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Best sea salt sprays 2024: For perfectly tousled beach waves

A smiling woman sprays her hair with a Sea Salt spray

Chasing the perfect wave? Then our pick of the best sea salt sprays will add texture and movement to create just the look you’re after

Ever spent a day on holiday dipping in and out of the sea, laying in the sun, to find that your hair has never looked so good? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that you can recreate those locks, no matter where you are, with a little help from the best sea salt sprays available right now. For adding texture and definition, they’re hair-styling must-haves, taking the effort out of creating beach-tousled waves.

The majority of sea salt sprays are designed to be used on damp hair, and having tested a selection, we’d agree – that way, you won’t be left with a “crunchy” finish. Even if your hair has only the slightest natural movement, a spritz of sea salt spray after washing will see those kinks enhanced. And those with straight hair can benefit, too: sea salt spray is great for adding some volume and texture, to ensure up-dos don’t become fails a few hours after styling.

Below, you’ll find our pick of the best sea salt sprays currently available; but first our guide provides all the information you need to know to pick the best sea salt spray for your particular hair type.

Best sea salt sprays: At a glance

Best overall sea salt sprayBumble and Bumble Surf Spray (~£28)Check price at Amazon
Best all-natural sea salt sprayAlott Sea Salt Spray (~£22)Check price at alott
Best hydrating sea salt sprayMoo & Yoo Sea Salt Spray(~£26)Check price at Moo & Yoo

How to choose the best sea salt spray for you

The starting point should be your natural hair type, which will determine which sea salt spray is right for you, and the results you’ll achieve.

For example, for hair that’s prone to frizz, the right formulation will help create waves that aren’t just beach worthy, but will add hydration and flatten the hair cuticle for smooth, defined results. Conversely, if your hair is naturally straight and struggles to retain curls, then a spray with hold will prove essential.

It’s also important to consider the thickness of your hair: too much product on fine hair, for instance, could weigh it down and could leave locks feeling crunchy.

If you’re someone who isn’t used to the feel of hair-styling products in hair, then opt for formulas with natural ingredients; or, if you’re on a tight budget, then consider sprays that add more than just texture to hair – for example, some sprays include oil to boost hydration.

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The best sea salt sprays to buy in 2024

1. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray: Best sea salt spray overall

Price when reviewed: £28 (125ml)  | Check price at Amazon

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray Product imageBumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray is perfectly formulated to enhance wavy hair. When applied to damp hair in our tests, it brought great shape as hair dried, as well as creating a great texture and impressive hold. If you have naturally curly hair, simply spray and scrunch locks to enjoy the results.

Those with thin hair would be wise to limit the amount of product they use – one or two sprays should be plenty – since we found that too much could leave hair feeling crunchy. Elsewhere, the small bottle makes it perfect for travel, while the formula is free of mineral oil, phthalate and parabens. Bumble and Bumble is a cruelty-free brand, and this spray is vegan, too.

Key details – Quantity: 250ml; Key ingredients: Algae extract, kelp extract

2. Alott Sea Salt Spray: Best all-natural sea salt spray

Price when reviewed: £22 | Check price at Alott

Alott Sea Salt Spray Product imageThis all-vegan spray is perfect if you wash your hair multiple times a week, since its gentle concentration can be applied more liberally without leaving hair with an unpleasant texture. For the price you get a generous glass bottle of product, with refill pouches of the formula available so that you can re-use the original packaging, rather than having to purchase a new bottle.

We used Alott’s sea salt spray for a few days on the trot to test its claims of being gentler on the hair and found that it didn’t build up on the hair unpleasantly, and worked well for those with naturally wavy hair. The ingredients list is a treat, too, including Epsom salts to boost hair health, bergamot to stimulate the scalp and aloe vera to help strengthen strands.

Key details – Quantity: 250ml; Key ingredients: Halen môn sea salt, epsom salts, bergamot, aloe vera 

Check price at alott

3. Moo & Yoo Sea Salt Spray: Best sea salt spray for hydration

Price when reviewed: £25 | Check price at Moo & Yoo

Moo & Yoo Sea Salt Spray Product imageA combination of sea salt and Icelandic moss, along with marula oil, contributes to the hydrating feel of this spray from Moo & Yoo, which is a great choice if you’re looking for a hair-care and hair-styling product in one. In use, we found it delivered great results on multiple hair types, with no sign of that crunchy feeling, even if applied to wet hair and then allowed to air-dry.

The Icelandic moss acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, benefitting both hair and scalp, while marula oil – high in antioxidants – moisturises hair to boost shine.

Key details – Quantity: 250ml; Key ingredients: Castor oil, marula oil, Icelandic moss extract 

Check price at Moo & Yoo

4. Sun Bum Texturising Spray: Best sea salt spray for frizzy hair

Price when reviewed: £18 | Check price at Amazon

Sun Bum Texturising Spray Product imageMore widely known for its SPF lotions, Sun Bum has applied its vast knowledge of all things sun and heat related to its range of hair products, of which this sea salt spray is a part.

Applied to damp or dry hair, it forms a shield to stop the negative effects of humidity – namely, frizz. The lightweight formula tames fly-aways, too, doing so while adding texture and definition. The formula is enriched with Hawaiian black lava sea salt, kelp and – crucially – sunflower seed oil to lock in moisture and nourish hair. All in all, if you’re looking for beach-tousled hair without a hint of frizz, then this Sun Bum’s spray is worth a try.

Key details – Quantity: 177ml; Key ingredients: Macrocystis pyrifera (kelp) extract, charcoal powder

5. Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray: Best sea salt spray for boosting volume

Price when reviewed: £15 | Check price at Amazon

Reuzel Surf Tonic Hairspray Product imageThis barber shop-quality spray is incredible for adding volume to all hair types, enhancing your hair’s natural texture, without it feeling weighty. In tests, we found the fragrance-free formula, which includes nettle extract for hair health and witch hazel to soothe the scalp and mop up any excess oil, was superb at holding a style in place throughout the day.

For the price, you get a generous amount of product, which means it delivers on the value for money front, too. To create a windblown look with matte finish, what’s not to like?

Key details – Quantity: 355ml; Key ingredients: Witch hazel extract, nettle extract

6. Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Texturising Salt Spray: Best sea salt spray for value

Price when reviewed: £6 | Check price at Amazon

Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Texturising Salt Spray Product imageA cheap and cheerful sea salt spray that we first tried out years ago, we thought we’d put it through its paces again to see how it held up against the newcomers – and it didn’t disappoint. As well as being offered at a superb price, used on slightly damp hair it does a terrific job of accentuating any natural movement in your locks. For beachy, tousled waves it delivers, then – but we’d advise against using it on dry hair, unless you’re a fan of the crunchy finish

Key details – Quantity: 200ml; Key ingredients: Castor oil 

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