find themselves dealing with fairly common conditions that can cause more hair loss than usual, such as pregnancy or a skin condition such as psoriasis, while others might opt to try hair growth vitamins simply because their hair never seems to grow past a certain point. Our hair only grows up to half an inch a month – that’s barely six inches in an entire year – so is it any wonder most of us want to speed up the process?

That said, the current scientific consensus is that hair growth vitamins are not a reliable tool for tackling hair-related problems. In the rare occurrences that hair growth issues are caused by a vitamin deficiency then supplements may help, but vitamins are no remedy for the many hair loss or hair growth issues that stem from other causes, such as male or female pattern baldness.

Read on and we’ll explain everything you should consider before you spend your money, and tell you what effect the various vitamins might have.

Best hair growth vitamins: At a glance

How to choose the best hair growth vitamin

Do hair growth vitamins really work?

To date, there’s no conclusive evidence that hair vitamins are broadly beneficial for everybody. In the rare occurrence that deficiency in a certain vitamin or mineral causes or worsens hair loss – for example, according to the NHS, iron deficiency can cause hair loss – supplements can have a positive effect. However, taking hair vitamins without knowing if you have any deficiencies can feel a bit like a shot in the dark. People often report positive effects after trying hair growth vitamins, but it’s difficult to know if those effects are due to the supplement, correcting a vitamin deficiency through diet, other healthy changes they’ve made, or just because they’re paying more attention to their hair and have noticed – or possibly imagined – small differences.

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Is it worth trying a hair growth vitamin?

Hair growth vitamins certainly aren’t an essential purchase but, for some of us, they are part of a beauty routine. As we said earlier, because hair takes a while to grow, those of us who are desperate for longer locks might choose to take hair growth vitamins just to see if they help. Whether recovering from hair loss – something that impacts 40% of women and a third of men over the age of 25 – or breakage, or simply looking for healthier, fuller hair, the truth is that most scientists agree that you don’t necessarily need hair vitamins to achieve the luscious locks you’re after.

However, if you enjoy trying new beauty products and fancy giving something a go just to see if you notice a difference, then you might want to read on for some of the best hair growth vitamins on the market.

What are the key ingredients to look for in a hair growth vitamin?

While there are no magic bullets for hair growth in vitamin supplements, there are a few ingredients you might notice appearing again and again on the bottles. But what are they, and what do they have to do with long locks?

Biotin: Otherwise known as B7, biotin potentially supports healthy locks since it’s thought to stimulate keratin production, which in turn encourages the growth of healthy hair. This is one of the most common ingredients in hair vitamins.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A supports cells in their growth and this includes hair follicles, too. It also helps in the production of something called sebum, which moisturises our skin and scalp. However, it’s important to avoid supplements containing vitamin A if you’re pregnant.

Omega 3 fatty acids: Omega 3 is an important fatty acid for hair and skin health. One study found supplementing this for six months improved hair density. It’s important to note that omega 3 can be found in lots of foods in your diet, particularly nuts and seeds, oily fish and vegetables such as spinach and Brussels sprouts.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is often found in hair vitamins as it’s thought to support the scalp, giving hair a strong base to grow.

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The best hair growth vitamins you can buy in 2023

1. Biotin Wellness Plan: Best hair growth vitamin for overall wellness

Price: £90 | Check price at Simone Thomas Wellness

The best hair growth vitamins - Biotin Wellness PlanThis wellness plan is curated by Simone Thomas, a leading hair loss consultant and nutrition advisor. The plan includes three different types of supplements: Biotin Brilliance (a high-dose biotin supplement), Super Greens (which contains ingredients such as spirulina and seaweed) and Everyday Wellness (a blend of good gut bacteria, including lactobacillus and bifidobacteria).

The idea is that great hair is far more than taking just a single vitamin. Instead, you’ll take five capsules per day, spaced throughout the day, to improve your overall wellbeing – including your gut health and immunity – in the hope of making your hair and skin the very best they can be.

