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Introducing the Supersonic r – the Dyson hairdryer you probably won’t be able to buy

Everything you need to know about the new Dyson hair dryer, and why you probably won’t be able to get your hands on it

Dyson is no stranger to distinctive-looking technical innovations, and the new Dyson hair dryer is no different. The Dyson Supersonic r, dubbed thus because of its eye-catching bent “r” shape, is the latest addition to the company’s iconic luxury hair care range. It will be available to buy in the UK from March this year.

Thanks to its curved heater and compact motor, the Supersonic r is 20% lighter, 30% smaller and more precise than the existing £300 Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. The new lightweight design promises to dry hair faster, smoother and more comfortably than ever before. Sounds good, right?

Sadly, the average person will not be able to buy one because the Supersonic r will only be available for professional stylists. The reasons for this are unclear, however the proposed benefits to professional stylists are crystal.

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As part of its research, Dyson says it interviewed and surveyed 696 stylists to better understand their working environment and needs. They claim to have found that strain-related injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are “highly prevalent” among professional stylists. That’s why they designed the Supersonic r to be more “agile and effective” to help prevent such injuries from occurring.

These design elements begin with the distinctive “r” shape design, which Dyson claims makes it easier to reach hard-to-reach places. We’d have to test this properly to understand whether this makes a difference, though.

hand holding dyson supersonic r

Similar to the existing Dyson hair care range, the Supersonic r has three speeds and four heat settings, including a continuous cold shot option. The control switches are “ergonomically placed” so they’re comfortable to reach during styling and the hair dryer weighs just 325g without its wire. While this is incredibly light, it isn’t entirely unusual. The mdLondon Blow, for example, weighs 360g without its wire and anyone can buy that hairdryer.

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That being said, the Supersonic r comes with some nifty time-saving tech to help hairdressers quickly set the correct speed and heat settings they need for each attachment. The hair dryer is fitted with RFID sensors that can read tags on the attachments and automatically adjust the heat and speed settings to the optimal levels for that attachment. If the stylist finds they need to adjust these settings manually, they can do so and it will remember the settings that were last used.

The Supersonic r also uses Dyson’s “streamlined flow heater technology” to eradicate the hot spots that typically form in conventional hair dryer heaters. The heater, which is housed in the curved section of the dryer, uses twenty-eight copper microfins to provide even heat distribution with, Dyson says, minimal impact on the speed of the airflow.

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Just like Dyson’s other hair care products, the Supersonic r uses so-called “intelligent” heat control that measures the air temperature twenty times per second to ensure it stays stable. Dyson says this also leads to shinier, more consistent results.

Another innovation, which is mostly redundant for domestic users, is the hairdryer’s “depth-loaded filter”. This 3D mesh filter is designed specifically to catch pollutants you’d find in greater amounts in hair salons, like hair sprays and other styling products. It’s designed to protect the hair dryer’s internals from damage.

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With all that new technology packed in, it won’t be surprising if professional hair stylists will want to try out the Supersonic r for themselves. However, we’ve no word on pricing yet. Considering it’s newer and more refined than the original Supersonic, which costs a whopping £300, the price tag is likely to be even higher. Time will tell if the investment is worth it.

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