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Snugs True Wireless review: Bluetooth earphones that are PERFECT for workouts

The Snugs True Wireless earphones offer incredible portability and comfort while exercising

I go for a jog maybe once or twice a week and I always listen to music. I’m lucky that not many of my colleagues are keen on running, so when it comes to testing out sporty headphones, I pretty much get first dibs. That makes me a bit of an expert: I’ve tested Apple AirPods (£159), Beats X (£129), Powerbeats3 Wireless (£151) and countless others. I have issues with all of them. However, the Snugs True Wireless, paired with Jabees BTwins, is so far, the best I’ve come across for exercise. See also: Best Bluetooth headphones 2017.

Usually, it’s the wire that bugs me. If it’s a cable that wraps around the back of my neck it starts to rub as soon as I get sweaty; if it’s a wire that runs into my phone it’s even more irritating.

Of course, Apple AirPods don’t have this problem. They are truly wireless and have decent battery life as well. The problem with AirPods is the grip. Make a sudden movement and you run the risk of ejaculating a pod from your earhole – not ideal for running. These snugs aren’t going anywhere.

Snugs True Wireless review: What you need to know

Snugs is a UK-based company that produces custom-moulded earphone tips that fit perfectly in your ear and it sells them either on their own or bundled with a set of earphones. In this case, the bundle includes a pair of Jabees BTwin wireless earphones.

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Snugs True Wireless review: Price and competition

It’s all about the moulded ear tips with this package, though, because at £339 the Snugs True Wireless package is pretty darned pricey.

The reason for this is you’re effectively getting three products in one. The Jabees BTwins (on Amazon for £80), a 3D-scan of your ear and Snugs’ custom-fit moulds… plus the price of shipping.

There’s no natural competitor to the Snugs True Wireless. There are several alternatives for buying custom-moulded ear tips but none offer the service Snugs do. At the cheap end, you have EarCandi, for example, a DIY paste that you have to wrap around your earphones and take your own ear moulds. At the other end of the price spectrum, you have companies like ACS Custom, which offer custom moulds with their own earphones.

Apple’s AirPods is close in terms of not having a wire, but a million miles away in terms of not falling out of your ear (although it is possible to buy attachments that keep them there). The audio performance and battery life of the AirPods is a step ahead, though.

Snugs True Wireless review: How it works

Buying a pair of Snugs isn’t like buying any other type of earphone. You first make your purchase, then you book an appointment at your local audiologist to get your ear 3D-scanned – the process takes around 90 seconds per ear, so it isn’t particularly involved (just be sure to thoroughly clean your ears before you go to save embarrassment).

Finally, wait. The moulds are made in the USA, so it takes a couple of weeks for them to be created and shipped to your door.

Snugs Earphones fitting

Snugs True Wireless review: How do they feel?

I own a pair of Snugs Originals, and I confess, I love them. I use them every day. So I was surprised when I struggled to get the Snugs True Wireless earphones into my ear at first. The reason is that the Wireless Snugs are designed to be more “sticky”, to stop them falling out during sports.

Fear not, though, you soon get used to the design and getting these Snugs into your ear becomes routine in a matter of days. And charging them isn’t too tricky either. Just like the Apple Airpods, the Snugs True Wireless are supplied with a small box that doubles as a portable battery pack and charger. The earbuds themselves last a claimed three hours per charge, but when they run out you can simply pop them back in the box for a top up.

Snugs True Wireless review: Sound quality

There are two main benefits to custom-fit earphone tips: noise-isolation and intimate sound quality. Both of these things are a direct result of having earphones that perfectly fit your ear canal and fill the outer part (the meatus) leading to it. The result is improved performance from whatever brand of earphone you use.

In this package, Snugs has paired the True Wireless tips with a pair of Jabees BTwins and the sound quality is pretty good.

It’s not a completely balanced sound though, the BTwins favour higher notes while struggling to deliver a convincing amount of bass. The overall result is a slightly cold, brash sound. It’s a long way from terrible but I prefer to work out to something with a little more low-end grunt.

I had some connectivity issues with the BTwins, too. Audio playback would sometimes stop in one, or both, earphones for no apparent reason. On some occasions, they disconnected completely. Thankfully, though, the BTwins did automatically reconnect more often than not and they also seem to perform better after they’ve been playing for a while. Give them five to ten minutes and the connectivity issues go away.

Snugs True Wireless review: Verdict

Snugs True Wireless is a long way from perfect, then. They’re pricey, the sound quality isn’t the best, and there are some connectivity issues when they’re first powered up. However, there’s also a hell of a lot to like about the package.

The Jabees BTwins provide incredible portability and comfort while exercising, and battery life is decent for their size. Couple this with the custom-fit Snugs and you have a set of earphones that are sure to stay in your ears whatever activity you indulge in.

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