After a few weeks of taking this, our hair seemed to have fallen out much less and we also noticed fewer skin breakouts. This plan is dairy-free, nut-free, certified vegan and safe to take during pregnancy.

Key features – Type: Capsules; Supply: 1 month; Vegan? Yes; Gluten-free? Yes; Suitable for pregnancy? Yes

Check price at Simone Thomas Wellness

2. HUX Beauty: Best hair growth vitamin for pregnancy

Price: £45 | Check price at HUX

Best hair growth vitamins -HuxHUX makes science-backed supplements for a range of different needs, including getting a good night’s sleep, brain health and, of course, beauty.

HUX Beauty contains beauty-boosting ingredients such as L-ascorbic acid – which the company claims can help brighten our complexion – biotin, zinc oxide and copper sulphate, which it says stimulates hair strength.

Our tester felt that, after trying this, it seemed like their hair came out far less during washing, and that it felt as if their nails grew quicker than usual. This supplement is also suitable for taking during pregnancy.

Key features – Type: Capsules; Number of days supply: 20; Vegan? Yes; Gluten-free? Yes; Suitable for pregnancy? Yes

Check price at HUX

3. GLOWWA Hair Food: Best sustainable hair growth vitamin

Price: £35 | Check price at GLOWWA

Best hair growth vitamins -Glowwa Hair FoodGLOWWA promises that you’ll see results in just 12 weeks of taking this supplement, and that the many “before-and-after” photo testimonials on its website speak for themselves. GLOWWA’s Hair Food is an award-winning, natural hair supplement that contains such key ingredients as biotin, vitamin B5, zinc and vitamin C.

It’s designed specifically to support hair growth and reduce the amount of hair you shed, with many hairdressers already fans of the product, and the company recommending it for those recovering from life events such as the menopause or the postpartum period. It’s free from gluten, dairy, sugar and any artificial sweeteners; the brand is also 100% plastic-free, and it promises to plant one tree for every order placed.

Key features – Type: Capsules; Supply: 30 days; Vegan? Yes; Gluten-free? Yes; Suitable for pregnancy? No

Check price at GLOWWA

4. Nourished Inner Beauty Stack: Best hair growth vitamin for flavour

Price: £38 | Check price at Nourished

Best hair growth vitamins -Nourished Inner Beauty StackThese vegan, sugar-free, eco-friendly gummies might taste absolutely delicious, but don’t let that fool you: they’re still stacked with nutrients such as selenium (which supports the immune system, hair, skin and nails), CoQ10 (an antioxidant), silica (which helps support collagen production and which may, in turn, promote healthy hair) and vitamin E (for healthy hair growth).

Founded by registered nutritionist Melissa Snover and made in Britain, this company is passionate about the science behind its products, with its website hosting nutrition guides and links to the scientific research behind its ingredients.

Key features – Type: Gummy;  Supply: 28 days; Vegan? Yes; Gluten-free? Yes; Suitable for pregnancy? No

Check price at Nourished

5. Nutrition Geeks Biotin Growth+: Best budget hair growth vitamin

Price: £6.99 | Check price at Nutrition Geeks

Best hair growth vitamins -Nutrition Geeks Biotin Growth+

At just under £7 for a three-month supply, this is definitely the most affordable hair growth vitamin on our list. Unlike others in the roundup, it focuses on just a handful of ingredients: zinc, selenium and the key one, biotin.

This vitamin comes as an easy-to-swallow tablet, delivered in non-plastic packaging that’s letterbox-friendly, so there’s no need to wait in for the postman. After just a few weeks of taking this hair vitamin, our tester reported that her hair seemed shinier and that the health of her nails had improved, too.

Key features – Type: Capsule; Supply: 3 months; Vegan? Yes; Gluten-free? Yes; Suitable for pregnancy? Yes

Check price at Nutrition Geeks

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